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Skroin 9/26/2009 6:13:48 PM

After seeing the leaked episode of season 4 a couple of weeks back, I'm totally looking forward to this season.

And from what they showed of Lithgow's character, he's one hell of a derranged guy. I look forward to seeing just how messed up this guy is....and hopefully get why he's that messed up.

But on the subject of this list, yeah I think it was a bit too short. Mainly because there was no Bundy, Gein, Dahmer, yadda yadda yadda.

gauleyboy420 9/26/2009 8:05:07 PM

I really liked this article...

I'm not a serial kiler nut, but I had to research that Fish guy, I thank you for posting this article mania. That guy is truly scary...

WarCry 10/31/2009 12:24:09 PM

I have one to add that I'm willing to bet few of you have heard of....let me tell a story...

A young man, child of a Army soldier who was away in SE Asia a lot during his youth. Grew up with a fairly normal life, moving around due to the military. Went to school at an all-boys Catholic high school and graduated valedictorian. Joined the Marines and, after an honorable discharge, went to a small local college before moving on to Southern Illinois University's Medical school. After nearly being expelled for faking the paperwork on routine exams that he just found to boring to actually do, the school let him re-do his classwork and graduate.

He came back to the small town and took a job as a Paramedic with the local ambulance company. His co-workers noticed a faciniation with death, including scrapbooks of horrible accidents, etc. Then they started getting sick. After he brought donuts in to work, the co-worker - nearly to a man - became violently ill. It was found that he was lacing food and drink with Terro ant poison. After serving time in prison for these aggravated battery charges, he started traveling the country, then the world - including work in Zimbambwe - taking jobs at hospitals since he was a doctor.

Patients died, frequently after visits from "Dr. Mike", even though they were on recovery paths. At one point, he (admittedly) killed a woman by injecting her with something, then stood and watched, just because he was fascinated by watching the process of death.

Michael Swango was convicted to 3 (confessed) murders and sentenced to life in prison. He avoided the death sentence as part of plea deal that also included a guarantee he would not be extradited to Zimbabwe, where he still has an active death-sentence.

Jeffrey Dahmer killed 17 men and boys. John Wayne Gacy killed 33. Michael Swango almost certainly killed at least 30 people, and it's much more likely the number is closer to double that. He is believed to have commited murder in at least 4 states (IL, OH, NY, and VA) and possibly others (including ND and WV) as well as numerous vicitims in Zimbabwe.

Read Blind Eye: How the Medical Establishment Let A Doctor Get Away with Murder. It's not only a fascinating look at Michael Swango as a serial killer, but it's also a stunning, frightening indictment of the medical community's "wall of silence" that kept these cases from being investigated or even reported. Nurses, patients, other doctors and other staff he worked with strongly believed he was committing these acts, but the "powers that be" refused to go further in fear of hurting the reputations of medical schools and their administrators.

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