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Betenoire 4/8/2010 7:05:47 PM

I don't know about outside continuity but it wouldn't kill DC to be running a few titles in a different period of time. The Big Red Cheese has always been hard for me to picture in the "current age" as so much of what he is isn't suited to now. The naive 12 yr old fighting a super smart worm makes more sense to me then him fighting some of today's villains. It just seems like a bit much to put on him (which Kingdom Come addressed to an extent).

I also like the 40's-50's Specter more in his detective role and semi limited powers. It couldn't hurt to have some characters exist in a "past" for DC where the level of power didn't need to be god like to survive the latest Crisis. If they want they could then set up multigenerational storylines. Batman works as he can adapt and get darker, Superman's powers give him a boost to survive but a number of older characters have been left behind as they just don't fit with "today."

karas1 4/8/2010 7:27:22 PM

wsblackadder, they don't have to take Aquaman out of continuity to do what they want with him.  If he's at the bottom of the ocean fighting water based villians (or whatever) then he is EFFECTIVELY in his own continuity, having a very limited effect on the rest of the DCU.  But why not have him available for the occasional dramatic crossover event?

Kara S


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