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keithdaniel 1/13/2011 12:44:10 PM

Kara, good on you and some others here for defending Connery's casting in Highlander (one of the best fantasy movies by the way!). You got that one wrong, Matt! It's like what some of the others here have said, Ramirez has lived for 2500 years and has been to many different places, so he can adopt whatever accent he chooses. Connery brought such charm and confidence to that role. He's one of the reasons why Highlander is so memorable to fans who love it!

rgtchtiger 1/13/2011 1:00:11 PM

Edward Norton as Will Graham in Red Dragon.  He was just so wrong for the role, which was a real shame since he's a fine actor. 

And while I liked Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves as well, I gotta admit Costner was pretty wrong as the title character.

jppintar326 1/13/2011 1:32:30 PM

John Wayne's choice at #1 is a no brainer.  You keep expecting Wayne to say "Alright Mongol pilgrims, let's go to war."  I'll give a bonus mention of Wayne's cameo in "The Greatest Story Ever Told" where he plays (I'm not kidding) a Roman Centurion at the crucification whose say "Truly this man was the Son of God."  His mere presence in that movie, not to mention Wayne delivering the line in his trademark drawl, took you out of a decent story of Jesus's life.  Of course, you can also find a pre M*A*S*H Jamie Farr (yes Corporal Klinger) as one of the apostles in that same movie.  Rent it out and see.

Denise Richards takes you right out of what was a pretty Bond movie before that.  Not only is she miscast, her character is incredibly shrill and obnoxious.  Maybe if she had switched with the other woman in that movie (can't think of her name), the movie would've been better.

SelectiveRealism 1/13/2011 1:54:19 PM

 The entire GI Joe: Rise of Cobra cast.

almostunbiased 1/13/2011 3:43:21 PM

I'm actually with Ferret John on this one.  Christmas's lines were horrible, but Denise did what she could with them.  Wayne was the worst of all of these, but also I agree with jfdavis, Halle was not teh best storm, no matter how incredibly hot she looked.  Though I'll argue that Bassett or Fox could not have done better.

krathwardroid 1/13/2011 5:50:45 PM

karas1: You wouldn't have known any better if someone else had been cast in the role of Ramirez. If it had been Ricardo Montalban cast instead, you'd be saying the same thing now about him.

"Montalban is important to the film.  He had the right accent and I couldn't imagine Highlander without him or with anybody else in the role."

You know Sean Connery was offered roles in The Matrix and The Lord of the Rings but turned them down. Could you imagine those films with him? And don't forget, Sean Connery uses his own accent in every movie he's in, even when he's playing an American. The Untouchables, anyone?

keithdaniel 1/13/2011 9:27:03 PM

Krathwarddroid, ok, Connery always uses his Scottish accent in every film he's done and I accept that criticism. He should've altered that in certain movies here and there.  And yes, Ricardo Mantalban would've also done a great job in that role as well.  However, Connery still performed very well in the vast majority of his movies, so what's the problem? You're not saying Connery is a bad or mediocre actor are you?

TheLast1ofMpls 1/14/2011 7:33:46 AM

Agree with this list except for Sean Connery, he made the first Highlander. Besides of course, my boy who played the villian Clancy Brown

"My name is Candy."

"Of course you are."

I agree with whomever mentioned the entir cast of GI: Joe with the exception of Ray Park as Snake Eyes. The only person who might have done that role justice is Donnie yen.

Oh, and enough with the Mechanic ads. This is rental only material.

I would also agree withe Connery's decision to skip the Matrix, he would not have fit in those movies at all. Well, maybe as either the Architect, or the rogue program that had the hot-a$$ Monica as his wife.

Agree with the Batman and Robin reference as well. If they had done the villians justice with the original casting as in: Patrick Stewart as Mr. Freeze, and I think they wanted Sandra Bullock for Ivy. But, not sure on the later. It was awhile ago.

wildwestie 1/14/2011 7:03:13 PM

Come on, Connery's Irish accent was spot on in The Untouchables...wink, wink.

wildwestie 1/14/2011 7:12:36 PM

And though I enjoyed Costner's Robin Hood when it came out, Costner's accent was horrible.  Well, his American accent was good, but it was painful to hear him try to lapse into an English accent.  I was hoping the new Robin Hood with Crowe was going to tell a similar story about Robin and his adventures in Sherwood Forest, not the history lesson we were left with.

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