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5 Star Wars Storylines That Should Be Made Into Movies

Star Wars May the Force Use These Storylines

By Robert T. Trate     October 07, 2009
Source: MAnia.com

5 Star Wars Storylines That Should Be Made Into Movies
© Mania/ Robert Trate


From the moment we witnessed Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter soar away from the shattered remains of the first Death Star, we were hooked. The story was far from over. Enticing us all with carrying out the adventures of Luke, Leia and Han were Kenner’s Star Wars figures. Now we were the writer, director and stunt coordinator in the Star Wars universe. Those action figures may have been Lucas’ most brilliant stroke as he ignited our imaginations and kept his property in both our hearts and minds after the film was over. Since 1977, authors and artists have populated the Star Wars universe with stories in which Luke, Leia and Han have lived out further adventures. These stories have now reached back thousands of years into the past and hundreds of years in the future. Now with all that, six movies, tons of comic books, novels, video games and multiple cartoons is there anything left?  

5. The Sith Rite of Passage

Even at his most cunning Anakin Skywalker was pretty much rushed through the Jedi order. From age 10 to about 20, he was given the Cliff Notes version of being Jedi since he hadn’t been trained since birth. Here Vader could embrace the Sith and truly learn about the power of the force, albeit the dark side. The turning of the tide for the galaxy could come into focus as Emperor Palpatine reveals his dark poster boy for the new order and his solution to the perverted Jedi threat. Vader’s first order of business would be to hunt down the remaining Jedi. The twist for the story could be Vader learning his true origin. That look from Shmi Skywalker to Qui-Gon Jinn was evidence enough that there was more to the story than “there was no father.”


4. The Emperor’s Hand

The novel “Tales From Jabba’s Palace” featured a story by long time Star Wars scribe Timothy Zahn called “Sleight of Hand: The Tale of Mara Jade.” It is here that our next story could take place. In that time between Episodes 5 and 6 the Emperor sent Mara Jade, his personal assassin, to eliminate Luke Skywalker at Jabba the Hutt’s. Jade’s origin has been well written about in both Zahn’s novels and the comics. Here would be the perfect opportunity to launch a new story with many of the key characters. The Empire and Vader were clearly missing from the prequels; despite Anakin Skywalker and Darth Sidious being in the films. Jade walks that line between them and goes places in the Star Wars universe that are ripe for story telling. Jade and the story’s conflicts could come from her own struggle with the Dark Side and Vader learning of her presence. Set against the background of the Empire in full control of the galaxy the story could easily flow into the Star Wars mythos and have no need of Luke, Leia or Han.

3. Wastelands of the Soul

Obi-Wan Kenobi kept a promise to his old master to train Anakin and this decision probably brought down the galaxy. Eventually Obi-Wan would come to realize his failures with Anakin stretched back to that moment; that as a Jedi Knight he was not ready to be a Master. As both a banishment of his choice and circumstances, Obi-Wan seeks out his own trials to accomplish the rank of Jedi Master. In this soul searching epic Obi-Wan walks the realm, a la Kung Fu, helps those in need and searches for the last of the Jedi. His disguise is simple a wise old hermit named Ben. The stories could never be completely epic on the outside but the internal struggle within could be the stuff of legend.

2. The Mandalorian Trials

Boba Fett was left all alone in the world after his “father’s” beheading. As we all know that little boy didn’t remain on Geonosis. He would grow up to become one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. The jump from Episode 2 to Episode 4, when we see him briefly with Jabba the Hutt, is about 20 years. Boba looked to be about seven or eight when he flew co-pilot with his father Jango. So what happened in all that in between time? The character of Boba Fett has long been talked about by fan boys for decades. He was shrouded in mystery and speculation until the prequels and special editions happened. Episode 2 portrayed him as a little boy and Episode 6, special edition, had him screaming like a bitch so Boba Fett hasn’t had that same gravitas as he did in Episode 5. Boba Fett could surely carry a movie of his own with a retooling of the character. Unfortunately for Temuera Morrison there would have to be a little recasting done too. In the role of Boba Fett we suggest Hugo Weaving. He has the acting chops to portray the character perfectly through a mask. That voice alone could bring back the fear and utter coolness that Boba had back in 1980. The story alone would be about Boba seeking out his Mandalorians heritage. Then we suggest hunting down all those Clone Troopers that are his mirror image so that he is the last Fett.

