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DKnight0212 11/15/2009 9:00:02 PM

I agree with, pretty much everyone who said NO MORE REBOOTS. But since they already up and killed the franchise with #3  why not just let it die?  I mean, we still got Ironman 2, Thor, Captian America, and The Avengers. Not to mention the stuff they're cooking up on the DC side of the coin,( Batman 3, Green Lantern, Superman sequel) so why bother with another X-MEN ?

VinJoy 11/16/2009 8:37:37 AM

Let the movies rest for some years (2 or 3 years), then recast with a new title, like "Marvel's X-Men" or Uncanny X-Men. Just don't call it a reboot for f%ck sakes. Ghost Rider 2 will be darker ( I hate that word too) but not a reboot. It's not hard to continue a story. Or if you tell a new story you don't have to call it REBOOT. Hollywood is brainless. They should read our comments. I am siked for the new Fright Night being written by Marti Noxon. Can't wait.

Moz72 11/17/2009 9:29:38 PM

Don't forget that Singer turned Nightcrawler into a 'cutter' as a form of self-flagellation due to his religous beliefs. Wonder what Singer was trying to say with that. Also, agree with the observation that the 'X- Men Movie became the Wolverine movie guest-starring the X-Men. Why turn Cyclops, who should have been a strong and fearless leader, into an emotional basket case? And than,why did the writers and producers go against canon by killing off it's two founding members, Cyclops and Jean Grey?

After three movies it may be too soon for a re-boot. Probably better to pickup the franchise and continue from where it left of, but put in in the hands of a writer/director who knows and respects the history of the X-men and wants to do right by the fans, and make up for what should have been a better series.

midwest216 11/24/2009 7:34:48 AM

please Re-cast Storm, Halle Berry sucks!  Re-cast Rogue, in the comics and cartoons she spoke with a cajun accent and had an attitude, movie version sucked. Gambit shouldve had a cajun accent too.

taylorpocalypse 5/1/2010 1:09:30 AM

i think a reboots a great idea for xmen, personally i thought the other ones were crap, and i do have a couple major disagreement with statements by the author- i think hugh jackman's wolverine is a huge disappointment. if youve really read your picture books, you'd know wolverines a foot shorter than him, has black hair, is very muscular and hairy, has a canadian accent, long hair and chops (not a goofy little hairdoo and little short chops.) apparently the casters for the original movie called in danzig but he couldnt show up- i think that would have been epic. also a more legit wolverine/ sabretooth fight would be great to see done well, and killing off sabretooth by dropping him off the statue of liberty is just ludicrous.

furthermore i disagree about prof x and magneto as well- magneto's a strong man with wild silver hair not some old guy waving his hands around cornily. and picard didnt have that real serious thoughtful (arched eyebrow) look id hope for, he looked like a friendly old senile guy.

i think having the movie take place during the drafting of the international team would be pretty cool, have the original team, then have xavier going around the world collecting colossus nightcrawler banshee storm etc. i'd say stick with magneto though for the beginning of a reboot, then work towards some hellfire club or some govt antimutite stuff. if they want to pay me to develop more of a story board id be interested.

captaincanada42 6/29/2010 7:58:22 PM

the way they killed jean in x3 definately put a vain in my fourhead untill i realized they couldnt do it any better without bringing up the whole airplane crash during shi'ar empire war for the emcron chrystal fiasco

i dont really remember specificaly how she died but you all get my point

though this doesnt mean im against the list

its awesome and oh so true

rebooting the xmen will pull up the expectations of all xmen (comic book) fans

i dont noe where thei gonna start but all im excited for is the "new mutants" they will hopefully look at

i just have hope for a day when apocolypse vs cable, pheonix, and the rest of the xmen can finally get in the picture


and will putting a bit of blood in wolverines claws kill yah, which brings me to wolverine and how he is just so normal. where is the crazy ass threatning i-work - alone, murder loving wolverine at??

rogue needs a better emphisis in xmen also because people need to noe her flying ability and super strength are not hers, she stole them from mz.marvel along with her mind, so maybe that can be in the reboot when shes in a hospital with ms.marvel in a coma then a rogue has a flash back of what she did to mz.marvel

what about the sentinal project people senater kelly could be the villain there and mastermold and all that

theres so much out there and then when you look at these movies yah start to gag


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