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By Rob M. Worley     August 25, 2009
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Comics2Film: WHITEOUT
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4 TV Spots for 'Whiteout' are online. PLUS: 'Losers' footage online. The 'Smallville' trailer (again). The prospective 'Superman' director (again) and more! Staring into their yellow eyes without blinking once, it's your Comics2Film 9.8.25!



More LOSERS Set Footage

Puerto Rican outlet El Nuevo Día, has a brief bit of footage from the set of 'The Losers'. The clips features a helicopter bearing the markings of "Miami Police" hovering before a city building. While this is happening and armored car approaches on the street. No explosions in this one.



New Photo from SURROGATES

If you enjoy Bruce Willis in a bad hairpiece then MTV Splash Page has the spice for your recipe. They're posting an exclusive image from 'Surrogates' featuring the blond Willis bot riding along in a police helicopter. We're more than 50% certain that the hairpiece is meant to look a little silly as this is Bruce's spruced-up robot surrogate. When Willis appears as his human self in the film, he is bald and grizzled and looking more natural.



Vaughn and Goldman talk KICK-ASS

Comic Book Resources sat down with 'Kick-Ass' director/writer/producer Matthew Vaughn and writer/producer Jane Goldman. They talk about the process of meeting comics creator Mark Millar, getting rejected by the studios and collaboratively building the film story while the comic is still in progress.

Vaughn also said he sees the genre of superhero movies (which he nice distinguishes from comic-based movies, thank you very much) as evolving and has to continue to evolve if it Hollywood wants to keep milking it.

"...remember 'Road to Perdition' was a comic book movie so there’s a wide genre. I think the superhero films that Hollywood has been churning out have had their day and I think 'Iron Man,' 'The Dark Knight,' 'Watchmen' and now 'Kick-Ass' are moving it away from, 'Hey, I’m a superhero. I’m going to save the world, and … some Hollywood crap,'" Vaughn told CBR. "I think the genre is changing and it has to change. The studios will either realize that and if they don’t then there won’t be comic book movies because they haven’t adapted to what the audience wants."

Click through for more of Vaughn and Goldman's thoughts on the movie.

Fans will get a look at 'Kick-Ass' when it arrives in theaters next year.



Prospective SUPERMAN Director says he'd go "Darker"

MTV Splash Page continues to parcel out sound bytes from 'Ninja Assassin' director James McTeigue about what he would do if he were taking the helm of the 'Superman' franchise. Mind you, at this point McTeigue's is a name that has come up as a rumor from time to time, but officially he has no association with the man of steel's movie yet.

Nevertheless, McTeigue told MTV News that the franchise needs to be retooled to reflect the attitudes and concerns of modern day audiences. "If you're going to do something with Superman, I think people would probably like something a little darker."

Here's the latest video clip of the director's thoughts on the matter:



Four TV Spots from WHITEOUT

On September 11, Kate Beckinsale will star as U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko in the big-screen adaptation of Greg Rucka and Steve Leiber's excellent graphic novel 'Whiteout'.

Warner Bros. are rolling out the TV spots promoting the film and four have turned up on YouTube this week. Check 'em out:






SMALLVILLE Trailer - Vigilante

In case your clicking finger was incapacitated yesterday and you couldn't click-through to see the cool 'Smallville' trailer hosed on TV Guide yesterday, The CW has now made it available on YouTube.


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hanso 8/25/2009 7:20:39 AM

Yes I would like something a little darker for Superman.  Now get it done Mcteigue.

Wiseguy 8/25/2009 7:26:28 AM

Yeah go darker, have Supes exposed to some red K and kill his bastard son and then the film can address child abuse as a theme

Matador 8/25/2009 8:19:04 AM

No we don't need darker 8MM Superman we need some story with a little Bay Badda Big boom style. Too much intellegence make Crunk head hurt.  

silversurfer 8/25/2009 8:40:39 AM

I would be down for a Superman with a grudge on his shoulder and really letting loose and getting away from the boy scout image for a moment...we already know that about him....Superman with a mad on? That would be cool to see.....I liked Superman TAS when he fought Darkseid and nearly beat him to a pulp...I think that would bring him back and definitely put him on top....

dragon261 8/25/2009 8:47:33 AM

I would like to see him  fight an evil alternate universe version of himself.

Matador 8/25/2009 9:17:44 AM

Thought that was the reason for having Byzarro but hey what do I know.

What would be cool to have Braniac, Byzarro, Metallo, and Lex to whoop on Supes.

Chadghostal 8/25/2009 10:53:45 AM

I don't think there is a worse thing you can do for Superman than have him "go dark". The absolute best Superman stories are those that show that no matter what Superman remains that bright spot in a world that needs him.

The best Superman comic I have ever read, and quite possibly the best comic I have ever read period is Grant Morrison's All Star Superman. There wasn't a dark spot in that entire series, but it packed more action, humor, and completely heart breaking moments than any other Superman comic could even dream of.

If you ask me Superman Returns really wasn't that far off. There were some errors made, but Singer got the iconisism of the character down perfectly.

Bring Grant Morrison on board to write or co-write a script for the new film, and keep Brandon Routh on board as Superman. If you do both of these things you will get your definitive Superman.

Superfist_home 8/25/2009 10:55:26 AM

 Then that just means you can add James McTeigue to the list of directors who don't get it. It's Superman, he's outlasted every director who has ever lived and he's done it for a reason. The problem isn't that Supes is too "Boy Scout", the problem is that these guys can't think of anything good.

Darker Superman. God, what's wrong with people? You want dark, go find a million other characters. "The problem with Aquaman is that he doesn't fly and he doesn't live in the clouds in a massive sky castle".

No shit, dumbass, cuz he's Aquaman.

hanso 8/25/2009 11:10:29 AM

Well they've failed 3 straight times, might as well try something darker. 

jfdavis 8/25/2009 12:02:46 PM

A dark Superman? My response is a scene from Justice League:

Superman: I thought I was the Boy Scout.

Batman: So did I. Until I met him. (indicating Captain Marvel.)

On the other hand,  in a way, Singer went a bit darker with Superman Returns. I guess I'd need to see it to understand what McTeigue means....

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