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Daltons Chin Dimple 1/14/2009 3:48:16 AM

Any of you guys catch "Dead Set" ????

It was a five part (1 hour each part) zombie horror on UK television set in the Big Brother House.  They are trapped inside on the reality show and the dead are rising outside.  As they realise they are going to have to work together to survive, they also realise that the producers chose them as a bunch of misfits, attention whores and general wierdos precisely BECAUSE they would be unable to get along, and therefore make good TV.

It was rather good. Might be available online.  Have a search for it.

mbeckham1 1/14/2009 6:49:24 AM

Dead Alive was one of the most hilariously over the top horror spoof I've ever seen.  Every scene just took it that much fdfarther, and you no way they can top that scene and then they do.  petter Jackson proved his maniacal genius with that movie.  I think the end scene in Slither wasd slightly remaniscent of the end scene in Dead Alive, except less Oediple.  More a really great brewak up scene.  Slither was a pretty great Zombie flick itself.

And yeah, Shaun of the Dead was genius.  And I loved the Peter Jackson Santa scene.  Did you know Pegg's on screen girl friend early in the movie was played by Cate Blanchet.

mbeckham1 1/14/2009 7:03:04 AM

The more brains scene in Retutrn of the L:iving Dead was a classic.  They ket sending paramedidccs and police andb the stations kept calling in and the zombies kept ordering another round.   

redhairs99 1/14/2009 7:06:55 AM

The PJ as Santa and cameo by Cate Blanchet was Hot Fuzz, not Shuan of Dead, mbeckham1.

Wallace, the scene when David gets ripped apart in Shuan of Dead was lifted directly from the scene in Day of Dead that is in this article.

Wallace85 1/14/2009 7:51:31 AM


I actually I did hear something about Dead Set early in '08 but didn't hear much of it after that.I'm gonna have to check out now that it's complete.

I thought Slither was awesome it also reminded me of Night Of The Creeps which should also be in this list'-"I got good news and bad news girls,the good news is your dates are here."...." What's the bad news?"....."They're dead." -If you haven't seen Night of the Creeps you need to I highly recommend it,if you loved Monster Squad you'll love this cause Dekker did this film too.

Yea alot of people didn't know that was Cate Blanchet.But yea I love that Send more paramedics it's like a buffet for them lol.I love the part in Return of The Living Dead 2 when the call the hospital and an old zombie picks up the phone telling them come to the hospital.But when the old guy being suspicious asks the zombie whose the president he replies Harry Truman lmao.

Yea I know redhair Pegg was pretty much paying homage to Romero's work.

Wallace85 1/14/2009 7:58:52 AM


Forgot mention this and you guys probably know this but they're making a movie out of the book World War Z being directed by the director of Quantum of Solace sooo look forward to that.

Jaysaw 1/16/2009 7:51:58 AM

Nice list. Return of the Living Dead and Shaun of the Dead deserve consideration. Glad there is no Resident Evil or 28 Days/Weeks Later on here, as I consider them bastardizations of the zombie genre (though sometimes cool). I hear the British TV show Dead Set is pretty B.A.

mbeckham1 1/19/2009 5:07:27 PM

Yeah,.sorry forgot to preface that sentence to say I was refering to a previous comment about Hot Fuzz..

blackshogun420ninja 2/12/2009 3:34:03 PM

Man please!!! Zombie Vs. Shark was GOLDEN!!!!! HOw bout in Shaun Of tha Dead When They pulled Harry POtter apart? THeir reactions were all real. It was tha first time they saw that effect. It's better in slow motion.

blackshogun420ninja 2/12/2009 3:34:43 PM

ED- " WE're coming to getchu, Barbara!!!"

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