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dragonrojo38 3/30/2010 8:37:21 PM

I thought I read some of the commentaries about Sean Connery being Irish played a british agent, 007. That was racism. Hey he's white! They all look alike!

When I was in college, a black student protested Tarzan because he said the novel was racist; that a white man dominated the African Tribes. I had to remind him that Tarzan was written by a white guy, what do you expect? Racism is every where.

If you look at highschools, everybody segregates themselves; orientals hang out with orientals, latinos with latinos, blacks with blacks, etc. It comes out naturally. Everyone of us has a little racism inside. I am a light skinned mexican and I am constantly harrazed for not having the "bronze skin". They forget that Europeans came to the Americas and mixed it up with the natives.

wrrlykam 3/31/2010 1:39:56 AM

Connery is Scotish, Brosnan is Irish. I think some of the comments were being mildly ironic. It becomes easy to keep subdividing down from race in to smaller and smaller differences, race-country-county-town-street-hair colour-height-weight-etc. Often an excuse to blame others for our own misfourtunes, or to perpetuate hate.

Personally I take each person I meet and treat them as I would want to be treated regard less of differences. If people respond the same, fantatstic good on them, if not shame on them. Why should I act like them?

Looking at Mickie R's character, Mr. Yunioshi, in BaT, I find it embarrasing to watch and offensive by today's standards, I know it was a product of its time, funny foriegn guy with funny accent. As a five year old watching it on TV, I thought it was funny, now I don't. It would be nice to think that Producers and Writers were pasted using this sort of stereotyping,but it still happens. Not quite as much as they used to so one day perhaps. (Question: was the character in Capote's novella? Not read the original.) That said, the creators are on record for wishing they hadn't portrayed this character in this way.

AgentCoop 3/31/2010 10:30:42 AM

I don't think Nick Fury is an example of racism. The movie version is based on Mark Millar's version from The Ultimates, which exists in an alternate universe, so many characters are different. I don't think Millar was thinking "let's make Nick Fury black for the hell of it", I think he was thinking "let's make Nick Fury Samuel L. Jackson because that would be awesome". And he was right, which is why the movies have followed suit.

And I'm still puzzling over a comment a few pages back that said Ben Affleck shouldn't have played Matt Murdock because Matt is Irish-American and Ben is from Boston. Er, Boston has a HUGE Irish-American community.

TheWORstFan 4/1/2010 8:31:45 AM

Haven't read all the posts but what about the live action SPAWN? Martin Sheen as Wynn?

gauleyboy420 4/1/2010 9:32:53 AM

Wynn was a white man in the comics. The ethnicity change in Spawn Movie was Terry Fitzgerald being changed from black to white

keithdaniel 4/3/2010 12:36:07 PM

Wiseguy,you've made a couple of strong arguements that I agree with. First off,as a caucasian,French-Canadian,anglophone,(that's one of the main ways we differenciate between the english,anglophone,and french,francophone,here in Canada!)I agree that there may be conflict at some point in the US if more and more hispanics,who speak just spanish and mostly from Mexico keep coming to the US in droves. Eventually,they could make up so much of the population that they may end up demanding certain rights that may give them little or no incentive to learn english. When I came to Quebec,from the adjacent province of New Brunswick in the Atlantic Canada region,although I knew some french from hearing my parents speak growing up and from school,I was far from being fluent in french. I had to learn when I came to Quebec and so I did,although I'm not fluent,I'm definitely able to  functionally speak french. So yes,if one goes and plans on living in another country where another language is spoken,then they should be obligated to learn that language,otherwise it's being lazy,irresponsible,and disrespectful to the society that they're entering. I'm not putting all hispanics in the same boat,but the hard reality is that too many of them are. Living in Quebec,I know all too well about the political ramifications of two languages trying to co-exist in the same country!

Another point you've made,Wise,is that there have been too many(but not all of course)cases where too many in the eithic community has complained too often about racism,discrimination,etc. where that simply hasn't happened or at least not on the scale that has been alleged. That's one of the reasons why the word racism has lost some of it's power. I agree that we should strongly confront and shame those who act racist or discriminate but we should only do so if it has really happened.

Having said all of that,I'm left wondering,what the hell does any of this have to do with this site? It's called Mania last time I checked,which means those of us who are maniacs for GENRE entertainment,so why was this issue even brought up for,Matt? Despite some of the many good points made within the article as well as those who have commented upon it's topic,it has no business being on a forum for sci fi-fantasy,and horror like mania! That article,while not bad in and of itself belongs on another forum. Matt,for you and the other writers here on Mania in the future,please stick with the relevant issues on a GENRE site like Mania!!!

WarCry 4/4/2010 10:27:54 AM

I haven't read all 13 pages of comments yet, so if I'm repeating, I apologize...


In the article under point 4, there's a reference to The Last Airbender doing the "whitewash" thing. This is utter nonsense, because the cartoon, contrary to popular belief, was NOT populated by ay one race. Hell, it's not even necessarily the same world as ours. Because it was created in an anime-style, folks automatically assume it was populated with Japanese characters.

Look at the voice list for the characters:

Aang - played by Zach Tyler of CT

Katara - played by Mae Whitman of CA

Toph - played by Jessie Flower of IN

Sokka - played by Jack De Sena of MA

Zuko - played by Dante Basco of CA


The upcoming movie is greatly diversifying the cast. Te even mention it in this article is a false accusation and just shows that the writer of the article apparently believes the internet hype that they're casting the movie wrong.

ThemanG01 4/4/2010 7:16:46 PM

I see lots of whining.

Dervish 4/5/2010 4:07:19 AM

" Then again, given the tensions which have flared between the US and Iran in recent years, Prince of Persia’s producers might have wanted to distance their film from actual Iranians as much as possible."

Prominent Iranian American actors such as Catherine Bell and Adrian Pasdar aren't really perceived as Iranian American as many aren't even aware of their ethnic heritage. I doubt this would be the issue.

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