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djcgmcse 1/21/2010 8:25:31 AM

Cameron has always had a deep love for the color blue. Most of the lighting in the Abyss and Terminator 2 is blue.

I've always wondered if Cameron's blue light effect was done on the camera side or if they changed all the light bulbs everywhere to be blue.

KillerTomato 1/21/2010 8:29:22 AM

Honestly I can deal with lack of originality in movies, because it's all been done before.  I expect that in a film these days, but Avatar was so hyped it just crashed under that hype in my opinion.  Seriously though the scene in Avatar where Jack is climbing up the giant space bulldozer to try and stop it...well that exact scene (more-or-less) was in Fern Gully when Zak was frantically climbing up the normal bulldozer to try and stop it...

Honestly I wanted to like the movie, but I just couldn't, I mean how were the Na'vi arrows able to penetrate those windows which can survive the extremes of space (okay, yeah suspension of belief and all that...but still it was just TOO hard to believe that stuff)?  I'm sorry, it is never believable that bows and arrows can stop freakin Space Marines, the glass used in the vehicles, the armor they wear, CANNOT be penetrated by arrows, I mean unless the Na'vi can fire arrows with the intensity of a 7.2 mm automatic machine gun round,  not even big freakin arrows.   Yet this movie was so by the numbers it wasn't even funny (though maybe some comic-relief woulda made the story more enjoyable)...sure it was pretty, but that's about it...nothing is wrong with by-the-numbers, but honestly the hype of this movie (as well as people trying to force me into thinking it was an original movie, or at least a well-written and acted movie) is what makes me hate it even more.  Every character in the movie was one dimensional...I mean if you're going to re-tread the same ol' story...at least add some dimensions to your characters...

And honestly I'm sick of movies making humans the worst plague in the galaxies (well at least caucasian humans, because that seemed to be the only race that existed in the movie...apart from the Na'vi...).  So the message of this movie is that white humans are going to destroy everything, but there is always gonna be one white human male that essentially commits treason, and joins the other side, and be the only one that can save them.  Because caucasian humans (mostly male) are the ultimate destroyer and savior of other societies.


DaForce1 1/21/2010 9:06:46 AM

The first one had a plot?!?


I kid..I kid.....ok, no I don't.

monkeyfoot 1/21/2010 9:14:24 AM

KillerTomato, you make good points and to some degree I agree with you. I knew the story was going to be Dances With Wolves. but I had hopes for much more nuance and subtlety in the telling, especially from Cameron. When I saw the story hits you in the face with the softness of a sledgehammer I was disappointed in that respect.

Nowadays, I'd like the bad guys to be more than Villain With No Redeeming Value. I liked Titanic but the one thing I thought was bad was Billy Zane's rich boy. You couldn't conceive of the Rose character finding anything remotely likeable about him. I know in an earlier draft he finds Rose among the survivors on the rescue ship and she gives him a real angry telling off and to basically pretend like she is dead because he was dead to her. He realizes what a louse he is and agrees. That would have added some nuance to him. The same could have been done with Avatar but evidently Cameron prefers to be as straight forward as possible.

Having said that, I still like Avatar. From all the reaction from around the world he still has created a movie experience that surpasses his script and touches people more than just being a cool looking FX spectacle. 

cmmahone 1/21/2010 9:29:32 AM

The biggest selling point for me for the movie, and there were plenty was the spirtualism of the Na'vi.  I can't believe that Jake an outsider, proabably in-line for Tribal Leader has completed every test required to lead the Na'vi but it would have be done right.  Becuase the tru gem in the movie was the companionship of his mate, and of the planet itself.  ...And the corporattion is not done.  Anything that riduclously expensive and the mineral they want, won't stay off-world forever.  But if they come back, they should have an insider (understudy) under Sigourney Weaver's character to guide the corporation - to guide their war.  It will be Jake's mission to show the beauty of the Na'vi and their value.  I can't believe that the mineral is only in one place.  The understudy could even be a female, as to create a competitive atmosphere for Jake's other mate.

ultrazilla2000 1/21/2010 9:38:18 AM

Hanso, you obsess over this movie WAAAAAY too much.  Good article though.

axia777 1/21/2010 9:43:07 AM

I just hoe the next one is less predictable in it's story line. I don't like know what the story of a movie is going to do every step of the way up till the end of the movie. It makes for a slightly boring time. To me, like in video games, the graphics/special effects are not more important than the story.

ChadDerdowski 1/21/2010 9:51:42 AM

Killer Tomato - I honestly can't disagree with what you're saying in regards to a lack of originality and suspension of disbelief and monkeyfoot makes a good point about the total lack of subtlety in Avatar.  But like him, I just liked it.

I think a lot of it's appeal for me was that once I realized what I was in for, I sort of flipped that switch in my head over to "10 year old's eyes" ... not that I think this movie is exclusively a kids flick by any means, but I viewed it more as escapist fantasy than hard science fiction.  It's certainly not Star Trek: TNG but more along the lines of Flash Gordon.  As kids, we'd never notice all the times we had to suspend our disbelief and we wouldn't notice the rehashed plotlines.  But as adults we do because of our years of experience as geeks and filmgoers.  Instead, I chose to focus on the beauty and the sweet action and the themes and ideas that I loved.

Like I said in my first post, I think the criticisms are all quite valid - I just put more emphasis on the other stuff in this case.

KillerTomato 1/21/2010 9:55:49 AM

I tell you what would have made me enjoy the movie a lot more, after the giant space bulldozer scene...a perfect opportunity for an ending, that wasn't all super-happy.  A downer ending if you will.  If they had ended the movie on that note I would've been satisfied, and justly surprised.  Use the sequel to rise from the ashes so to speak. 

But then again I'm a fan of downer endings (as long as they're used sparingly), especially when it sets up things for the inevitable sequel where the "good guys" come back.  Plus it would've made the movie about 2 hours long, which is a perfectaly acceptable timeframe for a movie as opposed to 3 hours...

gauleyboy420 1/21/2010 10:00:00 AM

I liked AVATAR, more than I thought I would, and yeah it is a familiar story, BUT as Chad said is was told beautifully. I am still waiting for a slow weekend to see it again, in IMAX.

I am haowever in the camp that doesn't care to see a sequel. I 'm really just not interested in any more stories about the Na'vi... It's cool if you are, it's just I'm not.

That said, with Cameron at the helm, I'm sure a sequel will be a damn fine movie, to say the least

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