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Chopsaki 7/12/2010 12:38:06 AM

Firstly I didn't realize that Saved By The Bell counted as a career. Secondly while I'm not a fan of Aflecks I will give him credit for a solid turn portraying George Reeves in the movie Hollywoodland. That said I agree about Gone Baby Gone and think Afleck can reinvent himself behind the camera as opposed to infront.

Costner definitely needs to stay away from post-apocalyptic epics and seems to have a phobia of editing which is reflected in alot of 3 hour run times. Post The Postman he did have 2 good performances in both Open Range & Thirteen Days. He will continue to get work and can make contrubutions in supporting roles, but his days of leading a movie in a starring capacity are behind him.

Unfortunately I'll have to feign ignorance on the other movies mentioned.

fatpantz 7/12/2010 2:35:30 AM

I have to add John Travolta and Battlefield Earth to the list.....Sure he is still acting, but what has he done of value since then....garbage films like Wild Hogs, Hairspray, Swordfish....and a lot of other generic crap.

I am also curious to whether Mike Myers makes any kind of a comeback after The Love Guru.  Besides cartoon voiceovers what is left for him.....

batman40 7/12/2010 4:52:59 AM

I think the biggest career killer has got to be "Mommie Dearest."   Faye Dunaway was THE actress of the 1970's.  "Network"  and  "Chinatown"  were classics  but  after "Mommie Dearest" Faye went straight to B-movies.  I haven't seen Faye Dunaway in years, well, except for the drag queens who dress up like Joan Crawford on Friday night and quote "Mommie Dearest" like it was "Caddyshack."

SelectiveRealism 7/12/2010 5:11:49 AM

 I would like to add Cuba Gooding Jr.  and Snow Dogs.  He didn't exactly set the world on fire after winning an Oscar for Jerry Maguire but there is a pretty clear cliff after Snow Dogs in 2002.    He can only star in DTV movies now and there is likely no coming back from that.

Hobbs 7/12/2010 6:17:55 AM

The thing about Costner is that the Postman really wasn't that bad of a movie.  He could have trimmed it down some and the ending didn't deliver on the build up it had but it didn't suck.  Don't count him out yet...most are too young to remember this but Travolta had a dead career at one point too and thanks to Pulp Fiction he had a 2nd one.  It's a long shot I agree but one good movie will put Costner back towards the top.

Affleck is better off not on the camera.  I have never been able to stand him so haven't missed him at all. 

I agree with Selective, a case could be made for Cuba jr.  The last movie I saw of his that I liked was Men Of Honor and I don't think he did that good of a job with it.  Denzel would have knocked that role out of the park.

Faye Dunaway got old...very different for men and women in Hollywood.  I know some of you will make a point of bringing up a few actresses who have lasted a long time but by far and large once women get into their late 40's they have hard time finding work.  And certainly don't get the money guys do as they keep getting older. 

Wiseguy 7/12/2010 6:29:18 AM

Halle Berry in Catwoman

whizkid1 7/12/2010 6:31:26 AM

Glitter did Mariah Carey's career before it even got started...

But the biggest I can think of is Weekend at Bernie's!!!! Just about everyone associated with that movie has been ostracized from the industry ever since...Andrew McCarthy...that one guy..that other guy...(see?!?!?)

I think Joe DIrt killed David Spade's movie career...I mean he walked out of his own premiere when the movie came out!!!! He may be good in the upcoming ensemble Grown Ups, but as a headliner I think Joe Dirt was a death knell. His future is in TV only....

And finally...I think Hayden Christensen's performance in Star Wars Episodes II and III will bring his short career to a halt pretty quickly. I don't necessarily know if it was the movies so much as his particular performance in the role, but him (along with some other stars whose performances were WELL below par...are you listening Samuel L. Jackson/Jimmy Smits??) may have a hard time shaking the stigma from those movies...


Rheul_home 7/12/2010 7:10:46 AM

Kevin Costner needs to stick to baseball movies and westerns. Thats his thing.

I always felt bad for Elizabeth Berkley. Showgirls was a bad film but that was hardly her fault. She was actually the best part of the film. She was just starting her film career. She should have gone into romantic comedys rather than something as "harsh" as Showgirls but she was trying to break out of her mold. I guess its ok, Saved by the Bell is still going strong in syndication so Im sure she's doing ok.

I didnt see any of these other films.

Whiskeymovie 7/12/2010 7:17:12 AM

George Lucas can make anyone seem like a bad actor... I like Ben Affleck, he never bothered me...I liked him as DareDevil and other stuff he has done....if one bad movie kills a career, then Nic Cage's career should have been killed 17 times over, yet he does that one or two really good movies that keeps him afloat. I also will say that I enjhoyed Water World....it was a cool sci-fi action flick,,,,and the stunt show at Universal Hollywood is sick....I owonder if Jonah Hex will be the career killer for Megan Fox, or if it will be her mouth??

djcgmcse 7/12/2010 7:24:28 AM

I actually like Waterworld and The Postman...  atleast they carried somewhat of an original idea in them, even though the endings really sucked.  Costner is a strong actor in just about anything he's in.  I think his age is more the reason we see less of him in major roles, not his talent.

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