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SaintDemon 6/13/2009 10:28:40 AM

I now have more respect for the CLAW. Also, wasn't there a night character in Teddy Ruxpin that turned evil or something when he got mad?

jppintar326 6/13/2009 4:50:13 PM

Gargamel was a wimp.  He is so weak that some of the goofier Smurfs like Clumsy could beat him.  He had no money, no status, and no real power.  I also found him incredibly stupid.  Most epsiodes were more or less the same with Gargamel being defeated by whichever Smurf was profiled that day, whether it be Smurfette, Jokey, Handy, Hefty, etc.  When Gargamel is confronted by someone or something bigger than him, he would cower in fear and run away.  By the way, Gargamel created Smurfette not Sasette. The first Smurfette was evil but Papa Smurf used magic to make her good.   I always thought the Smurfs were annoyingly happy.  My favorite Smurfs were Jokey, who always gave someone and exploding present, and Grouchy, who hated everything.  They were a breath of fresh air from the other bland Smurfs.

almostunbiased 6/13/2009 5:54:29 PM

The rescue Rangers kicked butt.  My college buddies and I watched that everyday.



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