1. The Dark Times: Birth of the Rebellion

Science fiction really has advanced in both writing and characters since the days of the original Star Wars and Star Trek. Today audiences want more from their characters. All the characters in the Star Wars universe have been done to death. A complete re-launch taking place between episode 3 and 4 would be the proper place to set new stories. These “Dark Times” could feature anything from smugglers to Jedi on the run but a combination of the two would be familiar enough to sell to the studios and audiences. A new order has risen on Coruscant and the Empire’s shock wave will eventually ripple through the galaxy. Would be people just stand by? Would the galaxy just accept things as they are? Would all the clones turn against their Jedi Generals in which they fought side by side for years? The Rebellion would be in its infancy and featuring its birth would be a perfect story to tell. The Dark Times is probably the most enticing era of the Star Wars time line because it is the one we know so little about.
Any Star Wars fan can’t help but want something new in a universe that we love so much but has been done over and over again. With connections and references made to all the characters in the prequels Lucas really needs to launch Star Wars in a new direction. The Clone Wars series on the Cartoon Network has taken the show out of Lucas’s hands and put it back under his watchful eye where it has flourished. Perhaps the much talked about live action TV series will feature some new stories and characters set in that all too familiar universe. One can only hope.
Robert Trate boasts a huge Star Wars collection and writes two weekly columns for Mania the DVD Shopping Bag and the Toy Maniac. Robert also participates in a pod cast that reviews movies, comics and celebrates all things geek. Check it out at You’ve Got Geek on You.com.
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Alphanumeric 10/7/2009 2:41:39 AM

I liked the X-wing line of books, and wish that the new live action series was about them.

dbrock06 10/7/2009 4:06:02 AM

There is a new series of books by Drew Karpysian(I think I butchered the name) about the rule of 2 starring Darth Bane.  It basically outlines how he pretty much destroyed the old ways of the Sith and Came up with the Rule of 2: 1 Master, 1 apprentice.  I think it could be either a great set of movies going through the Sith Lineage, or a great TV show exploring the history of the Sith.  It could give The Star wars universe a darker tone.  Something I feel they sorely need at this point.  If you haven't read any of these books, I suggest you give them a try.  The third one should be coming out shortly.

Dazzler 10/7/2009 4:43:11 AM

Unless Lucas accidently goes away these would never happen. 

twomcs 10/7/2009 5:56:47 AM

 I heard something a long time ago about a trilogy based on Yoda from when he was a padawan to a Jedi master.

Hobbs 10/7/2009 6:52:21 AM

I know Lucas denies this now but originally SW was a 9 part story not 6 part.  He needs to make 7-9 and if he jumps ahead 40 years in time you could get away with just adding Luke as I'm sure Harrison Ford wouldn't do it.  I've actually got old magazines of interviews with George where he does in fact say it was a 9 part story.

If he goes this route and gives us Knights of the old republic in TV live format in an Babylon 5 type of way, meaning a 5 year story run with a beginning, middle, and end...then I'll jump back on the SW train. 

I know, I know...that's not going to happen...we are stuck with a cartoon about the clone wars and a possible live tv show of little Luke running around a desert planet.   Such potential that will never be realized.

