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boxker 7/13/2010 5:42:03 AM

Oh Lord, this is STUPID, Lebron didn't backstabb anyone, he left AFTER his contract was OVER, didn't demand for a trade, didn't hold the team hostage. His contract was over, a contract that was his second with Cleveland I might add. He had already resigned once before and what didn the Cavaliers get in returned for his services a boat load of money. More than they paid out to lebron, more than they have ever made before he played for them. Yes, the Clevland fans have a right to be hurt, they don't have a right to decide where he plays. Further more if it was the othe way around, if Cleveland had enough money to bring over Wade and Bosh to play with Lebron they wouldn't told those guys "don't sign with us we don't want you to betray your team and fans"  no they would have said "Welcome to Cleveland." So this entire thing is stupid. Especially since this talk doesn't belong here.

wessmith1966 7/13/2010 6:09:11 AM

LeBron didn't screw Cleveland, the owner of the Cavaliers did. How many years did LeBron play there? How many years did the owner have the opportunity to bring in players to play along side LeBron? Jordan couldn't win alone and neither could Kobe, two of the best ever. Basketball, like football, is a team game. A singular great player will get the headlines, but a great team will win championships. The Cav's owner had plaenty of time to build a team around LeBron like the Bulls did with Jordan and the Lakers did with Kobe. The Cav's owner chose to bank the money he made during LeBron's tenure with the team. That's not LeBron's fault at all.

Could LeBron have handled it better? Sure, but no matter what he did or said he would have been reviled. It was a no-win scenario and he did what was best for him. This was his time to shine and he took it. He's young and for a couple of weeks the sports world hinged on his every word. He got caught up in the hype and had a good time being courted. You can't blame the young man for that.

Wiseguy 7/13/2010 6:17:12 AM

Fuck Cleveland and Lebron, they both suck. Okay, maybe Cleveland not so much. The news are reporting that apple is going to make a Lebron i-phone but you have top set it on vibrate cause it doesn't have a ring. Thank you thank you, I'll be here all day


Wiseguy 7/13/2010 6:20:56 AM

How come there wasn't all this hate when Shaq left Orlando?

Like it's been said, Lebron lived up to his contract and he was free to sign anywhere. Anyway, I'm one the skeptics that has plenty of doubts about his move. Afterall there is only one basketball

jsmulligan 7/13/2010 6:32:21 AM

Like someone else said, the reason there is all the hate is the way he did it.  He made these teams all jump through hoops to show him how badly they wanted him, then talked ESPN to give him an hour long special for him to make a spectacle of leaving.  Like someone else said, if he had just had a little press conference like everyone else, I doubt there would be this level of backlash.

Wessmith - I have to admit to barely being a casual basketball fan, but I don't know how you can say the owner screwed the fans by not bringing in players.  They tried bringing in Shaq.  They had a good enough team to have the best record in the league this year.  Lebron got nicked up and quit in the playoffs.

ddiaz28 7/13/2010 6:38:31 AM

Guess there are a lot of basketball fans hers.  How about we talk about the list though?

Anyways, good list Hanso.  I especially liked "the King James book of backstabbing line."  Pretty funny.  And I'm going to be picky here, only because I'm currently reading the book, but Edmond's last name in Count of Monte Cristo is Dantes not Dante.  Just a friendly FYI.  I love that movie by the way.  It's such a great tale of revenge.  And Fernand screws him out of so much.  Ultimately he only does it to one man so Mr. Skywalker is definitely tops when it comes to screwing people, since he did it to a whole galaxy.

Hobbs 7/13/2010 6:42:34 AM

Whoa, who said Lebron James screwed Cleveland.  He is taking less money to be on a better team and win championships.  Cleveland's roster sucked, I'm sorry but Mo Williams isn't James's Scottie Pippin.  Cleveland would have won games with Lebron this season but come playoff time they would have got their arse handed to them again.  I actually think the Brett Favre screwed the Packers over more than James did to Cleveland.

As far as everyone hating on him because of no championships....um, everybodies boy Kobe went through the same thing before he won his first.  Everyone seems to forget that.  It will come for James especially with a good team that he doesn't have to do everything on in order to win.

But nonetheless, interesting article. 


Wiseguy 7/13/2010 6:50:28 AM

I know Grima Wormtongue recently scored a first place spot for henchman but I think he deserved another. And how about Saruman, they both at least deserve to be on this list. Ok maybe I'm just thinking about LOTR too much, best trilogy in the history of history

Rheul_home 7/13/2010 6:52:43 AM

Sour grapes. LeBron is a FREE AGENT he didn't screw Cleveland. Why would he want to waste his career and potential playing for a city that simply cannot attract the talent necessary to win a championship. I'm from Jersey and even we make fun of Cleveland. You think Jordan would have stayed in Chicago if he wasnt surrounded by one of the finest basketball teams ever assembled?. Cleveland should stop crying in their soup and wish a hometown boy good fortune as he strikes out to achieve bigger and better things than his hometown cant provide.

Darkknight2280 7/13/2010 6:56:51 AM

So sick of D-bags whining about heir childhoods being messed with or raped with the prequel trilogy! STFU!! Its not like the original star wars trilogy was deleted and wiped from history!!. if you didnt like the movies then thats it you dont like them. I happen to like 2 of the prequel movies, hated episode I (cept for Darth Maul) But im not going to run around saying they raped my childhood. Its udder douchebaggery!

I agree KARAS1 when i here sports news im just like Meh... dont freaking care about most of them, i do watch football..but i dont watch the draft or watch sports news. But i live in Ohio and my DNA forces me to LOVE the Buckeyes!..lol

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