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DaForce1 12/11/2009 5:56:17 PM

There's an easy way to fix this....go out and get the funding together and make your own movie.

See how many people decide to rip into your a$$ when whatever you choose to bring forth on the screen gets released.

scytheofluna 12/11/2009 6:25:21 PM

Ratner sucks, but the X Men films were screwed long before he ever showed up.  CG is necessary, and in most cases these days if you are finding flaws in the effects, you're not really watching the movie, you're nit picking and being a douche.  Not once during Transformers or Transformers 2 was I distracted by the effects.  Stephen Sommers did a good job with the Mummy back in the day and while my knowledge of G.I. Joe lore can't compare with my encyclopedic knowledge of Halo, Star Wars, Star Trek, LOTR, etc.  I found the movie to be an entertaining, brainless way to spend a couple of hours.  It was fun and silly, but then I was never a big enough Joe fan to notice all of the clashes with canon.  (To be fair though when we're talking about G.I. Joe canon  we're talking about a cartoon from 25 years ago, and a few runs of comics).  I think we can look at the new film as a franchise reboot, and it wasn't as bad as everyone says.  Uwe Boll can suck my balls though.  He ruined the Bloodrayne franchise single handedly.  Two solid games and not a chance in hell of a third one after what he did with the film rights.  Once I get into game development I'm going to buy the rights to the character and remake the first game and it will own.

WarCry 12/11/2009 6:33:11 PM

scythe, I agree completely with you about GI JOE. I loved the movie. It was exactly what it should have been: Simple "good guys have to stop the bad guys from ruling the world" story.

I disagree about the past canon, though. It was NOT needed for the movie. The movie is it's own product. But the Marvel G.I. Joe book ran for a dozen years and (with the exception of a few guest-spots) was all written by one guy, the SAME guy who wrote the file-cards on the figures. If anything, I'd say it was a comic with just about the tightest continuity I've ever seen.

The cartoon, on the other hand.........

DeeJay4ADay 12/11/2009 6:53:17 PM

WarCry... what; do you have some sort of problem with stories that include "Weather Dominators," machines that can shrink & enlarge humans and Cobra soldiers standing in unemployment lines?     :-)

WarCry 12/11/2009 7:04:55 PM

Do I have a problem with them?

Strangely, no, not really. But I'm pretty sure the writers on the tune couldn't spell continuity... ;)

Actually, that's not really fair. With the exception of the mini-serieses(?), They're all stand-alone episodes, so there's nothing to continue....

For the record, my all-time favorite episode is still "The Viper is Coming." Especially the Cobra R&R base. That's funny stuff right there. If I recall, they kept their helmets and balaclavas on, even in shorts and wife-beaters.

EagleManiac 12/11/2009 7:43:42 PM

6) I agree. No need for that unless the source just absolutely NEEDS to be a comedy.

5) You all who know me know where I stand on this. No need to keep repeating myself here.

4) Agreed. CGI is not the end-all be-all effect. When used properly, it HELPS the scenes, but it can also tale a lot away from a movie over-all. Some movies need extensive CGI to portray the environments with enough realism to add to the impact of the film. As with anything, too much is too much(Transformers 2, Van Helsing, 2012 to name a few).

3) Agreed. With a few exceptions, trilogies should only happen IF the movies warrant it. Lord of the Rings, Star Wars(yes, the prequels), The Borne Trilogy(was that planned in advance?). They all worked, for the most part.

2) Agreed. That's all I need to say here.




mortellan 12/11/2009 11:54:32 PM

3. It's not the trilogy mania that bothers me. The book publishers want these trilogies before they're even written in some cases. Now the coming trend from Hollywood, which has nothing to do with the original work is to eek an 'extra' movie out of a series at the end.  I believe Harry Potter is supposed to end with a two-part movie finale. Twilight (spit) may get the same treatment to bilk the fans. The Hobbit should not take 2 movies to make. If LotR trilogy came out today it would not be three 3 hour movies, the Return of the King would've been cut into two parts somehow. It is the new cash grab plot.

youngThanos215 12/12/2009 7:22:07 AM

 I don't think Brett Ratner belongs on this list granted RH3 and Xmen3 both sucked his over all track record is still okay.

Now for those other to clowns... Well I've always hated that Mummy franchise and after seeing G.I. Joe in wouldn't my mind some one putting a hit out on that Sommers prick!  

DeeJay4ADay 12/12/2009 9:03:32 AM

One point in regard to CGI.  I recently watched a SIGGRAPH 2009 DVD, and have to say that CGI is a tool that will likely continue to develop.  At some point, its use is likely to be so prevelent that we don't view it as a stand-alone "effect."  To illustrate my point, you don't read very many online complaints about actors wearing make-up or television weathermen using greenscreens.

There may be some valid complaints about how CGI is somehow used (such as the Van Helsing complaint raised by Eagle), but the tool is here to stay.

osirisdionysus 12/12/2009 9:38:57 AM

#6 kind of agree, accept for the fact that starsky and hutch was a comedy/cop show, so it's not a stretch at all.  And people that didnt like land of the lost just didn't see it.  It was hilarious.  and a straight up remake would've been retarded, being as how the show itself was completely unwatchable crap.

  #5 is just showing ignorance of the way the industry has always worked.  Hollywood has been doing reboots and remakes since they started making movies.  They've suffered from a "lack of ideas" since the very beginning.  Seriously, it's just ignorant fan boy talk on this one.

#4 is stupid.  I remember in the late 80's and early nineties when we could only dream of effects not looking drawn or stop motioned.  Seriously, we should go back to hand drawn lightning?  Never, I say.  Fanboy non sense on this one too. 

#3 "A trilogy should come about by a movie being so successful that the market demands more..." is the exact reason we get half baked stupid sequels all the damn time.  If the first few parts (or the first part, even) don't do well, they stop making them.  Simple solution, and no reason to stop planning epic stories.  No trilogy planning would mean that the 3rd LOTR would've probably been moved to mars, with recasts all around, because one of the reasons to plan a trilogy is to ensure consistency.  Dreamy eyed fan boy talk galore...

#2 completely agree, have no idea why they think a board game would be a cool idea for a movie at all, but clue is the absolute exception.

#1 couldn't agree more.  These 3 are so talentless, it's pianful.  I can't imagine them being seen as anything but huge risks to a studio at this point, but I'm sure they all have more horrible movies to puke on us.  

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