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Tevii 3/29/2010 11:52:52 AM


"So for whites to b*tch and moan about REVERSE RACISM is trife and petty. Its like a trust fund billionaire getting mad at a person who makes under $20, 000 a years because that low income person called them RICH and WEALTHY from money they didnt earn."

1) again that is the wrong use of Reverse Racism but i know what your TRYING to say. Your implying if its being racist against whites its reverse racism....that is not what that means. OTHERWISE that would be a racist term. Your racist against all ethnicities, but your Reverse racist if your racist against whites? Wow think about how racist that is.

2) Your analogy of the trustfund baby is absolutely ridiculous and it points out your own anger on the issue. I am white, I grew up EXCEPTIONALLY poor.  For you to make such a comment is hateful and racist.

3) its not b*tching and moaning.... its pointing out we are fighting an issue the wrong way. There are better ways... and one of them is to create NEW GREAT ethnic characters.... Spawn, Shadowhawk, Shi...etc.

Tevii 3/29/2010 11:56:13 AM

@tashiro....  Im just biased:) Ive always been a diehard Hal Jordan fan.... hes been my favorite hero my whole life  AS WELL AS JOHN STEWART FOR THOSE THAT ARE MISSING THE POINT........ but when they made Hal bad and brought Kyle.........I wasnt happy:) Now its all cool.

Hal is the best!

Desdichado 3/29/2010 12:01:27 PM

Listen, there will always be racism. There is a degree of racism in everyone. To think that racism is owned by one group with a spectrum of skin colour attributed to people of European decent is just plain stupid. The funniest thing I ever heard of was an asian government employee, who got fired for sending racist emails disparaging a black co-worker, filed a grievance claiming she couldn't be racist because she wasn't "white".

Every cultural group appropriates heroes from neighbouring cultural groups and infuses their own cultural, ethnic and religious traits in them. They also imbue the cultural, ethnic and religious traits of those they don't know, don't trust, or just plain hate upon villians. It's human nature. It's tribalism and it's inbred. And it will always be here until the entire world unites against the inevitable alien invasion. 

karas1 3/29/2010 12:22:34 PM

goldeneyez, I have no beef with John Stewart getting a power ring.  A new Green Lantern could be white, black, asian, latino, native american, a south sea islander or any other ethnicity on or off Earth, it's cool.  But suddenly deciding that Hal Jordan, a character who has been caucasian for decades, is now black would be bogus.

The core characters for super teams like the JLA, the Avengers, the LSH etc were all created in the '50s, before the civil rights movement.  Since then characters with a rainbow of ethnicities, skin colors, religions and sexes have come and gone.  Are these teams lilly white now?  I don't think so.

I think  that racism is an instinct in humans.  We divide ourselves into groups.  It goes back to when we were members of small tribes and villages and if strangers appeared they would compete with you and yours for scarce resources.  A difference in skin color is pretty obvious and an easy way to divide ourselves.  But we also do it by religion, nationality, political afiliation, favorite ball team etc.   Example, everyone here is a Maniac, united by common interests in the subject matter of the fiction we prefer.  We make ourselves distinct from other groups who prefer other forms of entertainment.  It's all part of the same thing.

Unfortunately, I think as much as we try, humans will always divide ourselves into groups based on race.  At least until the Alpha Centurians show up to give us some other group to divied ourselves from.

Kara S

goldeneyez 3/29/2010 12:29:59 PM


Catwoman was retarded for a whole bunch or reasons.  I'm guessing, however, the thinking at the time was that there was a precedent for a black Catwoman, see Eartha Kitt.

They don't just do this with black characters either.  The current Blue Beetle is latino.  Again, personally it's not really a problem with me.  I only have a problem with it if the story sucks.

As far as making everything black... I don't feel like that's the case.  I think they (Hollywood, DC/Marvel) are trying to diversify by sprinkling in some ethnicity other than white from time to time but to say everything is black is really exaggerating.  I think I can understand it upsetting you that they are making some heroes black that were once white, however, in this punctate instance where you are upset about a few characters, imagine how it must feel for people who for the most part have never been represented.  It kind of comes off as a person who for the most part has everything, upset that someone else got some scraps.

