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The 35 Greatest STAR TREK Episodes of All Time: Part 2

A primer in the best of all worlds from "the world's foremost Trekspert" celebrating TREK's 35th anniversary

By Mark A. Altman     September 30, 2001

Spock (Leonard Nimoy) and Kirk (William Shatner) in the digitally-remastered edition of STAR TRK: THE CLASSIC SERIES
© 2000 Sci-Fi Channel
Yesterday, our resident "Trekspert" Mark Altman gave us the first half of his well-informed opinion regarding the best 35 Treks of all time. Today, he completes the list with numbers 18-35.

18. THE ULTIMATE COMPUTER (Star Trek): Can computers someday replace man? Don't bet on it is the premise of this second-season classic Star Trek gem in which Dr. Richard Daystrom tries to prove he's no boy wonder at the expense of the Enterprise and its crew.

19. A TASTE OF ARMAGGEDDON (Star Trek): Two planets conduct a war by computer until Captain Kirk intercedes by introducing the real horror of war and subsequently gives a really great speech: "You said it yourself, I'm a barbarian."

20. ERRAND OF MERCY (Star Trek): Kirk must go to Organia to secure

Kirk and Spock must save Organia in "Errand of Mercy"

the planet's cooperation as war seems imminent with the Klingons. There's only one problem: the Organians don't really seem to care.

21. TAPESTRY (The Next Generation): Picard learns it's not such a wonderful life when he confronts the way his career could have gone if he wasn't such a rabble-rouser. Who would have thought?

22. THE QUICKENING (Deep Space Nine): Bashir's attempt to save a virus-ravaged planet does more harm than good in this powerful DS9 medical drama that kicks ER's ass.

23. ALL GOOD THINGS (The Next Generation): Although not without its unwelcome helping of technobabble, the sheer emotional impact and scope of the series finale more than makes up for its few failings, including the fact that it's ultimately a big rip-off of Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five.

24. A PIECE OF THE ACTION (Star Trek): Kirk and Spock go undercover as gangsters on Sigma Iotia, a planet that has adapted Chicago gangsters as its inspiration.

25. TRIALS & TRIBBLEATIONS (Deep Space Nine): Spectacular

The DS9 crew head back in time in "Trials & Tribbleations"

special effects and production design help a brilliant script from the entire DS9 writing staff pay homage to the original Star Trek in one of the most witty and ingenious of all Trek installments.

26. THE TROUBLE WITH TRIBBLES (Star Trek): David Gerrold's sidesplitting comic tour de force in which the Enterprise and K-7 is overrun by furry Tribbles.

27. THE DEVIL IN THE DARK (Star Trek): A reaffirmation of Trek's essential values and ethics is handled in a deft sci-fi plot in which Kirk and Spock confront a misunderstood lifeform.

28. WHO WATCHES THE WATCHERS? (The Next Generation): The episode which serves as the unofficial prequel for Star Trek: Insurrection, in which the inhabitants of a primitive culture mistake Picard for God. Method acting for Stewart, perhaps?

29. OUR MAN BASHIR (Deep Space Nine): An unpretentious and hysterical DS9 adventure as Dr. Bashir does double duty as a secret agent in a holodeck fantasy that goes dreadfully awry. A delightful parody of James Bond and Our Man Flint which is handled adeptly by writer and 007 fanatic Ron Moore.

30. STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN / SPACE SEED (Star Trek): The best of

Khan arrives in "Space Seed"

the feature film series in which Khan Noonian Singh returns as the eugenically enhanced superman to menace the Enterprise crew.

31. THE CORBOMITE MANUEVER (Star Trek): The template for all future Trek episodes in which Kirk's boldly going gets him into trouble with the First Federation, which turns out not to be nearly as fearsome as expected. Wonder if this ever happened to Jonathan Archer?

32. THE IMMUNITY SYNDROME (Star Trek): Although the idea of a giant amoeba threatening the galaxy is a little goofy, it's the fireworks between Spock and McCoy that really ignite the episode. You should have wished me luck, indeed.

33. YESTERYEAR (Star Trek: The Animated Series): In the animated series' finest installment, an outing through the Guardian of Forever erases Spock's existence and he must go back in time to his childhood to correct the damage to the timeline.

34. CARETAKER (Voyager): The

Cardassian action in the VOYAGER pilot, "Caretaker"

lavishly produced Voyager premiere, which is the best Trek pilot since "The Cage." Regrettably, few episodes lived up to the promise of the original premiere - although Brannon Braga's inventive third-season episode "Deadlock" comes closest.

35. THE ENTERPRISE INCIDENT (Star Trek): Kirk goes insane and takes the Enterprise into the Neutral Zone while Spock seduces the Romulan commander in one of the infamous third season's few standout episodes.


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