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karas1 10/5/2009 3:39:06 PM

Hobbs, I read Watchmen the graphic Novel in the '80s and I loved it.

The thing about Watchmen the movie was, the gore was in all the wrong places.  It was gorey during a fight in an alley way or when Dr Manhattan killed a crime lord in a resturant.  It didn't need to be gorey in those places.  But at the end, when New York City had been destroyed and it's population slaughered, there were no bodies.  In the novel there  were dead bodies all over the place, lying in the street, draped through windows, all over the place.  And some of them were bodies of people we knew, just about everybody in the book who didn't have a costumed identity was dead in Times Square.  This destruction and waste was the price Veidt paid for world peace.

In the movie, there were no bodies in Times Square.  There was a big hole in the ground where Times Square had been.  It was sanitized and IMHO, far less emotionally effective. 

As for Wolverine, I knew him mostly in the '80s.  That's when I was  reading X-Men.  In the early '90s I got bored with comic books and only started getting back into them lately. 

And Wolverine let his girlfriend take care of the bullies on the bridge because she touched his arm and used her power to controll his mind.   Otherwise he would have cleaned their clocks.

Kara S

animefanjared 10/5/2009 5:24:09 PM

I'm glad to see the end of the article acknowledging the real reason superhero flicks are PG-13.  While I don't think it's strictly necessary to spend $200 million on a superhero film, apparently Hollywood does, and they want to make that money back.  The R rating does have an effect, because if you look at the top grossing films of all time, only 4 of the top 50 have an R rating, and the highest grossing among them is Passion of the Christ, which had Jesus going for it.

At the same time, I don't see why most of the suggested titles couldn't be made with an R rating, because with the exception of Wolverine and possibly Daredevil, they're all niche characters that aren't going to have broad appeal outside the comic demographic, most of whom are 17 or older (as was jokingly mentioned).  Might as well spend less money, make a good movie that's true to the source material, and keep your fan base happy.

But we're never going to see a movie based on Marvel's merry mutants rated anything more than PG-13, so all you fanboys dreaming of an R-rated Wolverine 2 should get that out of your head right now.

violator14 10/5/2009 5:32:54 PM

Give me Blood and guts, and intestines hanging from Wolverine's claws. If you dont wanna see that, then you're just a pansy ass who liked Fox's Wolverine shitfest!

animefanjared 10/5/2009 5:35:52 PM

Oh, and one more thing.  Everyone points to TDK about how a PG-13 movie can be violent and intense, and I agree, but let's be real.  Warner Bros. paid someone to get that rating.  That was as violent as a lot of R-rated movies, with slightly less gore.  It really should of had the R rating.  And the fact that such a high-profile title snuck by the censors is enough to ensure that it won't happen again.

russdire 10/5/2009 6:25:21 PM

Are you kidding? No Venom and Carnage? Yous crazy!

CaptAmerica04 10/5/2009 9:07:39 PM

How about Ghost Rider?!?!  I mean, the REAL Spirit of Vengeance, exorcising demons, tearing zombies apart... oh, and let's not forget all the sadistic, serial killer demons that he hunts down, and the carnage they cause right before they get hellfired or Penance-stared back into the Pit.

TKay42one 10/5/2009 11:29:45 PM

animefanjared, haven't you ever learned anything from South Park?  Nobody paid anybody for TDK to get less than R.  Sure it's violent, but there's hardly any naughty language, no gore (as you stated), and no flesh to speak of!  Oh, the days in the 80's when you could have tits in PG movies (Swamp Thing, Sixteen Candles).  So remember kids, if you ever want to make a movie and have it open to any and all audiences, just remember to pack as much violence into it as you want to because sensors don't give a SH*T...just as long as you don't use your potty mouth, you'll be fine...if you need any further proof, just look at the measures taken by this very site to stop MOTHER F*CKING profanity in it's tracks.

thecheckeredman 10/6/2009 6:16:33 AM

DAREDEVIL -- This should be a crime-drama in a 10pm timeslot.  Think Law & Order with Matt Murdock prosecuting the perps he takes out as Daredevil by night.  PLus, DD has such a rich supporting cast to warrent a TV drama.  SVU can get pretty graphic and deal with some dicey issues, there's no reason for gore or copious bloodshed when substance and tension can be so much more effective.

DEADPOOL -- Meh.  What little I care about this character was destroyed in Wolvie 1 anyhow.  Who gives a carp.

SWAMP THING -- Okay, here is a good example of a concept that could go one way or the other with me.  PG-13 or R, there's a fine line sometimes.  If it's an overt horror/splatter movie with little substance and cheap thrills, then yes, go R.  However, if a clever director/writer took some of Alan Moore's classic Swampy stories and put them through a Hitchcockian blender you could end up with a fantasticly moody, film that delivered all the "oh my gods" just off screen, just as the camera cuts, or some such trick to avoid the R.

WOLVERINE -- No it doesn't.  Keep it PG-13.

LOBO -- Yeah, this I have to kind of agree it has to be R.  It's not that I applaud unneccissary over-the-top violence and gore, but Lobo IS unneccissary over-the-top violence and gore as well as gratuitous nudity, and explicit language.  I honestly can't imagine a non-R Lobo flick.......

I'd like to follow up and say that MARVEL really missed the boat with GHOST RIDER.  This should have easily been an R movie...oh and it would have helped if it was in the least bit good in any way, shape, or form.  I never got into the Blaze GR comics, but anxiously awaited the 90's version early in its run, before the overexposed Midnight Sons carp.  In a few years, after the bad taste has left everyone, I'd like to see a Dan Ketch incarnation with a more urban street-crime feel that didn't spare the matter-of-fact violence-meets-violence x10 from a well done Spirit of Vengence.


animefanjared 10/6/2009 12:33:46 PM

TKay42one, you're totally right :-)  To think, I forget everything Shelia Broflosky every taught us.

I better go watch Bigger, Longer and Uncut again to set myself straight.

ripum853 10/7/2009 1:43:31 AM

The first Swamp Thing was Rated R.  It's one of the few films where Adrianne Bardeau (sp?) actually shows her mellons.  I don't know about complex adult themes, but it had the gore and nudity factors.  I remember the second one being pretty violent, and probably R as well, sadly no Heather Locklear mellon's to follow in Adrianne's foot steps.


I agree with the others...although I never did much care for Lobo.  "shrugs"

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