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RaM1Lo 9/1/2010 12:22:42 AM

Don't forget the Police Academy and Toxic Avenger cartoons.  Then again, it's probably a good thing that you did. 

xenomorph 9/1/2010 2:52:08 AM

I remember one episode of rambo where he rides a nuclear missle and disarms it in flight. Even as a kid, I thought that was completely ridiculous.

xenomorph 9/1/2010 2:53:20 AM

Oh, and for some reason I keep thinking that there was a punisher animated series. Can anyone verify that?

Versutus 9/1/2010 3:44:03 AM

"Strangely enough, Rambo III failed to acknowledge the events of the cartoon when it came out in 1988"

That right there... COMEDY GENIUS...

Well done Kurt.


Dazzler 9/1/2010 4:56:14 AM

No Punisher series, but he did appear on Spider-man 90's.  He had a run in with Aunt May, he lost....

Darkknight2280 9/1/2010 4:56:47 AM

I used to have some of the RAMBO toys from the cartoon series..lol I had the Jeep, Rambo and the chick from the show.

I liked the robocop cartoon as a kid cause i was obsessed with robocop after my dad took me to see it opening night! Yes i had an awesome dad he took me, a 7 year old boy, to see this ultra violent movie! Robocop is still one of my favs of all time! :) Now i need to go on ebay and see if i can find the cartoons on VHS or DVD.

Darkknight2280 9/1/2010 4:58:02 AM

Oh and i had no idea there was a WILDCATS cartoon.

mharsha 9/1/2010 6:01:50 AM

You can watch the Robo-cop cartoons and most others online now. Either on Youtube or other Online TV sights.

bryanferryfan 9/1/2010 6:58:46 AM

I grew up in the 70's so by the time these cartoons came out I was grown.  I like the new animated features and direct to video stuff they have out now. 

monkeyfoot 9/1/2010 7:08:31 AM

Does anybody remember the Conan live action TV series? It starred Ralf Moeller best known as the German gladiator in Ridley Scott's Gladiator. He travelled around with another ethnically diverse group of adventurers righting wrongs and sticking up for the little guy (Guess he had to. One of his posse was a little person). It was like a live action kid's cartoon. I remember hating it because it wasn't the badass Conan I knew and loved.

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