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everdreaded 2/22/2010 8:08:27 AM

I get a kick out of when people put down the kids who played Anakin...lets face it...i watch EMPIRE STRIKES BACK and i hear great dialogue..I watch and listen to the rest and things sound so dumbed down..from everyone in it with people repeating questions back and sounding downright corny sometimes..I blame the writing and plotting on why the characters came off annoying.

Anyway i agree with the list except for TDK..it was definitely a different kind of superhero movie, still had its places it needed tweaking but I still loved it, they coulda named it the joker and i wouldnt have cared about batman being in  it..lol.

And yeah The Blair Witch project definitely deserves billing...lol. its a movie i still dont understand as why people think its scary..but thats just me.

karas1 2/22/2010 8:49:50 AM

goldeneyez, we didn't see Spiderman 3 when it first came out.  It had been out a few weeks and gotten some bad reviews.  Perhaps I should say it wasn't as bad as I was expecting it to be and therefore it seemed ok.  Like I said, we were just trying to get out of the heat...

Hobbs, that sub went all the way across the ocean judging by the map shown in the movie.  Even if they didn't dive, the Nazis would have heard Indy clomping around on top of the sub and gone up to capture him . Or dived to get him off.  He certainly wouldn't have been able to sneak around the island whithout them knowing he was there.

Kara S

FerretJohn 2/22/2010 9:07:20 AM

Superman's always been a tricky character to work around.  Yes, he is the quitessential hero, but he's pure boy-scout, a black-and-white hero with little depth and less grit, and trying to infuse that into him makes him not 'Superman' (the comics can, a little, but movie makers don't have that kind of time).  His power levels don't make it any easier, hard to find a physical challenge for him without threatening world destruction on a biblical scale.  It's a bit strange really, being Superman he'll always get the huge hype but, being Superman, he'll always have a hard time living up to it.

I didn't mind Godzilla too much.  The trick there is not comparing it to the Tokyo Godzilla.  The American Godzilla was an attempt at a "real" Godzilla, what the monster would look and move and act like if it were an actual mutant lizard and not some guy in a big rubber suit smashing through a miniature toy town.  There were some comments I've heard about Broderick and his lack of machismo, but what did they want?  He was a nuclear biologist, would it have been more convincing it Stallone or Swartzenegger played him?

ddiaz28 2/22/2010 9:14:34 AM

I'm with you monkeyfoot!  I love everything about the Matrix.  And I agree with Hanso on the game.  I loved how there was so much footage that filled in the Naobi and Ghost story which paralleled and criss crossed with the film. 

And Hobbs, I'm confused as to your statement about Neo and Trinity being computer programs when the see the destroyed earth in Revolutions.  When they fly to the machine city they are in the real world not the matrix. 

Overall I must not hype a lot of films in my head enough because I quite enjoy Superman and I loved Phantom Menace regardless of annoying Anakin and Jar Jar.  The only ones a truly agree on are Indy and Spiderman 3.  Godzilla was a bit of a let down but I don't remember the hype.

wessmith1966 2/22/2010 9:26:01 AM

Don't forget "Lost In Sapce." Big push, lots of marketing crossovers and a huge THUD when it hit the screens.

Darkknight2280 2/22/2010 9:27:38 AM

True Hanso....but i will stand by the fact that Revolutions was the worst of the matrix movies. I will agree that the animatrix was great as was the PS2/XBOX game. Did you ever happen to play the Matrix MMO? I heard mixed reviews about it. but since i dont hear anythign at all about it anymore i have a feeling it did worse then Star Wars galaxies.

da82kid 2/22/2010 9:30:45 AM

Oh man, when I read the "Dark Knight" I was about to get mad but I totally agree with the choices they picked.

Godzilla would have been good if it had been a Sci Fi channel movie

Spidey 3 suffered from studio involvment and Raimi not wanting to be bothered with Venom

Matrix Reloaded was rushed and had sloppy editing

Crystal Skull-well, I can't comment on it because I havent seen it yet

And Phantom Menace was more of a political allegory than Star Wars and they didnt dig deep into young anakin's character enough.

silversurfer 2/22/2010 9:32:22 AM

TDK did live up to billing, it wasn't hype that drove it, it was more of the shock that Heath died and this was the only way we would have access to him. The surprise is that he actually did a better job that anyone expected him to....on top of that Batman Begins should've been a precursor to what TDK was going to be....it was the same thing with the Matrix Trilogy...you knew what to expect.

Supeman Returns should've been 2 on this list because it IS Superman....so they should've done more to make this a better return and not a montage....

I'm surprised that no one said anything about X3? The first two are the better of the series, and then X3 happened....(crickets

Indiana Jones IV shouldn't have come as a surprise for anyone either....

Transformers ROTF: There's a movie that while it made money...it was/is not as good or even close to the first one.....and it did have hype surrounding it....

Hobbs 2/22/2010 9:33:49 AM

My point is that the sub part falls in the realm of possibility and thus you can believe it even if it is a stretch....and I'm pretty sure it was just through the Mediterranean the sub traveled, not the Ocean.  The ship had just been stopped the next day after it left Egypt with the Ark. Though I could be wrong on that as I haven't watched Raiders in a long time.     

Hobbs 2/22/2010 9:38:26 AM

ddiaz...now I will admit maybe I'm wrong on the Matrix thing. I saw reloaded more than once and came to the conclusion that Neo was version 6 program?  That when they left the Matrix they never actuall LEFT the matrix?  This was, after all, the 6th time they were about to destroy Zion and were getting better at each time.  Or something to that respect. 

Thus unless I missed something in Revolutions Neo and Trinity were still IN the matrix even though they thought there weren't?  I only saw Revolutions once in the theater so it is possible I missed something.

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