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DarthDuck 12/17/2009 6:55:05 AM

-round of applause-  Well done sir!

Sure 2010 will rock but 2009 ain't over suckers!!!!  Avatar will indeed own, as the kids say. 

In regards to Cameron stealing other's work it seems to be only a small amount of haters that actually care.  If these claims where legit in anyway, we'd have heard a lot more about it.

Can't wait to see this movie!!

HudsonTaco 12/17/2009 6:59:44 AM

Good article Hanso. Loved the line about Weta and Orlando Bloom. Cameron has been my favorite Director ever since I saw Aliens (my favorite movie BTW), and it has been far too long since we have been treated to a film by him. Got my Imax ticket last week will be going on Saturday. I have stayed away from 3D waiting for this to be my first 3D expirience.Christmas is coming 6 days early for me.

If you wait and see this movie on any thing other than the big screen I do not want to hear your opinion as it won't be valid anyway.

ripum853 - Dances with Wolves sucked? WTF? I also agree Goodfellas was a better film IMHO but Dances was not a bad film maybe too long and slow at times but a classic none the less. Thats a pretty good year when you have to pick between Dance with Wolves and Goodfellas for best picture.

ddiaz28 12/17/2009 7:06:13 AM

Very fun read Hanso.  You should have mentioned the stupid Delgo comparisons as well.  Wiseguy makes a good point about movie influences.  To add to that, there are almost 100 years of flims and thousands of years of art and literature that exist in this world.  How can people expect a truly, never before thought story element to exist.  And I'm talking about elements.  Sure the general theme of a warrior turning sides, or someone controlling an alien body, might have already been made, but no one has put it all together in this exact way, which makes this unique in its own right.  I'm sure everyone here agrees the the Matrix is a phenomenal sci fi movie.  Did it matter that robots taking over the world had been done before, most famously by Cameron himself.   I think not. 

If someone doesn't like the film, they don't like it.  But they can't really use the excuse of the fact that it is similar so something else whether it be a book or a film.  Otherwise many a great movie or book would not be good.

I'll be there at midnight tonight enjoying myself immensely.  Hope you guys will too!

Tevii 12/17/2009 7:08:42 AM

AVATAR will rule the 24 minutes they showed in 3D at the comcon were AMAZING! Cameron doesnt make bad movies

All that stuff about him taking ideas... everyone does that. Thats how new ideas evolve. Harlan Ellison is KNOWN for suing everybody. Ripoffornot breaks down the comparisons, and between the the Outer Limits Episode and the Terminator movie... and sure there are similarities. But there are major differences too. Aliens had simliarities to the novel StarshipTroopers. SO WHAT?

If anything his are improved versions. Not many people complain the Star Wars is taken from Lensman and the Dune series

TheStormrider 12/17/2009 7:09:23 AM

I have to say,  nicely done hanso.  There are a few wierd spots in the dialog,  but overall,  I like the way you express your points.  When every sentence isnt infused with 'son,  I really like your comments:)

I think you have a flair for infusing your comedic angst with solid points.

My only comment

I really liked the last samurai.  I liked it more than DWW.  And I dont really like Tom Cruise (as a former professional, and still avid volleyball player,  I can never forgive Top Gun,  sorry.)  I can say that if Tom Cruise was not in that movie,  and maybe say, Russle Crowe, it would be in my top 5.  I know.  Sad.

Im still hoping this movie will be what its cracked up to be, but after looking back over the year,  there were only a couple moves I can say I _really_ liked.  Not a good year for me, at the movies.

hanso 12/17/2009 7:24:54 AM

Ladies & Gentlemen - You are too kind, brings a smile to my face that you guys digged it.  Sure it's not the best thing ever written, hard to do that when you aren't a writer, but I think it ain't that bad for a first try.

@Ddiaz - I thought about Delgo but since I've never seen the film nor do I care too, I figured I shouldn't waste time bringing it up.

@TheStormrider - I really dig The Last Samurai as well.  I don't hate Top Gun though now if I watch it I just think back to what Tarantino said about the movie's messege being gay and the movie is funnier to me.

twomcs 12/17/2009 7:30:18 AM

 I already have my IMAX tickets!!!!!!!

hanso 12/17/2009 7:33:05 AM

Here is the Tarantino quotes on Top Gun just in case you haven't seen them:

“You've got Maverick, all right, and he's on the edge, man,” Tarantino recounts in language both more fanboyish and evocative than I could provide. “He's right on the f*cking line, all right? And you've got Iceman, and all his crew. They're gay, they represent the gay man, all right? And they're saying, go, go the gay way, go the gay way.”

“He could go both ways,” QT continues. “Kelly McGillis, she's heterosexuality. She's saying: no, no, no, no, no, no, go the normal way, play by the rules, go the normal way.”

“He goes to her house, all right?” explains Tarantino. “It looks like they're going to have sex, you know, they're just kind of sitting back, he's takin' a shower and everything. They don't have sex. He gets on the motorcycle, drives away. She's like, ‘What the f*ck is going on here?’”

“Next scene you see her,” the former video store clerk and perennial film fanatic continues, “she's in the elevator, she is dressed like a guy. She's got the cap on, she's got the aviator glasses, she's wearing the same jacket that the Iceman wears. She is, okay, this is how I gotta get this guy, this guy's going towards the gay way, I gotta bring him back, I gotta bring him back from the gay way, so I'll do that through subterfuge. I'm gonna dress like a man.”

“The real ending of the movie is when they fight the MIGs at the end, because he has passed over into the gay way,” Quentin maintains. “And they're beating the Russians, the gays are beating the Russians. And it's over, and they f*cking landing, and Iceman's been trying to get Maverick the entire time, and finally, he's got him, all right?”

“And what is the last f*cking line that they have together?” Tarantino asks rhetorically. “Ice comes up to Maverick and says, ‘Man, you can ride my tail anytime!’ And what does Maverick say? ‘You can ride mine!’”

Hobbs 12/17/2009 7:35:01 AM

Hanso!!! Your star has risen!  Congrats on the article.

I don't have a problem with people influencing anothers work.  I also think it pays respect in some cases.  Lucas, for example, put E.T.'s in TPM as a nod to his buddy.  I have also been wondering if Cameron got the name of moon, Pandora from Frank Herbert.  Can't remember which non Dune novel of his it was, but I'm pretty sure there was a Pandora in his book.  Been a long time since I read it.

I also think Cameron got some influence from World of Warcraft.  The look and feel of the planet reminds me of that massive on line role playing game.

I still question the special effects but I'll find out tomorrow on Imax 3-D how good they really are SUPPOSED to be.  Then I can form my final opinion.

avidfan 12/17/2009 7:46:36 AM

Great article Hanso.  I knew you just weren't around here for eye candy.  James Cameron as simply pumped out some of the best movies ever made.  Cannot wait for midnight to throw on the 3D glasses and head to Pandora...

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