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animefanjared 10/9/2009 5:26:44 PM

I agree with 3/5ths of this list.  I thought the Supermax idea sounded really badass, and is probably the best way to get Green Arrow onscreen (a more traditional origin/superhero tale would probably lead to him being preceived as lame by the general public).

I don't think a NIghtwing movie would work.  He is too closely tied (and too similar) to Batman.  If the Batman character was involved, he'd inevitably hijack the movie, and if he wasn't around, I think a lot of people would wonder where he was.  Chadghostal's idea of a serialized TV show is probably the best option for a film adapatation of the character.

I also am not crazy about the idea of a Justice League movie.  I personally still have major reservations about how the Avengers will come together for Marvel, as I just think a team movie like that involves too many characters to be successful crammed into a two hour movie.  Even if you've established them seperately in their own films, you still want to do each character justice, and you still need to establish a villain and plot worthy of bringing all those heroes together.

Flash does seem like a no brainer.  He is known to people outside of comic fans, but they don't know details.  He could be DC's answer to Iron Man.  The movie could be more lighthearted, but have the pathos when needed (like Iron Man), and garner the character a lot of new fans.  But he's not the no brainer that is...

WONDER WOMAN!!!  Where the hell is she?  If ever there was a character just begging for a big screen adaptation, she's it.  I've said before, if done right that movie would be huge.  It's automatically different by featuring a female protagonist.  I think a strong, empowered, kick-butt heroine would strongly appeal to women and young girls, and since there are no ugly leads in Hollywood, the men would show up for the action and eye candy.  DC needs to make this movie stat!

TheScriber 10/9/2009 6:29:57 PM

 OK Nice this is a good article. I want to see SUPERMAX!!!

Tonebone 10/10/2009 12:07:43 AM

I think a Nightwing movie would work and there are alot more people familiar with the character than given credit for. For the rest, nothing a little marketing and watching some episodes of The New Batman Adventures couldn't fix.

Color me just turned off by Nolan's vision of Batman seeing as he and Bale prefer to look at the character through a limited scope. Robin is a part of Batman's lore. A major part. To ignore that is just silly and pretentious, IMO.

And I agree about WW not having a movie. She's an iconic character. Most people know who she is and I feel you don't need to change a thing really

fenngibbon 10/10/2009 12:56:56 AM

 I liked the animated Wonder Woman movie, I liked the Flash TV series (if for no other reason than they came up with a rational reason why he wore those tights), and the Green Arrow and Nightwing movies sound interesting.

That said, I think Wonder Woman and JLA would only work as animated films.  For both movies, I think casting Wonder Woman is a problem-- you basically need a tall (5'10" or taller), well-endowed fitness model who can act, and how many of those are there? (to be totally honest, even Lynda Carter needed to do more weight training on her arms) -- and a large number of people running around in tights is going to look too cheesy.  They'd have to do an X-Men sort of thing and get them in new outfits, but the way these superheroes look is an integral part their characters (anyone who doubts that should watch the Wonder Woman TV movie starring Cathy Lee Crosby). 

scotty23 10/10/2009 7:14:57 AM

i would love to see a sgt rock movie, that would be really cool

almostunbiased 10/10/2009 8:47:55 AM

DC sucks.

Tonebone 10/10/2009 10:03:09 AM

Here's the thing fenngibbon, your basing the casting literally on the comic. While I agree certain physical aspects should be respected, there is no way you can ever pound for pound cast someone to look like their comic book counterpart. I remember the complaints about Hugh Jackman as Wolvie because he wasn't this hulking, hunchback mess. Well, I don't know any guy who would look like that in real life. Comic book representations are grossly exgagerated most of the time. And I don't about this argument about her costume. Its flucking hot. And as a guy, I want to see Wonder Woman in a brazier and panties. In the end, its ultimately about the story and whether you can make it and the character emotionally connectible to the audience. But her look is iconic. Relatively unchanged for years. So it wouldn't be a shock or new to the audience

okonomiyaki4000 10/10/2009 9:51:21 PM

 None of these are "Must Make" movies. In fact, I can't see any of them being successful at all. We've seen just about too many superhero movies lately and these all feel like scraping the bottom of the barrel. 

AntoBlueberry 10/11/2009 9:31:13 AM

I think the only "must make" is Wonder Woman, as it's time to see a female superhero on screen; the animated movie could be a nice blueprint of  how to approach the material.

And I still think that the JL project as it was written was a good way to introduce some lesser-known characters to the big audience and then maybe have spin-off flicks about them. It woul also be a good way to reintroduce Superman as a bad ass superhero. The script by the Murloneys (reportedly very good) had Superman fight Batman, Wonder Woman and an army of Omacs. Not simply lifting heavy objects.

After they introduce Green Lantern with the upcoming movie, they only have to replace Stewart with Jordan in the script and you'll have three enstabilished character (Superman, Batman and Green Lantern) and 4 to be introduced (Flash, MM, Aquaman and WW). Bring back Reynolds, Brandon Routh and if not Bale, bring in Jon Hamm as Batman.

peak37pt 10/11/2009 8:03:09 PM

 I never thought about a Teen Titans movie, but since some of you mentioned it, that would be cool. 

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