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5 Bonds for Craig

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5 Bonds for Craig

2 to go!

By Robert T. Trate     September 06, 2012
Source: Mi^

Daniel Craig will play James Bond in at least five films in the EON Productions series, MI6 can confirm. He has already completed shooting on his third outing, "Skyfall", which will open nationwide in the UK on October 26th. His remaining contracted fourth and fifth films will be the 24th and 25th movies in the official series respectively.

Sony Pictures, who through a new co-financing deal with MGM, are also set to continue their relationship that started with "Casino Royale" in to Bond 24. Studio executives have been alluding to a return to the two-year cycle to produce the 007 adventures, which would peg Bond 24 as a late 2014 release.

This schedule may be too aggressive for the artistic process at EON Productions, who have savoured the longer than usual break between films to craft the script for "Skyfall" and have other non-007 related projects in the works, too. Craig himself is keen to have a breather before kicking off another Bond outing, telling press recently that he is not taking any other film work on until after all the "Skyfall" promotional work is over in the New Year. Behind the scenes, EON recently started inking screenwriting contracts for Craig's next two Bond movies. Producer Michael G. Wilson also said publicly that he hopes Craig will go on to be the longest serving actor in the role.

A total of five outings would make him the third longest serving James Bond actor in terms of films produced, but Craig has already clocked up six years in the role over three movies, longer than the time it took Sean Connery to make five. Although Craig's contract has two more films yet to run, Bond actors have been released early from their commitments. Both Connery and Timothy Dalton left the role a film early for completely different reasons.

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Hookedonavengers2012 9/6/2012 11:01:32 PM

 I dont like this...as I am a big Bond fan I enjoy the fantastic gizmos and the "classic" Bond feel to it.  To me these are more Jason Bourne movies that I enjoy with that kind of regard. 


Maybe I will be appeased when I see the new Q. But probably not. :(


Honestly they  did a nolan batman take on Bond and kind of ruined it for me and ruined Bond in his own universe....Please take Bond out of Bournes realistic universe and put him back in his.

I will continue to watch anyway but will mumble "Matt Damon" under my breath continuously in my team america voice while watching. lol

MrJawbreakingEquilibrium 9/6/2012 11:28:34 PM

Bullshit. Bond became a cartoon after a while. Speaking of Batman that's who he became. Batman without a costume.  Joel Schumaker's Batman. With all those cartoonish gadgets and how campy it got. It was utterly ridiculous.  This Bond is the Bond from the books. Period.

FerretJohn 9/7/2012 1:20:47 AM

We seem to bring this up every time Daniel Craigs Bond movies get mentioned.  Once again, Craigs James Bond is not a Jason Bourne wannabe, Bourne is effectively James Bond as Ian Fleming originally created him: gritty, intence, and gadget-lite.  Two more Bonds for Craig after this?  Sounds good, so long as Daniel can maintain the pace I'm in.

DarthBob 9/7/2012 4:42:18 AM

I'm with FerretJohn, DC is the second best Bond and I'm glad he's in for a few more films; really looking forward to Skyfall.

domino2008 9/7/2012 5:03:43 AM

After Craig made TGWTDT , with a possible sequel to that movie , He now quite busy . It would be interesting if David Fincher directed a Bond film .

goldeneyez 9/7/2012 6:03:38 AM

I think I'm with Hookedonavengers2012 to the extent that I like Bond with gadgets & Q.  Not to say I don't like the Daniel Craig version, it's just that they're not memorable to me.  The movies are good, but I forget them, and I do feel like they are trying to make the movie version of Bond more like Jason Bourne.  To FerretJohn's point about Jason Bourne being more like the way Bond the way Fleming created him, OK that's fine.  The problem is there are 20 movies of Bond where the character grew beyond his origins.

I'm fine with Bond being more realistic, but how about more realistic gadgets that a spy of the 21st century might actually use today.  They can't get consultants that might give them more realistic ideas to incorporate into the movies?  I hope that happened with Skyfall which actually looks like it will be pretty good.

Hookedonavengers2012 9/7/2012 8:07:17 AM

 Now dont get me wrong there were stinkers like Moonraker in there but you dont trash everything just cause of a silly stupid movie...concentrate on the good and continue! lol

Hookedonavengers2012 9/7/2012 8:08:17 AM

 thanks Golden! :)


violator14 9/7/2012 9:18:02 AM

I also agree HOA. These new Craig-Bond movies are also missing its kind of boyish-charm/humor and sauve-smooth style to them, which Pierce Brosnan & Sean Connery was ideal for. Craig TRIES to do it sometimes, but it doesnt really work. However he's awesome for the action/ intense scenes. But whatevers, i'm sure these next Bond movies will still be entertaining as hell.


monkeyfoot 9/7/2012 9:18:06 AM

There is a nice British commercial on Youtube for an all Bond channel starting there. It expertly edits all the Bonds together in a car chase scene. Search for Sky Movies 007 HD Launch .

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