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violator14 12/31/2013 7:41:23 AM

 Dude .... get a haircut.... seriously..... that shit is annoying.

Wiseguy 12/31/2013 8:13:26 AM

I love Evans as Cap but just to play devil's advocate I want to hear those hating on Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman justify the average size of Evan's Cap as opposed to what his super bodybuilder steroid physique from the comics. Or is that argument only valid when it comes to women's tits and ass

dojen1 12/31/2013 8:18:14 AM

Just tits and ass of course. Seriously dude, you're just trolling....

Wiseguy 12/31/2013 8:43:12 AM

Well no shit brainiac, since trolling is the internet's version of devil's advocate (at least partly) I'd say you're partly right (smh). But playing devil's advocate is a little more intelligent than just throwing out non-sense for the sake of argument the way trolling is referred to by the brainless masses to dismiss a point without having to think about it with any sense of logic

marcd30319 12/31/2013 10:11:35 AM

One thing that I have noticed is that Marvel looks for talented actors first, not some big guy who can fill out the uniform.

So I have no problem with Chris Evans as Captain America. Let's face it - the bench is pretty shallow regarding present-day non-metrosexual American male actors who can do action films like Duke Wayne.

Evans fits the bill, and he is athletic enough to get into shape for the role. Even better, Evans is actor enough to get into Steve Rogers' psyche.

marcd30319 12/31/2013 10:19:30 AM

 RE:  Gal Gadot

Like Marvel, Warner Bros. is looking at acting talent first, and not someone who can "fill" out the uniform.

I am not terribly familiar with Ms. Gadot as an actress.  She certainly looks attractive, and like Chris Evans, if she gets into serious shape for the Wonder Woman role, I think she will do fine.  If she brings the same athletism and poise that Linda Carter did, Ms. Gadot can own the role.

violator14 12/31/2013 10:25:57 AM

For me the question is whether or not she can "Fill" the uniform, but who will get to "Fill" up her "jet". Bats or Supers?  lol

I still think Matthew Mcconaughey would have been the ideal Cap. He's even got that Steve Rogers curly blonde hair going. 

Chris Evans is a good cap for sure, but he was made for that Human Torch role. 



Rizing 12/31/2013 10:30:46 AM

Agreed with marcd30319 (Sort of).

Marvel does look for substance over brawn which is so smart. The average fan boy goes to the wrestler/body builder types. 

Linda Carter has such an appeal that goes beyond her physical beauty. She has a way about her that is incredibly alluring. I know we shouldn't compare WW to Carter, but after you've seen her play the role every candidate (including Gina Carrano) is just another hot girl who can kick butt. They blur together. Watch some old footage of Carter as WW to see what I'm talking about. I hope they didn't just pick Gal Gadot capriciously.

Higgy 12/31/2013 10:56:09 AM

Rizing is right.  Carter just has this thing about her that makes her WW amazing.  It's like no one will ever fill the Superman shoes like Christopher Reeves did.

Gal doesn't seem to have the same presense about her that Carter did.  Not saying she won't do a good job, but when you think amazonian, you think tall, strong women.  They don't have to have big boobs and a nice ass...although being amazonian you'd probably at least have a nice ass.  Gal Gadot is just this petite little woman.  We'll see.  She may surprise us, and if they use the right camera angles and put her in some kind of high heels, and if she buffs up...like...alot...she may pull it off.


BunyonSnipe 12/31/2013 11:32:50 AM

I hope I'm not seen as a Troll, but why must everyone call Christopher Reeve Christopher Reeves, surely you are not getting him confused with George?


I REALLY wanted to see Gemma Arterton play Wonder Woman, she seems to be the total package.

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