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SuperFan 10/9/2009 9:26:13 AM

 Hello all, first time commenter....................................................... 

GA- not a bad idea would like more info 

Flash- shoulda been Ryan Reynolds, cast the new Captain Kirk from Star Trek as GL

NW- I know a lot of u wont agree but a Robin story (done right) could be a good addition to the Batman franchise

WW- the animated movie laid out a perfect story and screenplay for a live action flick, flesh out the screenplay a little and u have a hit, oh and pleas cast that chick form "The Unborn" as WW. She's perfect. Oh and pleas cast Linda Carter as her mom (she's still hot)

JL- wait for all characters to be properly established

Superman- Brainiac and Lex somehow bring Doomsday into town, Doomsday and Supes fight in the middle of the filck, Supes is losing until Doomsday kills his kid, Supes destroys Doomsday but takes a while to recover or he dies, towards the end Supes makes a heroic recovery or resurrection, has a kick a$$ fight with Brainiac, and the franchise is saved, oh and recast Lois

Batman- Chris Nolan has my complete trust

Darkknight2280 10/9/2009 9:26:14 AM

Yeah WISEGUY Aquaman is the better of the 2 lame a$$ underwater comic characters..lol Family guy has made soem funny jokes about Aquaman. I especially liked the one where the girl is getting occosted on the beach and she screams for help and Aquaman warns him he will summon his fish friends to stop him and they start bubbling around him and then he tries to throw a star fish at him  and misses..lol  HILARIOUS! Theres way more to it but i cant remember everyline.

Chadghostal 10/9/2009 9:35:47 AM

Ditto on the Nightwing movie........HOWEVER...

I actually really do think that Nightwing could work as a television series. The original run on his series was paced really well. It also included enough really interesting supporting characters, with Dick's neighbors, and members of the police force, to really form a strong character dynamic. Also you could easily draw out his origin with Batman over time, instead of trying to shoe-horn in a lot of history over the course of two hours, while still trying to tell an effective story.

I see the tone as something very similar to the show Dexter. Individual episodes with a long story-arc resolving at the end of the seasons.

I also feel that Dick has one of the most easily adaptable costumes for live-action, even on a low budget(I'm thinking it would look a lot like the Daredevil movie costume, minus the mask).

ChadDerdowski 10/9/2009 10:27:25 AM

Wiseguy - suprisingly enough, I actually had a really tough time deciding between Aquaman and Nightwing.  The thing about Aquaman comes down to this: either he's a really great character with tons of untapped potential or he's simply unsalvagable and we need to (a) stop ragging on him and (b) just get rid of him.  But that's an argument for another time (and one I don't have an answer for).

I do think that a story about an avenging sea king defending his ocean against polluters, poachers and evil oil barons who want to destroy earth's natural resources could work really well.  Unfortunately the scenario I just described probably works better for Namor and an FF movie in my mind (I'm the Bizarro Wiseguy, I guess: I'm a DC fan but I like Namor better). 

Which is sort of why I went with Nightwing.  I agree that there are a lot of great characters out there that I overlooked, but the appeal to me is that it's a sidekick who has grown up.  We've seen a big variety of superhero movies but I don't believe that idea has been explored yet (and maybe it's better saved for a Teen Titans movie?) ... at any rate, Chadghostal has got me convinced that a Nightwing television series would be the way to go!

theHeadCase 10/9/2009 10:32:10 AM

I don't think there should be more than one major villain for a Justice League movie. Something tells me it just wouldn't work. I'd rather see Darkseid begin an invasion of Earth in search of the Anti-Life Equation or something. Then have the entire Justice League go to war against an army of demons from Apokolips. That I'd pay to see.

jfdavis 10/9/2009 11:47:13 AM

What's up with that JL pic? Geoforce, Black Lightning and Speedy? Wow.

I like all the ideas except Green Arrow. I dispise realism in my comics almost as much as in my science fiction.  Yeah Nightwing is too Batman but who cares? So was the Daredevil movie...


AFWICK14 10/9/2009 12:06:08 PM

Supermax? WHAT?  Flint are you joking, you changed your gay icon from the gayest of all GI Joe's and then you throw that one out there.  HOMO 

countzenith 10/9/2009 12:31:44 PM

FIRESTORM   You have a science experiment gone wrong origin story.  There's the teacher and student relationship.  Anybody of any ethnicity can play either character.  There's the nostalgia factor from the superfriends cartoon.  A lot to work with.

fastballspecial 10/9/2009 2:43:06 PM

 This just in: U.S. Government sources allege that Iran owns the film rights to Firestorm: The Nuclear Man but Iran won't let outside investigators confirm this.

kwsupes 10/9/2009 2:53:53 PM

I like the Green Arrow idea, but I start with him older and not do a lot of origin story, but focus more on his family of sidekicks and Black Canary. The quiver storyline with some tweaks would be awesome. I know they would go the origin root though and I don't know if that would work especially well. I do like Ollie though. As far as Flash goes this will happen and I have said it before and I'll say it again Reynolds might have been a good choice, but I think his being GL opens the door for Justin Timberlake to be the Flash. I think he would be great and he is really funny as he has proved on SNL. The Wonder Woman movie needs to happen, come on if Thor can make it to the big screen why not the Amazons? As far as Justice League goes, I say give it some time and please make a good Superman movie before trying this because without Bats, Superman, and Wonder Woman, it just wouldn't be the same. I agree that they should have to fight a really big villian so why not Starro? Just kidding. Darkseid would be cool. I really would like to see Identity Crisis made into a film because it could be outstanding. I didn't care for it the first time I read it, but after reading it a second time it is a great story and could be a different kind of superhero movie.

Now for Nightwing, I think he could work as T.V. show, but I would like him to be a little less silly than Smallville. I love Smallville quite a bit, but it can be pretty cheesy. I think Nightwing needs to be a little grittier and like the whole idea of peeling back the layers of his origin over time. Of course eventually the dilemma the series would face is getting clearance for Batman or even Bruce Wayne to appear on the show. It wouldn't have to interfere with the Nolan movies because you could always cast a little older Bruce Wayne.

Chad I think a sixth character should be added to your list and I think that is a GOOD Superman movie. We haven't had one of those in over two decades. Singer's movie was not great, so bring in someone else and let's have a great story. By the way I think Bruce Willis would be a great Lex Luthor. I just hope the WB and DC don't screw up anymore and can finally learn from their mistakes with Supes and build on their success with the Nolan Bat-films.

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