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GeneralDisarray 4/11/2009 11:04:48 PM

The only part of this entire article I didn't like was the shot at Rob Zombies music. Is it necessary to bash somebodies musical style because you don't approve of his directorial skills?

I for one never have great expectations of Remakes. I look at them the same way I would book adaptations ... it will only be loosely based on the original material. I keep my expectations low and "usually" come out enjoying the movie I've seen.

darkheart00 4/12/2009 1:19:00 AM

To be honest Jarrod, I have been avoiding these cracked articles like the plague lately. Having said that, the main page does not indicate these articles are "cracked" articles. I like "top ten, etc" lists as much as the next guy and always click into the link hoping its original content from you (ala the top fantasy writers article). When I find that it is again content copied word for word from cracked (regardless of whatever licensing agreement you have) I have been backing out of them the last month or so, no harm, no foul. I used to voice my opinion weekly against this uncreative practice but again no one seems to give a rip. I jumped into this article the same way and was about to back out, but when I see folks who are voicing their opinion getting blasted by the editor of this site, I had to throw my two cents in. I think it's ridiculous for you to come on here and say that I am "whining" about anything. I have every right to come on here and say how badly I disagree with you posting rehashed content, as much as you have the right to post it. I'm simply voicing an opinion if you don't happen to like it then don't read it. That's what your telling us to do right? On second thought, I don't like where this is going. I can get my content from another site and you don't have to listen to me "whine" anymore.

Enjoy your site, for all its worth you just lost a reader.

samson 4/12/2009 3:32:04 AM

Let me make something clear; I have no problem with you licensing content from other sources. Content is king and the more content you have, the greater your chances of atracting readers and getting them to stay and click around. I understand the practicality of the your situation.

My problem is with Cracked and that snarky style of writing that some of your new columnists use. It's like Entertainment Weekly, or Perez Hilton for the genre crowd. They remind me of the cool guys in college who really don't get what Sc-fi and Fantasy is about. But, they try and join in just so they can hit on some of the hot Geek girls at Comic Con.

Yes, I know I can just skip over the stuff I don't like. But, I do that anyway. What I'm talking about is respecting your audience. See,  this is the first place I come to for reviews and such. I'm comfortable here because I've felt like this site "gets it" and by proxy, "gets" me. I am, or I was, at home here. I'm not feeling that as much anymore. If I may use an anolgy; this version of Mania is begening to turn into Heroes Season 2. Sure, I still watch Heroes. It has some good things going for it. And, I keep hoping it will return to it's former greatness. But, if my DVR doesn't pick it up? Well ...meh.

Bottom line is I don't care where the content originates from. Hell, I really don't care that it comes from Cracked. I just want it to be written by people who love and respect genre media. I don't get that feeling from these guys. It just seems very dumbed down and that's not who we are. After all, you don't see Wired Magazine getting content from the Gadget Section of USA Today, do you?


Hobbs 4/12/2009 7:06:04 AM

My biggest problem with cracked.com is everytime they talk about the Wil Smith I am Legend they call the CGI poeple Vampires...its not F'ing vampires!  Did they even watch the remake?  They were Zombies at best.  They were supposed to be Vampires or at least mimic vampire behavior.  One of the many failings of that remakie.

The Day The Earth Stood Still....just watched that this past week.  Wow, I remember seeing an interview with the guy who made it and he said what a fan of the original he was.  Um...no you weren't, you butchered the shit out of the classic and no fan would do that.  I knew I was going to have issue with the movie when at the beginning they thought the space ship was a rock about to crash into NY and they said all they could do was wait for the aftermath not enough time for anything else.  Yet all the scientist and army are hovering in helicopters in the city. Okay...now if that would have been an asteroid those copters would have been wiped out in the impact.  None of those smart people knew that?  Then we have AL Gort...I like the design even though the CGI was bad.  Yet when Gort turns into the smoke monster from Lost I was turned off from the movie even more. 

Kaziklu 4/12/2009 7:31:21 AM

Though I'm not really a fan of cracked articles. There is one thing I want to mention about the Wicker Man.

The Wicker Man (the Original) was an amazing story of Cultural Morality. I am a Pagan, and though I don't sacrifice virgins when I watch the movie I see something totally different then when a Gnostic Christian friend of mine saw.

My Friend saw a movie about a Pious Christian man manipulated and killed by misguided Pagans, I saw a movie about an island of Pagans who relied on the biogtry and hatred of a Christian who terrorized the town in the search of something everyone gave reasonable and logical explinations for, which should have lead to him sitting down having a cup of tea and going home. Instead he was lead to his death by his own hatred.

I don't know if that was an intended point of the film but it is there. And the new one is idiotic.

Wiseguy 4/12/2009 7:38:58 AM

Well I don't get paid by anyone and still agree with karas, Jarrod and Rob. And I also happen to like these pieces quite a bit, I find them pretty funny.

Now I usually don't like to bitch about people bitching because I like to bitch some myself but when you click on the thread right on top it says "cracked.com", look there first and click back to another page if you hate it so much.

By the way, music is the one thing Zombie is pretty good at, unfortunately that's what made it possible for him to make his awful films.

TheMainMan 4/12/2009 8:35:51 AM

You know I don't normally bitch..or honestly comment for that matter however..I am going to agree and follow Darkheart out. I have been coming to this website for 11 years hell I even used to subscribe to the cinescape mag when it still exsisted. This used to be the spot. This site had everything I wanted to read about, movies, TV, video games and even a Toy line or two I thought might look good on a shelf for 10 to 15 years until I sold it for a nice profit. But not anymore. The articals here are rehashed and most of the news is old. Your two if not three days behind other sites. Some of the biggest goingson in our chosen realm of entertainment are passed over all together.

I remember someone on here (dont remember the user name cause I'm old and old people tend to forget names) being very angry over the fact that a BSG review had not been put up on this site many days after its air date. Seriously what the hell. Were you to busy cutting and pasting from other sites to actually watch the show and put up your own opinon or maybe you were reading the reviews on other sites and trying to find a way to rehash their review without us knowing. "copy one sentence from this site and one sentence from that one and they will never know!"

Screw it, I'm gone. 11 years..most honestly good but no more. I'm going underground man where its just me, the chuds, and real news.

redhairs99 4/12/2009 12:39:12 PM

"But if you want to get into all that boring analysis stuff, what makes this film is work is how Michael Myers, the big bad villain, is portrayed. The teenagers he's stalking don't know anything about him; he's an unknown, unstoppable killer who apparently has no reason for what he's doing. And that's exactly what Halloween is about: evil that's mysterious and unworldly. Well, that and candy. Halloween II is mostly about candy."

So did the author of this column even see the original Halloween?

SonofHanso 4/12/2009 1:47:20 PM

The original Wickeman was awsome, it had boobies and women humping the wall. Nicolas Cage should have  been sacrifced to the movie gods for all the crap he does.

Wiseguy 4/12/2009 5:34:39 PM

SonofHanso? LOL

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