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zalder 1/26/2011 10:10:51 AM

The best heros know there is some evil that is irredemable that is why the jedi needed to have a rule that would allow them to have killed palpatine when it became obvious what he was.  They were to good for the world they lived in.  I disagree with the society in clockwork orange being evil...if that procedure worked (unfortuanantly I don't think it does) than we should most definitly use it and the world would be a lot better off.

CaptAmerica04 1/26/2011 10:14:40 AM

Kurt, what about all the actual serial killers that people root for in film:  Jigsaw, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers.  I know people don't "root" for them in the same way, but they do go to those movies not to see the protagonist barely survive.  They go to see all the other morons that said villain removes from the gene pool, and to see how gruesomely they can get despatched.

@Fenngibon, well thought out and well said!  Something to consider the next time I subject myself to the prequels.

8man 1/26/2011 10:36:33 AM

Great point.  What about Scarface?  God, what a great frickin' movie!

Yeah.  That "first" three Star Wars movies, we all knew how it was going to end.  Why didn't they listen?  It's like watching your kid sister date that motorcylcle riding, school skipping, freak show.  She won't take your advice and you know it won't end well.  All you can do is hope nothing happens that soap and water can't fix...or a few light sabers...and a planet of warrior warrior beanie babies?

Ya know a few more Punishers and Boon Dock Saints running around and it might be a better world.  I don't believe anyone gets anything they don't have coming to them on some level.  Avoid the appearance of impropriety and you won't get shot!  We need death dealing vigilantes and we need to them to be ostentatious!  This is probably why Phoenix Jones will get killed and then crucified.  One, he's not scaring anyone and two, he's leaving the bad guys alive to get retribution.  Dangerous!

6dra6on6 1/26/2011 1:06:32 PM

Phoenix Jones and his "League of Superheroes..." Wow...

trazalca 1/26/2011 3:41:46 PM

Of all the "LIST" articles that continue to crash through this website like a never-ending swarm of bedbugs you can't get rid of, I have to stop and say, IMHO, this was one of the BEST I've ever read. Really.

Wait, what?!

Seriously. I ranted about this issue within the bowels of this site at the forums last year, and Jarrod was kind enough to hear my voice. I appreciated the heck out of that. He even went as far as to copy it to the other writers as a kind of notice on their part with all their TOP TEN BEST / WORST / BLAH-BLAH.... but I have to say, hands down, this was written with heart, simplicity, and STYLE.

Go on.

Mr. Kurt Amacker has now gotten my attention. It wasn't just about giving a commentary on what he thought was cool or relevant to a theme, he actually had a point to make. Though I've read countless articles here, and pored over many "lists" articles, this one was one of the very few done right. Even if I had to disagree with anything he said, his arguments were well-laid out in a way that I wanted to keep reading. And that's saying something as we all lose ourselves daily in the blogosphere of life. Nice going sir. I tip my hat to you.

I'll be looking forward to more articles from you. Don't disappoint me. (Just ask Jarrod what may happen if you do. ;) )

karas1 1/26/2011 4:00:22 PM

I could make an arguement that the Jedi establishment had gone corrupt, or at least stagnant.  Their Jedi code seemed to insist that the Jedi feel no emotion, a creed which they tried to instill in Anakin.  But Anakin did have feelings and had no idea how to cope with them do to he had been taught to repress them instead of dealing with them.  No wonder he made mistakes and was easy prey for a smooth operator like Palpatine.

Children with Jedi talent were removed from their families while very young and deprived of love.  A child as young as Anakin was considered too old and too tainted by living a "normal" life to be trained as a Jedi.  But Anakin was too talented not to be trained in the force, so he was given to Obi Wan who, at that point in his life was wet behind the ears himself and low on compassion.  I wouldn't have trusted him to take care of a houseplant, much less a young child.

Maybe the Jedi weren't evil, but I don't think they were really good either. 

ThrillerSam 1/26/2011 5:54:05 PM

I only agree that The Godfather and Clock work Orange should be on this list and the latter being number one, I agree there are more horrendous characters from movies that we love like Scarface. I would even add the Watchmen before adding The Punisher.

EagleManiac 1/26/2011 6:17:33 PM

Well, I had posted my response already, but it never showed up. Once again Mania messes me around!

Anyways, I disagree about the Star Wars Prequels. I think it's just anoyher lame attempt to bash them once again.

As for A Clockwork Orange, Alex should be Numero Uno for sure! That is one bad ass movie, and I LOVE it!!!

I would also have to agree with those that said the list had quite a few good possibilities missing from it.


SarcasticCaveman 1/26/2011 7:39:28 PM

violator14, I don't even know anymore...LOL.

sarCCastro 1/26/2011 10:25:03 PM

 I'm sticking to the idea that the prequels don't exist. Life is much better this way.

Oh, and any list like this that DOESN'T contain American Psycho is just plain stupid.

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