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animefanjared 9/15/2009 10:36:37 PM

Littlemikey797 hit the nail on the head!  We run out to see these movies on opening weekend, come hell or high water.  And even if they're awful, our love of a character or universe will bring us back for sequel after sequel until they've squandered away all good faith.  Admit it, you were all there on opening weekend for each of the Star Wars prequels (I was, too), having convinced yourself Lucas would redeem himself no matter how awful the previous movie was (I think he actually did redeem himself somewhat with Revenge of the Sith, but that's besides the point).  We all seem to agree that X3 was garbage, but we all paid our hard-earned cash to see this movie.  Money talks, and our money says "More X-Men, please.  Quality is optional."

If we really wanted to send a message to Fox, we would boycott Wolverine 2 unless it got stellar critical reviews.  But even in these posts, its clear most of us have already starting convincing ourselves that the Japan story's pretty cool, and they can't mess it up too bad.  By the time it's actually released, we'll be there with our ticket and popcorn, no matter how bad our gut instinct, various trailers, and movie critics tell us the movie will be.

hanso 9/16/2009 4:05:36 AM

I didn't pay for Wolverine. 

Matador 9/16/2009 5:05:59 AM

Yeah me niether.

joeybaloney 9/16/2009 8:17:33 AM

Ditto. No money from me.

johnnykricardo 9/17/2009 7:25:30 PM

I for one don't think that Gavin Hood was the problem in this movie. The guy can tell a decent story, if he gets one.  But the studio provided a really bad script that couldn't be saved just with a couple of extra explosions or better VFX (which were cheap and terrible).  The casting was pretty decent, even Will.I.Am wasn't as bad as I thought he would be, and the dynamic between the brothers was what kept me interested (Sabretooth killing Silver Fox made sense, faking it just took away the emotional impact).

I feel bad already after reading that the writer of Slumdog Millionaire will write the next one (that's just a very bad movie that opened in a perfect moment of the economy... and it's the worst Danny Boyle movie).

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