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JoeArtistWriter 10/14/2009 2:14:56 PM

LittleNell1824, Hey Nell, long time no chat. Arbuckle fascinates me. The guy could move like a ballerina, and was as athletic as many of the stuntmen working at the time. Plus - I'm a sucker for pathoos, and fatty had the capacity for pathos in spades.

He was completely railroaded by an actress with a shady past and her mentor with an outright criminal history. I researched and wrote that story for a book that will be out next year.

Check out this video of Fatty and Buster. Great stuff.


LittleNell1824 10/14/2009 4:38:57 PM

It has been too long. Can't wait for this season's Lost reviews.

The YouTube video was fun. He was dancing in the film I was saw - it was amazing. And I agree about the actress, but she never would succeeded if not for the complicity of Hearst (and his pet Parsons). Wasn't Arbuckle acquited? He was innocent in the court of law, but guilty in Hearst's papers and Hearst had the last word. I just think it's suspect that Chaplin didn't stand up for him and I can't help wondering if the bad press against Arbuckle didn't help shield Hearst's buddy. The best way to hide a scandal is to create a bigger scandal.But you would know, because you researched the story.I can't wait to read the book.

It always amazes me how modern silent films look. Not a lot has changed. I was watching a Harold Lloyd recently (not one of his acrobatic films - it was straight comedy). With his hair style and clothes, it looked like he could walk right off that 1920's film and into a film from this year.

JoeArtistWriter 10/15/2009 9:46:39 AM

LittleNell1824, LOST can't come soon enough.

I recently saw Chaplin's "Modern Times" for the first time ever, and was pissed at myself for not seeing it earlier. Brilliant movie.

Your Arbuckle information is correct. He was found innocent, and the foreman of the jury deivered an apology to Fatty. And yeah, it's funny how modern some silent movies can look nowadays, while movies like "Weird Science" seem so dated.

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