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6 Wishes for Iron Man 3

Comicscape: Much Ado About Iron Man

By Chad Derdowski     July 29, 2009

Comicscape: Iron Man
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To say that the footage from Iron Man 2 shown at the San Diego Comic Con got us excited might just be the understatement of the century. You can read our thoughts on the film's explosive SDCC panel here. And our roundtable interviews with director Jon Favreau & Robert Downey Jr. here and here. But enough about the past, let's look forward to the future. With the Black Widow, Justin Hammer, Whiplash and War Machine being introduced to the Marvel film universe, we can’t help but wonder what kinds of Easter eggs will be strewn throughout the Armored Avenger’s sequel and what other characters from the comics we’ll see.
The movie doesn’t open for another year and very little information has been released, but that’s never stopped us from speculating on what we will see and coming up with a wish list of what we’d like to see. And why stop with Iron Man 2? We’re looking ahead all the way to Iron Man 3, The Avengers and beyond.

Iron Man 3 possibilities

1. Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym
Tony Stark can’t do it all by himself; he’s gotta have some tech support, right? Somebody is working diligently creating all those crazy inventions – why not use this as an opportunity for a really cool cameo? How hard would it be to have a quick scene showing a couple of familiar scientists working in Stark Industries labs? And maybe they’ve got a little side project involving molecular density? 
An Avengers movie is in the works and while they may not be A-listers like Captain America and Thor, the Wasp and Ant Man are founding members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and deserve a little screen time too. And even if we don’t see them in their costumed identities, it would be great way to further recreate the Marvel Universe on film the way Stan and Jack did it in the comics back in the day.

Iron Man 3 possibilities

2. More Armor
We’ve seen the clunky mark one armor, the silver and chrome upgrade and the more familiar red and gold suit. Let’s see a few more. No, let’s see a LOT more.
How about giving fans a brief sequence in Tony’s Hall of Armor? We don’t need to see Tony on the ocean floor in his undersea getup, but a quick glimpse of it in the background would be a nice way to establish the fact that he’s got a lot of irons in the fire (no pun intended) and is working on a variety of weapons to suit a variety of missions. It would be a nice tip of the hat to Iron Man’s long history of creating specialized suits of armor to fit very particular mission parameters and it is little touches like this that have really endeared comic book fans to the new Marvel films.
And it might be a nice set up for the following idea…

Iron Man 3 possibilities

3. Armor Wars
Remember that storyline from a few years ago when Tony found out that a lot of his enemies were using technology pilfered from Stark Industries and he went on a rampage during which he disabled other armored heroes and villains, distraught over the countless lives lost and people who had been hurt by the tech and weapons he created? He ended up turning himself into a fugitive and had to fake Iron Man’s death. It was pretty cool, right? How much cooler would it be on the big screen?
We know that Whiplash and Justin Hammer will be utilizing weaponry very similar to Stark’s Iron Man tech in the sequel. By the time the third film rolls around, we might see even more. An Armor Wars-like storyline in which Tony takes on not just one enemy, but a host of high-tech villains, might just be the cats pajamas. There’s a chance that it could just end up looking like Rock-em-Sock-em Robots, but we’ll take that risk.

Iron Man 3 possibilities

4. Demon in a Bottle
Everybody wants to know when Jon Favreau will tackle this classic storyline and it was even brought up at Comic Con International this year with a promise that Tony’s dependency will continue to be further explored in the Iron Man 2 storyline. In the comics, Justin Hammer’s constant attempts to destroy Tony Stark were the impetus for Tony hitting the sauce more and more often. With Justin Hammer being introduced in Iron Man 2, we have to assume that they’re already edging toward recreating this classic tale. And how great would it be to see Rhodey in that armor? Sure, we’re getting War Machine in the sequel, but seeing Jim Rhodes step up and assume his friend’s role as Iron Man… too cool.
The first film had a great balance between lightheartedness and some heavy drama, so it isn’t unrealistic to think that Favreau will be able to handle a story like this one somewhere down the line.

Iron Man 3 possibilities

5. MODOK AIMs to please
Advanced Idea Mechanics are an organization of evil scientists dedicated to overthrowing the governments of the world through technological means and they’ve crossed paths with Iron Man time and time again. We’d love to see them take ol’ Shellhead in Iron Man 3 or maybe even take on the Avengers down the road. After all, these are the guys responsible for the creation of the Cosmic Cube, a reality-altering weapon that would likely require a team of super heroes to overcome.
And we’d really just like to see those sweet yellow AIM Hazmat uniforms with the beekeeper helmets. For that matter, we’d like to see MODOK even more! The man was genetically altered to be so intelligent, he’s little more than a giant brain with tiny arms and legs floating around in a flying harness. He’s one of the most bizarre super-villains ever created and – hey, we just like MODOK, okay? Put him in the movie, already.

Iron Man 3 possibilities

6. Earth’s Mightiest Heroes
Here’s one wish we know will come true: seeing the friendship between Captain America, Tony Stark and Thor play out on the big screen. These guys have been partners, friends, rivals and even enemies over the years and finally getting to see it all play out in the theaters has got our little geek hearts pumping and our blood racing.
Iron Man was a shockingly huge success and from what we’ve seen at Comic Con International, we have every reason to believe the sequel will be better. Summer 2010 can not come fast enough!


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Kerrith 7/29/2009 2:58:12 AM

I agree witth everything except the MODOK plot.  That would be like a Superman movie with a Brainiac plot.  Fans will like it, but the general audience would have a WTF?! reaction to the transparant comic book devices.

ponyboy76 7/29/2009 3:14:02 AM

Yeah, I agree. Everything except for Modok and AIM. I mean since they are introducing Captain America then how about bringing in HYDRA. In fact , HYDRA and Baron Zemo would be a great main vilain for the Avengers movie.