I will say, however, that I really respect that you feel the way you do across the board as far as if they change a characters ethnicity no matter the direction.

One other comment I will add as far as making new comic characters of different ethnicities, while that sounds good on paper, the comic book industry is slowly dying and when creators try to make new characters it would seem that odds are the new characters don't stand a chance against the old characters.  New characters that get popular are usually exceptions to the rule.

FerretJohn 3/29/2010 12:34:23 PM

hmm, 65 polarized commentors in 12 hours.  Yep, I was right, shit-storm!

HotDog 3/29/2010 12:34:49 PM

Why are there no BLACK dramas on any of the major networks? Why no ASIAN, LATINO, or MIDDLE EASTERN either. Why are the minorities SPRINKLED in the midst of these WHITE SHOWS and not given their own? Its pretty simple.

Yes it is pretty simple.  Why is a minority called a minority?  Because they are not a majority and if you look at your demographics you will find the white man is still the majority.  This is why.  Now the minorities are crying foul and we must be PC so we have to mix things up except blacks can have a BET channel but god forbid if there was an all white channel.   Also along these lines you got these radio stations that play supposedly play a mix of music.  Well in this area they got this piece of crap station called Movin radio.  They will play every white woman, every black man and woman, but they will not play one white man except justin timberlake or friking M and stupid M.  Are they trying to say only those selected can make you move?  I am also sick of black people thinking whites can't be discriminated against.  WRONG.  Filling in blacks in a white part has nothing to do with diversity.  It has everything to do with trying to keep the white man down, period.  Why is it when a black man kills a white man its back page news but when a white kills a black its headline story.  Why is it when a gay guy kills a straight guy for turning down his advances its back page news (yes this happened) but if a straight guy kills a gay guy headling news.  There will never be racial equality.  I know people who tell me their parents hate white people and this gets passed down to them.  The only thing we can hope for is moderate   tollerance because no one person is ever equal to another, EVER!



goldeneyez 3/29/2010 12:42:23 PM

karas1 you directed your comment to me... what character did I specifically mention that they changed from white to black or white to any other race?  I was pretty sure I brought up examples of entirely new and or original characters (John Stewart, Jason Rusch, etc.)

As far as making Hal Jordan evil, personally I don't have an attachment to Hal so I could care less.  That said I can understand you pain, however, because they do things like this across comics.  The Scarlet Witch went crazy.  No one is up in arms about Jason Todd being seemingly evil so why is Hal Jordan turning evil so wrong.  Making him evil and die only to come back and redeem himself actually gave his character a much needed boost of depth that to me he was sorely lacking.

HotDog 3/29/2010 12:49:45 PM

I can think of quite a few movies where a white person has been replaced even one based on a true story.

How about Walking Tall?  Give me a bit and I will come up with many more.  Now don't get me wrong I like the Rock he played a good roll but please tell me when the character became a mixed race instead of a White?

Tevii 3/29/2010 12:50:31 PM


Couldnt agree more that catwoman was just flat out stupid.... (even though halle berry is smokin hot)

The Blue Beetle... good example... the new character is pretty awesome.... but I loved the old as well. SO why have that dilemma? If they just took that energy and made a cool new Latino character everyone wouldve been happy. Why take away from one to give to another when there is plenty to go around.

I forget the name, but there was a comic series based on aztec gods... now that was an awesome concept. And it had great new latino characters.

Your last comment is 100% correct. It is unfortunately a dying medium.... the funny thing is this article is about Hollywood... conversation just took on a comic book life of its own. LOL... 

Im not sure if anyone brought this up, but racism that is still prominent in hollywood is more against the the asian community then any other I think. (like the example of Memoirs of a Geisha) Chinese playing a Geisha? I love Gong Li and Ziyi Zhang, but they arent Japanese. There are GREAT Japanese actors and Actresses (Chiaki Kuriyama)  Or when is the last time you saw an asian male get the white girl in a movie.... They didnt even have Jet li get the girl in his US movies.

All i know is racism sucks...

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