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KillerTomato 10/7/2009 5:06:37 AM

Daredevil isn't really a super-hero character per se, and honestly that's one character who really isn't for the general public as is, an R rating could be attained for that one, plus the movie can be made with a fairly low bidget, so therefore it wouldn't be a large profit loss at all, the movie could still easily make money.  Also bring in Jason Statham, I mean he's already said he wants the role.

Deadpool?  That one's kind of hard to say for sure.  I mean he's a very over-the-top character anyway.  R could be fun...provided it was for violence...ridiculous amounts...but not realistic violence...I mean I really don't want to see a blood soaked...gore drenched comedian...

Lobo is kind of in the same boat as Deadpool, I mean he's another over-the-top character...I mean he rides a motorcycle in space and loves Space Dolphins...

Swamp Thing, definitely a R contender...if not for anything but the tackling a very dark thematic element...

And once again I have to disagree with the whole concept of an R Wolverine, I mean in the comics he doesn't even seem like an R character.  Sure he's got metal claws and all that good stuff...but seriously there is no reason to force obscene amounts of violence into the film.  Also that's a movie that is going to have a large budget, and large budgets have to be able to appeal to broad audiences...mind you I would prefer a bit more of an edge to the character, but in X2 he had a berserker rage more-or-less...it was freaking great, despite the fact that there was no blood.  All this movie needs is a good script, and a PG-13 rating is perfectly acceptable.

I can't believe that Ghost Rider didn't get a mention...or Moon Knight...I mean both of the those movies are definite R contenders. 

TKay42one 10/7/2009 1:54:55 PM

umm, no ripum853, "Swamp Thing" was PG...go to IMDB and look it up.  I used to have it on DVD, bought previously viewed from Blockbuster, and it was PG, boobs and all.  Do some research before you post something.

TKay42one 10/7/2009 2:08:17 PM

Just to be thorough, go to


This is the official IMDB page for Wes Craven's "Swamp Thing" which came out in 1982.  Scroll down the page a bit, past the cast and crew.  Under "Additional Details", you'll find "Certification" which gives ratings from various countries in alphabetical order.  The rating in the US was PG.

And boom goes the dynamite.

masterjedi39 10/9/2009 3:58:50 AM

Firstly; I'd have to agree with PEKSTRAND. Simply slapping an R rating on a movie does not instantly make it good. Nor does the quality of the characters somehow magically get better because of an R rating. And to Krathwardroid - that is what this article was about. When did "less than an R rating" begin to equal "toned down characters"? I must have missed that memo. So yours and Krathwardroid's argument is that only R rated movies can have engaging storylines? Huh? Wow.

Secondly - when did you become an expert on acting? Have you attended acting school? Have you acted in anything? have you directed or produced any films/movies? If the answer is no to all the above questions then where do you get off letting your VERY opinionated view of the acting abilities of one of daredevil's actors enter into a SUPPOSEDLY unbiased journalistic article? I use the word "supposedly" because  guys like you (yeah I wrote "guys like you" -Video game journalists and comic book journalist. Basically Fanboys) seem to think that you cant be unbiased when you're a fan of the material you cover; i.e: comic book/video game/etc. related media. And that's really just a copout. When you write stuff like that, you come off sounding like a "tool' and not a journalist at all. But maybe thats the point.  Fanboys - gotta love em'.

keithdaniel 10/10/2009 6:15:47 PM

Chad Derdowski,there you go again,introducing an interesting topic but drawing the wrong conclusion!!! Aren't you the same genius who was foolish enough to believe that the Hulk would take a vastly superior being in strength,intelligence and overall powers like Superman? Didn't you also recently and foolishly say in another article on Mania that Batman would defeat a vastly superior being like Spiderman? And now your saying that some characters should be R-rated in their films and that in and of itself would make them better. I admit there are some characters that would benefit from that,however,Chad,have you not seen the R-rated version of Daredevil:The Director's Cut? Hello?!!! I'm glad someone called you on that earlier! You also said that for the studios,it's not about reaching a wider audience,it's about making money. Hello again,genius,the only way a studio can make more money with their films theatrically is to reach a wider audience! A rated-R film will obviously not reach as large an audience as a rated PG film! By the way,have you not seen a movie called The Dark Knight? That wasn't a rated-R film and it was still a great and dark superhero film so that proves your overall theory wrong! It always comes done to how well written the story and characters are,how well casted they are and how the director tells the story. Ben Affleck is not one of the worst actors of his generation but you're certainly an expert at revealing one of the worst opinions on Mania,although you certainly have a right to do so! Just because you don't like him because of his celebrity(when Daredevil came out in 2003 he was tabloid fodder when he was with Jennifer Lopez,likely a big reason why many didn't like him in the film!)or because he did some bad films some of which did well(Armagedden,Pearl Harbour)others which didn't(Gigli,Jersey Girl,and Christmas with the Cranks)regardless he was really good in Good will Hunting,Chasing Amy,The Sum of All Fears,and yes I thought he was really good in Daredevil! Chad,you obviously have no idea what good acting is if it bit your foolish ass because it's childish to deny one's talent just because you don't like that person! As an actor and screenwriter myself who has gone to acting school and who has worked on set on films and tv series I believe I'm a much better judge of what makes a good story and what acting talent is than a clown like you! You're certainly entitled to your opinion but if you take on a platform like the one you have,then it would be in your best interest to adopt intelligence,rationale and know what you're talking about!!!   

jolinya1 10/17/2009 5:54:51 PM

i'm sure we can call it a hard r movie jolinya

Magickman12 2/9/2011 10:40:07 AM

I would still go crazy for a Garth Ennis Preacher movie. Arse-Face could be all CGI!!!!

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