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isgrimner 9/15/2009 7:16:43 AM

While I didn't hate the movie, it clearly wasn't the Wolverine movie I wanted.  We'll never get that one, because it would have to be rated R, and that will never happen.  I also think it will be harder to get as close to the line between PG13 and R after the Dark Knight for a comic flick, as I think DK pushed  the envelope and took some flack from some parents.

I was worried before the movie when reports were released of all the mutants that were going to be in it.  I don't think there need be any others in it.  

There is a reason Wolverine is over used and overexposed, its because he is the most interesting X-Men to most people as evidenced by the comic sales.  I know that comes with a price because for all the good Wolverine stories, there are probably an equal number of bad ones.    Still of all the superhero type comic characters, Wolverine is and probably always will be my favorite.  

joeybaloney 9/15/2009 7:26:20 AM

Until this whole franchise is re-booted it is dead to me.

World Without Ratner, Amen.

Wiseguy 9/15/2009 7:41:17 AM

When I started reading comics X-Men quickly became my #1 book and Wolverine my favorite member for most of the 80s and 90s but Marvel has done a disservice to the character by overexposing him so much. And from the start I was against Jackman getting the role, Wolverine is a short, hairy, mean runt. Not a tall ladies man.

But even with all those shortcomings I won't miss the next Wolverine or X films

I think the best Wolverine adaptation we've seen so far was by Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, they even got the size right.

Redshirt1 9/15/2009 7:45:57 AM

Ponyboy in defense of Chad the movie is just being released on DVD and Blueray so it is not unreasonable to feature an article related to how bad the movie was, after all this site does post reviews of movies released to DVD as well as the theatrical release.

Also one more comment about that adamantum bullet to the brain.  In all those wars that Logun fought in the director and writers mean to tell us that before Wolverine recieved his metal treatment he never once was shot in the head, and if he was shouldn't he have lost his memory from that as well?  And if Wolverine can regenerate everything why would you expect him to lose his memory from taking one to the head?  Foolish.

And just to add my own 2 cents X1 and 2 were good X-3 sucked.  I mean come even if you didn't plan on making any more movies was it really necessary to Kill Professor X, Scott and Jean?

savagelee 9/15/2009 7:48:49 AM

Those fake claws really bug me too. I was looking at a bus-stop add for Wolverine yesterday, and they look super-fake. I really wish he'd had the gloves with the little metal housings in the backs of his hands.

Wolverine's hair was really bad in this one too. Nothing like the comic, and clearly a wig. The worst of both worlds. I agree 100% with what Wiseguy is saying - "Wolverine is a short, hairy, mean runt. Not a tall ladies man." Jackman may be a nice guy & an okay actor, but he's no Wolverine.

I thought The Blob was great though; Even Will I. Am looked pretty much just like the dude he was playing from the books. No issues there.

The best Wolverine I've ever seen is Sawyer, from LOST. Wild guy, in a ton of pain due to his crappy up-bringing, feels a compulsion to kill, but is sickened by it later, is in love with the hero's girl and knows he can't win her... 



animefanjared 9/15/2009 9:33:28 AM

I think that "the Name of the Game" needs to be moved to the front of the list.  There were simply too many characters running around, and the film's run time couldn't adequately support all of them.  This is the same problem that plagued X3, and it's doubly damning because it creates poor storytelling and fanboy ire.  Poor storytelling because as said, it steals the focus away from the main characters and leads to pretty much everyone being underdeveloped.  Fanboy ire because the fans of all those secondary characters get really pissed off that their favorites weren't given their due (after 3 movies of waiting, I don't think anyone was happy with the way Gambit actually turned out).

I think almost everything else mentioned (the changes from comic cannon, the merely passable effects, etc.) would have been forgiven by the majority of the fans if the movie had told a good, well-paced, entertaining story.  But because of the burden of cramming in as many cameos as possible, the story was sacrificed.  Plus, certain ones don't make sense from a continuity standpoint whether you're looking at the comics or the movies.  Cyclops doesn't belong in a Wolverine origin story, and by placing him in this one Fox has basically retconned his age to being near 50 in the original film, which he clearly wasn't.  (I say 50 because X1, set in the "not too distant future" when released in 2000, takes place at least 30 years after the 70s set end of Wolverine, where Cyclops would be at least 15).

The X-francise is pretty much dead at this point.  They need to take about 10 years off, reboot from the ground up a-la "Batman Begins," and go from there.  Keep making cartoons or something to provide action figures to sell and generate income in the meantime.

twomcs 9/15/2009 10:14:33 AM

Wolverine was pretty bad.  About the only thing I liked was Liev Schrieber's Sabretooth. 

BarricadeS281E 9/15/2009 10:52:31 AM

Yeah, Sabretooth was alright, Reynold's Wade Wilson was alright. That's about it for me. Hopefully Disney can wrestle away the rights from Fox before that new Deadpool movie also gets botched up. Reynolds has been claiming that everything will be faithful to the highest extent, but I'm still not covinced. The only way I could see Deadpool's signature costume hoppin' around on the big screen would be if had darker reds or something with a very gritty feel/look 

Matador 9/15/2009 11:45:25 AM

Well everyone basically said what I would have said so here's what I would have wanted to see.

Begining of movie was ok they just jumped way to movie in Wolverine's timeline and missed every bit of detail story there was to the mutant and just sumarized his life.

Up to the point he joined Weapon X what I do remember in the story line there was more to it before gettting the Adamantium rock. They were sent out during to Russsia to try to stop there super soldier program in where the meet there S.S aka Omega Red. This was before he got his metal bones and where Sabertooth went far from loony dismbowling sicientists. Basically there whole team of weapon X defeated go back home and Wolvie gets his metal. Not to mention that's when all the members of weapon x get there upgrades too. Sabertooth would have gotten his adam-bones too but Wolvie f'ed that up for him. when he busted out all crazy and feral no memory running out the door butt-naked. I'd have ended the movie there till then second movie came out.

Honestly don't even know when Silver Fox came in but do rember there were allot of fake memories implanted by the governemt. And afterwards Alpha Flight rolls in takes him under there wing then Wolvie wants to run away again from a governemt & meets up with big green skin The Hulk in Canada.

I think after that he went to Japan.

Hobbs 9/15/2009 12:05:01 PM

Actually I'm not sure where Wolvie went after his first fight with Hulk I think it was to the X-men...If you are referring to the Miller story if memory serves me I think wolverine was gone between the late issues of Uncanny X-men 160's or early 170's. The comic had wolverine missing and said "check out the Wolverine mini-series to see what Logans up to" and of course us being Wolverine fans we picked up the mini series.  I think it was either issue 174 or 171 I still remember the cover of a weddining invitation to Wolverines marriage to Mariko and it that said hey elf don't forget the beer.

It's still not too late...they really can rebound the character with the 2nd movie. Hopefully we won't get any mutant cameos.

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