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NDorado 11/11/2009 1:32:12 PM

I actually had no problem with the casting or the characterization except for Cyclops.  If anything, the big problem with so many characters is that many of them don't get used enough, like Beast or Kitty Pryde.

And despite all the furor, the black leather costumes, I think, worked. 

I agree with you about Wolverine.  He definitely should be one of the key players, in my humble opinion, but some of the other characters should be brought front and center too.


VicDeZen 11/11/2009 1:55:17 PM

Rebooting the X-Men franchise would be good. but I wouldn't do it so soon after the Wolverine movies.  I would actually wait at least a decade.  The current X-movies experienced a great deal of success similar to the Batman franchise in it's hey day. I think the wait between Batman franchises would work similarily for the X-Men.  I also agree with three out of the five statements for rules for a revamp.  A) I just don't think the costumes would translate well on th ebig screen.  I just don't see it.  and B) You can't have an X-Men movie without Magneto.  Or at the very least a Magneto reference.  I think they just need to develop his conflicting character aspects more instead of portraying a bitter old man.

-Vic De Zen

Torroth 11/11/2009 2:15:11 PM

One main thing that was missing from X3 was the Phoenix effect. When I heard the Phoenix was going to be in it I was like "Cool. can't wait to see how they do the Phoenix effect." but after watching it I was like "Uh...where is the firey Phoenix?". I was disappointed.

As for FF....Get rid of the camp. I don't remember Reed being an intelligent moron or Johnny being that insensitive.

Thorn 11/11/2009 2:42:52 PM

I am also sick of reboots. Its been done and over done for a bit. It worked for Bond, it worked for Batman, because in those cases, it was just a necessity. Also, if you must, I agree to wait at least a decade for people to forget the current cast. "Rapid" reboots worked for Hulk vs. Incredible Hulk, but not necessarily for Punisher vs. Punisher War Zone. I mean really, who cared. However, Spawn could be a worthy reboot title right now. Not the biggest Spawn fan, but soon could be the time.

On that note, please please do not reboot The Crow :(  It was fine as it was and as it is. 

But, before they reboot X-Men, there are plenty of other franchises that need a rebooting, or - egad - like Iron Man, a franchise that had not been previously adapted at all. Again, not the biggest fan, but I think the world needs more a Wonder Woman movie, or Preacher, or Doctor Strange or even a Spider-Woman movie instead of an X-Men reboot. Hell, go ahead, do a Wolverine 2 in Japan or a Deadpool film. Not an X-Men reboot so soon that will only discredit the previous films, and I've read X-Men on/off since the mid-80's and I don't think the current franchise screwed it up so much that it deserves to be totally discredited with a reboot. Also, I love (love) Bendis/Maleev's Daredevil comics, but I didn't like the movie (which was more awful than any of the X-Men  films) - but I don't want a reboot juuuust yet. Let the world forget first. Let me forget first. Almost there. (and this time I want Typhoïd Mary done right - no Bullseye crap.)

In the end, not all reboots are like Nolan's. There's a saying: "F*ck up once, try again - f*ck up better". Some comics should just... stay comics.

dustfarter 11/11/2009 4:23:03 PM

OK. Now, I'll admit that although the X-men movies were very entertaining, they weren't what most of us hoped to see on the big screen. Wolverine's not a matinee idol. Cyclops is not Jean Grey's boy toy. Mystique doesn't run around in her birthday suit (not that there's anything wrong with that). But, I think that conventional movie studio wisdom (Fox especially) is that if you're going to place these characters in the real world (a mistake, in my opinion) the costumes and the more outrageous sci-fi angles aren't going to work. I think that they might be able to get around alot of that if they DID put a more fantastical sci-fi spin on the characters. If they were to change the tone of the films in that direction our heroes could be plucked out of our world and taken to Mojo's dimension where they'd be pitted against each other in gladiatorial combat for the amusement of his "viewers" and he'd put them in their familiar (to us) uniforms in an attempt to goose the ratings.

Unlikely, I'll admit, but probably the only way you'd ever see the iconic costumes on the big screen.

CaptAmerica04 11/11/2009 8:57:53 PM

Wiseguy summed it up.  I have nothing to add.  lol.

BunyonSnipe 11/12/2009 3:03:43 PM

As much as i dig Logan (i was the ONLY kid at school who did in early 80s london)

The first movie should have been Angel, Beast Cyclops, Iceman and Marvel Girl, Wolverine should have been in the Giant-Sized sequel!

keithdaniel 11/14/2009 12:58:12 PM

Wow,I can't believe it,Chad Derdowski does it again...I actually agree with virtually every point he's made in another interesting article! Overall,I enjoyed the previous X-Men trilogy,even though they made a few changes here and there that I didn't agree with. Among them are not using the original costumes(hello, Bryan Singer,these are super-heroes and they each have their own costume!),not using Anna Paquin as much as they could've by downplaying her Rogue character(the Rogue I recall was a bad-ass,sexy, southern belle,who was super strong,could fly and could drain the powers of others by kissing them!),and killing off major characters like Cyclops(especially that early in the film series,last time I checked,Cyclops was with the group for a lond time!)Anyway,another great article Chad,and better still,I once again agree with your conclusions!

masterjedi39 11/15/2009 5:33:35 PM

To Chad Derdowski.   Man you hit the nail on the Frackkin' head. I agree with EVERY single word you wrote. There's nothing else to really say except how do you get this piece of good journalism into the hands of Laura Shuler Donner, or FOX, or whoever is going to be handling the X-Men reboot. Actually, I'm in no hurry. I'd really love for Fox to sit on it's hands until the rights reverted back to Marvel/Disney because they seem to be doing an excellent job on the "live action" versions of their properties. I thought I was alone in my protest of the X-men movies that were made by Singer/Ratner. I guess I was wrong. Here's hoping that someone at marvel/fox/disney reads this as well or at least gives us 4 out of 5.

dragon261 11/15/2009 8:00:22 PM

Fox will hold on to the rights to X-Men as long as they make money. When they stop making money then they'll let the rights slide back to Marvel/Disney. Of course by that time superhero/comics themed movies will go the way of the western.

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