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3 New Universal FRANKENSTEIN Figures

Sideshow creating limited edition toys of Chaney, Lugosi and Glenn Strange versions of Universal's classic monster.

By Frank Kurtz     July 09, 2001
Source: Sideshow Toy.com

Sideshow's limited edition 12" figure of Bela Lugosi as the FRANKENSTEIN monster.
© 2001 Sideshow

Fans of the whole Universal Frankenstein series of films will be excited to hear that Sideshow Toys are producing extremely limted edition 12" dolls of the Frankenstein monster as depicted by Lon Chaney, Jr. (GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN), Bela Lugosi (FRANKENSTEIN MEETS THE WOLFMAN), and Glenn Strange (HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN - ABBOTT AND COSTELLO MEET FRANKENSTEIN). Only 3500 pieces will be produced of each figure and can be ordered now through the website in advance of their October release. Be warned, though, that the company also notes that they have already pre-sold 2,500 pcs. to date and expect the balance of the figures to sell out by the end of the month.

Good luck getting one.


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