As far as number 2 goes, I swear there was a set piece picture a few months ago with Tony Stark in the lab and in the background there were like 5 or 6 sets of armor, so I'm pretty sure something like his "Armor Hall" is in the movie.

Wiseguy 7/29/2009 6:55:11 AM

Hulk-buster armor baby. Now that would be sweet if they could fit in a little tussle with the Hulk, maybe in the Avengers.

I love the MODOK idea with AIM. They'd probably do some revamping with MODOK but I love it. HYDRA seems like too 60's to me with the whole cult thing but I'm sure they have the brains to make it work too.

ChadDerdowski 7/29/2009 7:18:36 AM

(chad here)
Kerrith - I will gladly admit that MODOK is just a fanboy dream on my part.  You're probably right that it wouldn't work on the big screen, but damn I love me some MODOK!  I think that Wiseguy might be on the right track though - maybe it could be reworked into something more palatable for mainstream audiences?  It would probably work better in a Cap or Avengers movie than Iron Man.

I disagree about Brainiac though.  I think that he would work just fine in a Superman movie and that the average everyday guy would dig it.  Unfortunately we just keeping getting Luthor over and over and over so we'll probably never know.

ponyboy76 - You're remembering correctly, though I think the picture only showed the armors we've seen in the first movie.  I'm talking about Hulkbuster armor, stealth armor, weirdo-undersea-bubble-helmet armor and all that jazz.  The stuff action figures are made of.

LocoLobo73 7/29/2009 7:46:40 AM

hEY BOYS AND GIRLS, i agree with almost all of what you guys are saying , but I have never been a big MODOK fan and as far as Hydra seeming more  60's style, I think they would play better then AIM, In all reality , they would make for good fodder in some opening scene where our heroes are foiling some half baked crime that they are trying to commit. Hydra and Aim just always seem to remind me of a orginazation of clowns. Atleast Hydra has gotten alittle more serious over the years and Lady Viper would be a hot character to have, but I think both would be better off in a Captain America or Nick Fury movie. Oh yeah and with all this talk of movies, Where is my Nick Fury Agent of Shield, stream line it and connect it to Cap , Iron man and Hulk by using Sharron Carter, the Hulk Busters and Clay Quatermain and Iron man is already there. Spies and super heroes, You could go the Ultimate route and use it to intorduce Hawk eye and make him that bad ass marks man.

 I also agree that they should absolutely bring Braniac into a Super man movie, he is only one of the few that should be brought in. A superman wish list would be Braniac, Mongrul, Darkseid, Bizzaro, Metallo and of course ALL KNEEL BEFORE ZOD. We want to see him stand toe to toe with some one and let loose , that character is going to have to be someone who can dish back what BIG BLUE hands out


TheStormrider 7/29/2009 9:49:04 AM

ponyboy76 - You're remembering correctly, though I think the picture only showed the armors we've seen in the first movie. I'm talking about Hulkbuster armor, stealth armor, weirdo-undersea-bubble-helmet armor and all that jazz. The stuff action figures are made of.

The problem here is,  that if they do that,  then all of the cry babies will just complain about how this movie is all about selling 10 different iron man toys,  how its a big promotion and commercial,  and will end up milking their own prostates.

invisioner 7/29/2009 11:41:53 AM

 Ummm...spinner rack? Bueller? Bueller?

shadowprime 7/29/2009 12:16:39 PM

Know I am very much in the minority amongst the comic book community, but I have NO interest in a DEMON IN THE BOTTLE movie storyline. NONE. Several reasons for that.

(1) The storyline was unique, at the time. But... that was all it was, for me. Wow - an alcoholic superhero... that is different. It was a novelty. But today, when we are DELUGED with "dark and gritty" comic book characters and big screen treatments, it ISN'T all that unique. Dark, gritty, troubled has been done to death.

(2) Related to point (1)... the storyline wasn't fun. It wasn't "deep". It wasn't pleasurable. It wasn't even "darkly pleasurable" as, for example, you might argue DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, or KINGDOM COME were. I am just not enthused about plunking down my $10 (or by then, $15?) to sit through two hours of Tony Stark, humiliated alcoholic.

(3) The "playboy" Tony Stark IS fun. The Tony Stark of the first IRON MAN movie is pretty unique, especially by current standards. A hard partying, super smart but basically moral super hero? With all the fun of James Bond and few of the downsides? Unique. AND fun. More like the Stark of ULTIMATES... and fun for that very reason.

(4) Movies are not monthly comic books. If we are LUCKY, we MAY get to keep this cast/crew together for three movies. Six hours of screen time. Maybe. That is it. I have no desire to see 1/3 of that rare, precious time devoted to a bummer storyline. If IRON MAN was an ongoing HBO series, with a 5-6 season run, and they wanted to devote one season to this? Maybe.

Hey, some of us like chocolate, some like vanilla. Just saying...for me, leave the DEMON IN A BOTTLE storyline on the shelf, thanks.


jfdavis 7/29/2009 1:35:44 PM

  As for number 1, aren't they doing an Antman movie? It sure as hell better be Hank Pym and without Janet would be a waste opportunity... 

  I would love to see either AIM or Hydra. I think the third movie is a good time to bring them out...

fenngibbon 7/29/2009 4:03:12 PM

 Hmm.  Two weeks in a row with no spinner rack.

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