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hanso 12/18/2009 3:15:33 AM

@Violator - Trust me, that ain't me or Hanso related.  Don't have time to create another profile and then be a douchebag by hailing myself. 

That's awesome that the people that have seen it liked it.  I'm pissed I may have to wait a bit to see the movie since it will be snowing in DC and I hate the damn snow.

JarrodSarafin 12/18/2009 4:40:29 AM

Two more Diggs...Come on people, pass this along on your Twitter, Facebook, etc. Let's get this popular. Hanso deserves it.

Wiseguy 12/18/2009 5:15:14 AM

OK boys and girls I'm back fresh from back to back viewings in glorious I-Max and a quick bite at Dunkin Donuts

1-Photo-realistic was not an exaggeration. The Na'vi and avatars are completely real, the animals and the thing that worried me a bit, the color palette that Cameron went for totally worked

2- Cameron saw the in famous "uncanny valley" so he came, he conquered, he shitted on it, he burned it down, he dumped on it once more and burned the ashes to make sure it was completely obliterated. That';s right the Na'vi and Avatars' emotions, mannerisms, facial expressions and most of all eyes had soul and life

3- Sure the movie is pretty easy to see what's coming, but what's coming is so beautiful you get lost in it and you appreciate it once it arrives.

4- This is the movie magic I look forward to but seldom get. I'm pretty forgiving as most know but this is what brings a smile and even a tear to my face. The film has heart and soul and transports you to another world, which is what I want most from movies, not gritty realism. That's just me

5- Bottom line, as high as my expectations were the movie lived up to it and surpassed it. I loved every second, otherwise I wouldn't have waited 90 minutes to see it again. I'm still running on Avatar adrenaline and I've been up over 24 hours

6- Eywa, the Na'vi's God and now mine really took care of me. Last night I got to the train station and didn't have to wait and my connecting train was right there also, same thing this morning. It was a thing of beauty. My blind faith has been rewarded

7- Do yourself a favor and see this, see it in 3D if possible, though after a while you don't even notice it but it immerses you more. I'm gonna see it in 2D later if I have energy or tomorrow to see how it compares. Even if you don't admit to seeing it and call me all kinds of names, see it and enjoy it. I'm so pleased with it I'm not gonna say I told you so or anything negative, the film speaks for itself

8- Just wanted to point out that the Avatars have 5 fingers and the Na'vi 4. That's the only spoiler I'm putting out.

9- By the way, all these comparisons to the Iraq war and so on are so off base it isn't even funny. Please don't let these political pundits ruin a great movie. Talk about people reaching to see something that ain't there

10- I have to add that Sigourney Weaver has never looked sexier than she does in her Avatar body

TheStormrider 12/18/2009 6:26:48 AM

Not that it has ever mattered what I think,  but I think its laughable when someone seeks out a forum, site, review and bashes it.

Its like licking the toilet bowl and then complaining about it.  Or going to a gay bar when your straight.  Why would you do that?  Why do people intentionally seek out places to spread their negativity.

While I can undstand TK's hater attitude,  I cant understand why he feels it necessary to come here and try to make anyone else not like it.

You should try going to the mall,  and try to convince all the kids standing in line theres no santa.  That might give you the same rush.

But believe,  when theres presents under the tree,  for that day,  for them, theres a santa. 

If people enjoy this movie,  its a good movie.  For them.

hanso 12/18/2009 6:47:31 AM

VICTORYYYYYYYY!!  It got to 100 Diggs.  Never in my life have I been more excited about something I have no idea what it means.

Thanks everybody.

jdiggitty 12/18/2009 7:01:35 AM

Fun article Hanso. I like your writing style.

StarlightGuard 12/18/2009 9:09:30 AM

don't feel bad about it shac...

I just don't want to be seen as oh, him...yeah he's into sparkly vamps...we let him rant and then he goes away

Wiseguy 12/18/2009 12:36:08 PM

TK, it's all good bro, really. I know we all sometimes let our feelings for something get the best of us and I'm definitely no exception. We're all huge fans of cinema and "genre"  in specific and that passion sometimes blinds us.

I actually feel pretty good because the movie delivers for me. It's funny but I almost feel at peace, don't want to argue or anything. Some will like, love it, hate it or be indifferent that's the case with anything, so be it. I frankly do hope that people will enjoy it and not to boost my ego (couldn't care less) but for their own satisfaction

hanso, congrats my brother from another mother, may your star rise and be seen by the entire world

agentkooper 12/18/2009 2:58:00 PM

Navi only have 4 fingers?  How do you get through life without flipping someone off?  Savages!

TheStormrider 12/18/2009 5:12:43 PM

Aww TK your so cute.

Your bias about someone being the opposite type of bias.  And I think its humorous that people revis things,  even search out things they arent interested in.

Silly boy,  why arent you at your post?

I saw it today at lunch.  While parts of the story are cliche,  I have to say,  it was pretty damn good, and very entertaining.  To me the best part of the movie was the female lead.  She did some great, emotional voice work.  While predictable,  it was very, very well made.

I stand corrected,  I had doubts,  I wasnt sure it was going to live up to its reputation, but its obvious from frame one,  that a lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this.

Its a very good flick.

PS:  Was duke nukem CGI all the way through (you older folks taht have seen it will understand)

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