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Jasinner 11/15/2009 9:08:47 PM

I have to give Emmerich credit for thoroughly exploiting the suspension of disbelief you get by seeing a movie in the theatre. ID4, 10,000BC, Godzilla and Stargate were all greatly entertaining on the big screen, mediocre on DVD, and intollerable on cable. Once it sucks you in and engages you it's a fun ride, but if there is any distraction or break in the action all the magic is lost.

keithdaniel 11/17/2009 10:56:13 AM

Roland Emmerich has only done one good movie,The Patriot and that was nealry ten years ago. The other movies he's made like ID4,Stargate,The Day After Tomorrow,and Godzilla,aren't exactly classics. In terms of ability,Emmerich has admitted that he intentially makes movies that are just commerical,popcorn cinema and it shows! He belongs in the same league as another commercial cinematic clown like Michael Bay,himself not a real storyteller or artist but a money driven,popcorn pompous ass,who's dumb enough to think that he actually makes good movies and that they'll stand the test of time! At least Emmerich knows that he's not making art but entertainment,as bad as he usually makes it,Bay on the other hand is in for a very rude awakening one day,when he realizes that people don't look back on his "work" and issue them with any true merit! 

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