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RedHood2010 2/28/2011 9:30:55 AM

They forgot the one from Batman - Seduction of the Gun with Tim Drake assigned to watch a gun dealer's daughter in High School, which doesn't end too well with the guns and gangs in schools.

swisshammer 2/28/2011 11:56:51 AM

 There was also that amazing Captain America anti-drug comic distributed by Venture stores across America. It was a real classic. Haha!



Lsn22s 2/28/2011 4:13:13 PM

Wow...those Spiderman PSAs are....well....something....

i remember reading another spiderman PSA comic about drugs....it was some kind of mini-series with a few pages at a time placed  in other books you could collect to get the whole thing...or something like that...it was a lot more recent than the ones shown here...never ended up reading the whole thing but the couple parts i read weren't too bad...and it seems like drug abuse is actually kind of a fitting subject for Spidey to tackle while living in a place like NYC. I'm pretty sure the kid in the story doing drugs was actually a friend of Peter Parker's in his real life giving the story a little more weight...not bad...don't think i've read any other Comic Book PSA's tho...funny list overall...

Beardeer 2/28/2011 6:21:46 PM

This is a great review of PSA comics. I think it would be a great idea also to do a review of the top comics issued soley for deployments. Comics released (usually free) during wartime in warzones to bolster the moral of young soldiers. One or two of the latest sent to Afghanistan are pretty good!

CaptAmerica04 2/28/2011 9:58:43 PM

 Actually, lusiphur, most of those landmines in Latin America are likely Soviet surplus bought off the Russian black market, or straight up sold to the cartels by the Russians back in the '80s when they were arming all the communist guerrilla groups.

The United States doesn't make a lot of land mines, since it has been against our military policy for a long time to leave live munitions where they can injure civilians.  When I was in Afghanistan, we weren't even allowed to use trip wires attached to flares to guard our perimeter when we were halting for the night.  And we weren't even issued Claymores or other mines.

However, the countryside is FULL of old Russian landmines and UXOs from their invasion of Afghanistan in the '80s.  Kids in that country STILL use old gel-based submunitions that they find as a test of bravery, picking them up and throwing them at each other's feet.  The winner is considered brave... and often legless.

As for Kosovo, we were only there about a year in the mid-90s, and the sissy U.N. ran that operation.  We didn't bring landmines to that fight either.  But you can be damn sure that the Eastern European dictators who were trying to run or control the portions of Yugoslavia had access to plenty of Russian mines that they were supplied with before the Iron Curtain came down.

If you want to make generalizations based on where certain weapons "probably" came from, check your military and political history.

NotAFan 3/2/2011 5:37:12 AM

 You tell him Cap.! I'm so sick off the entire world blaming the USA for all their problems! Yet the first chance they get they come straight to the USA! LIke this French guy I know! He's always compalinging about how Americans are fat, lazy, pathetic idiots, yet he chooses to live in America! Yeah well we weren't so lazy when we saved your *$$ in WWII, were we! Would never say that to his face of course, but I think it! 

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