Darkknight2280 10/7/2009 6:55:54 AM

I agree with that list especially #1. The story line put fort in the video game The Force Unleashed would be amazing to put to screen!! Showed how the rebellion was started and it showed what a bastard Vader could be (Love it!) Lucas has said that The Force Unleashed is CANON, he just needs to let other directors make the movies!! Empire and Jedi were the best of the original trilogy, and in my opinion because they werent directed by Lucas. Give us more STAR WARS!

Side note im going to see Star Wars in Concert Dec 2nd when it comes to columbus, ohio Have my tickets!! WOOHOOO!!!

jdiggitty 10/7/2009 7:23:13 AM

^^^Darkknight. Hey! I'm going to that in C-bus too!

I'm still kind of unclear on what Vader was doing in Unleashed. Am I wrong thinking Vader's plan was to start the rebellion in order to ultimately defeat the Emperor? I thought that was a very ironic and intriguing twist.


monkeyfoot 10/7/2009 7:58:43 AM

I would practically pee in my pants if Lucas made his new online video game The Old Republic into a CGI movie. Anyone I've shown the trailer to has the same reaction.


They feel the same way about The Force Unleashed . I think he is missing a great opportunity not bring these out. I think he has reluctance in whatever official stories come directly from him, but he should get over this. He has created a richly layered universe that not only hard line geeks enjoy but fans everywhere are familiar with and love. With his Clone Wars series he has establish another generation growing up with their hearts in that galaxy far, far away. Putting out some more full CG movies either to theatres or TV and DVD will just keep this universe alive in the hearts of millions around the world.

Get on it Mr. Lucas. All you have to do is oversee it and let the good hands you have working for you present it to the world.

jedi4sshield 10/7/2009 8:42:25 AM

The thing is alot of the fans would be disappointed because the books arent official canon. The movies 7-9 Lucas intents to make (If he lives that long) may have different idea's on the character from the books. They may not necessarily have anything to do with the books. For example Chewbacca! No more to say on this if you read the books. Lets hope somethings are taken cause I for one love the work put out by Timothy Zahn. I can see these books easily made into movies. Lucas can milk this and Hamill can be back in form where he belongs. As for the Clone Wars and Vader and the Sith, man I think we can all agree we had different expectations of what we thought the Clone Wars was about. The Sith, well looking at Vader at that young age you know they were some serious bad dudes back then. I for one would love to see the movie "The First Jedi" or "Dark Lords of the Sith." Or maybe - Star Wars - "Formation of the Republic." Any of these would be epic.

DarthDuck 10/7/2009 8:48:40 AM

Wrong, wrong, wrong...

Watch out Mania, I can do lists too!

5) Darth Bane - dbrock beat me to it but yes, the Bane are exciting and well written.  The big screen needs more bad-ass Sith and that will be a theme as I continue with...

4) Darth Maul - Creepy dude? Check. Double-edged Lightsaber? Check.  Killing Jedi? Check.  Darth Maul was one of the few strong points in Phantom Menace and he went too soon.  The subject of much expanded universe work he only grew in bad assery.  Get this bad Sith mother f#cker back on the big screen,

3) Dark Empire - The comic story that has it all.  The return of the Emperor as a clone, Luke going to the Dark Side, Leia embracing her destiny and saving him.  Star Wars is really at its best when focused on the Skywalker family.

2) Shadows of the Empire - Connecting Empire and Jedi this novel succeeds without Han (Dash is a poor substitute, I know) has Leia in top form and shows the cracks in the armor at the top levels of the Empire.  Most importantly this book gives us one of the best expanded universe characters: Prince Xizor!

1) The Thrawn Trilogy - Let's keep the trilogy movie theme going.  Easily the best work outside of the movies and continues the story of the Empire and Rebellion.  However now in opposite roles as the New Republic finds holding the galaxy together isn't so easy and the Empire as the scrappy, win at all cost, underdogs.  It features great villians taking over the Empire in the form of Grand Admiral Thrawn, Jorrus C'Boath and Mara Jade.  It also is the beginning of many more stories as we get introduced to the next generation of Skywalkers.

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