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Rheul_home 7/13/2010 7:00:38 AM

Sour grapes. LeBron is a FREE AGENT he didn't screw Cleveland. Why would he want to waste his career and potential playing for a city that simply cannot attract the talent necessary to win a championship. You think Jordan would have stayed in Chicago if he wasn't surrounded by one of the finest teams ever assembled?. Cleveland should stop crying in their soup and wish a hometown boy good fortune as he strikes out to achieve bigger and better things than his hometown can provide.

SelectiveRealism 7/13/2010 7:13:46 AM

As someone who writes about the Cleveland Cavaliers and has been a fan for over 25 years I can safely say that many of the people commenting here dont know what the hell they are talking about.

Stick to nerd topics, seriously.   

moonsunne 7/13/2010 7:22:12 AM

 First of all, It is not the fact that he left Cleveland. Many people before him have done it. Many people after him will do it.

The problem is how it was done. Since he never made long term commitments to Cleveland it prevented the "growing" of a team. It was always they had to win now or else he was leaving. You can't win now with the draft. You cant get free agents now (ex. Ron Artest last year, he said he didn't want to go to Cleveland, just to be stuck there post Lebron). The team was built the only way it could have been with those restrictions.

The Cavs had the best record the last 2 years. Do people really think Lebron was responsible for 50 wins himself? I have followed basketball my whole life. Game 5 Boston series, I have never seen anything like that in any sport. He Quit! He would have played better drunk. The fire was gone. If he didn't tank it, the Cavs had a shot at the title. If they win the title he can't claim the team was him and a bunch of bums.

Class, have some class. He didn't even call himself to inform them. He didn't ever call them back at all. The way it should have been done was this. The tv special was ridiculous. Don't do that. If he was hell bent on the show then do this. When asked where will he play say "I am not going to resign in Cleveland....Great times.....home.....wish them best.....thanks for memories. I am going to play for Miami.

Of all the adoration & love that that city gave to that man, he could have given a slight bit back.

I am from Cleveland. We do have tough skins. We do get crapped on bunches. It has just never been a TV Special.





tjanson 7/13/2010 7:25:02 AM

Hey...Bryan Ferry fan...you are a complete and utter moron.  See, people like you are what is wrong with the world today.  Qualities like loyalty and integrity take a back seat to greed and ego.  Lebron owes the Cavaliers nothing?  Oh really twit?  He owes them nothing for making him a multi-millionaire?  He owes nothing for loving him?  Did you not see Cleveland fans crying when he announced his "decision".  They put murals of the guy up in the city.  Did you know that they changed the color of their seats in the arena because LeBron did not like the background when he was shooting?  Lebron wanted Mo williams so the Cavs got him, he wanted Shaq so they got him, he wanted Antawn Jamison so they got him...and pathetic Lebron still choked in the playoffs because he has no heart, no balls.  So he decided to go and ride on Dwayne Wade's coattails. 

Did Isaiah Thomas leave the pistons to play for the celtics?  Did Michael Jordan leave the Bulls to play with the pistons?  No, the kept trying and trying until they finally beat their nemesis and win a title making all the sweeter.  If the Heat win a title now it will be empty and shallow because they will not have worked for it.

Listen Ferry nut, no one is questioning James' right to leave...but its the classless way he did it.  To put on the ridiculous show on TV when, by all reports, Lebron has known for MONTHS that he was going to the Heat.  This plot was hatched during the Olympics.  The guy didn't even have the class to call the owner himself.  He didn't have the graciousness to thank the fans of Cleveland during his stupid show.

The guy is a low-life punk and people are seeing him for what he is...a gutless, classless douchebag.

Flint521466 7/13/2010 7:45:38 AM

Well said moonsunne.  As a native Clevelander looking at the situation I can say that we(Cleveland) gave LBJ too much credit for being "one of us".  Truth is he was never "one of us".  I will say that SOME Cleveland fans feel they are owed something for all their "suffering" This behavior is sad & pathetic.  LBJ owed us nothing.  Like you said It's not that he left, it's the way he left.  I got no ill will.  Cleveland will be just fine. 


ponyboy76 7/13/2010 7:51:52 AM

Please, he's not a lowlife punk, but he does have a long way to go before he's considered "classy". Still, I don't think players should be held for ransom by fans just because they apprecite and love him. They are partly to blame for why he acts the way he acts. His whole life people have been on his nuts. He's been spoiled. Of course he acts like he's entitled. You guys entitled him. And lets be honest, if he didn't make his multi millions in Cleveland, he'd have done it on any other team. So, you weren't exactly doing him a favor by making him money. He chose to stay in Cleveland. Now he chooses to leave. Get over it!

SONYMANswallows 7/13/2010 8:08:19 AM

OZ  from Watchmen and You have Lebron in his costume.

Dana from 24

galaga51 7/13/2010 8:17:01 AM

You are missing the point guys... the list wouldn't be as good if it were called 7 Characters that Shat on Their Homeboys On Their Way Out, now would it? It's a way to tie it into something topical, even if the event in question did not occur quite as stated in the title.

Now as for the list, it was funny and a good read. Lots of good choices there; my personal two faves are Carter Burke and Fernando Mondego... Damn, those were two pricks who had it coming!

wessmith1966 7/13/2010 8:18:48 AM

SelectiveRealism...fill us in if we're all in the dark.

What LeBron did WAS classless and he should have handled things differently. He should have stepped up like a man and addressed the Cleveland faithful. He should have taken out a full page add in the Plain Dealer thanking his fans for their support. However, he owed absolutely nothing to Cleveland. He played out his contract. Plain and simple. It's a business and he honored his end of the deal. If the Cav's owner wanted more he should have put a better team around LeBron or given him some incentive to stay. And for those that say Cleveland had the best regular season record the last two years...it doesn't mean a thing. The only thing that matters is who raises the championship trophy at the end of the season. It's a shame for the fans who have followed LeBron in Cleveland. I feel bad for them, but Basketball is a sport on the court and business off the court and the Cav's front office dropped the ball.

Wiseguy 7/13/2010 8:20:40 AM

From some reports the deciding factor or one of them was that Bosh did not want to play for Cleveland even though James was trying to talk him into it. And people should give him at least a bit of credit for taking less money (unheard of nowadays) in order to go where he believes he can win.

Btw, that tv show, all the proceeds went to charity. The Boys and Girls Club of America, so not entirely tasteless I'd say.

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