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Wiseguy 7/13/2010 9:47:50 AM

tjanson, you strike me as a Cleveland fan :)

Look buddy, I'm not lathering in anything Lebron James. I have been saying for 2 years that the guy was a diva with nothing to show for it. I'm sure if I had said that last year you would've jumped down my throat.

Fact is I'm looking at the situation like most guys here, from a neutral point of view.

Bottom line is something good came out of his bs show, I'm sure espn and some others dipped their hands in the cash the show generated but at least some or most went to charity.

And you talk about him leaving millions of dollars on the table as if it was nothing. Fact is most players wouldn't do that.

Lastly, I don't care for Miami or Lebron. I hope the Cavs do win a championship before he does but I doubt that's going to happen.

boxker 7/13/2010 9:58:41 AM

Tjanson, First of all Jordon never really had an oppurtunity to be a free agent. Lebron had resigned  once with Cleveland. You guys and the rest of the world made Lebron  a Millionaire, and he brought in a lot of money for the Team and the area. Yes you can be hurt, and choose not to root for him anymore, But you gotta admit there is some hypocrissy there. If Wade and Bosh came to the Cavs, you wouldn't have said to them no don't come cause those other fans deserve for you to stay there. No, you would have been  shouting "Yeah, we're going to win it all now."

  Also why don't you point out other super stars that HAVE left several teams: Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dr. J., Wilt Chaimberlin, Shaq Oneal, (he left Orlando in a manner similar to Lebron-minus the tv show).  In Baseball it happens all the time. In all the Major Sports the owners betray the players all the time, especially football.  You mentioned Isaiah Thomas, yeah but free agancey wasn't as strong back then, plus you don't mentioned that Adrian Dantly, who was the Piston's leading scorer, was traded away overnight right before the playoffs began. He was so devistated that his new team couldn't find him for three days.

Fans can also have a level of disloyalty. I am a Piston fan and believe me when I say that many of us would cheer Rasheed Wallace one day and jeer him the next. I mean look at Phlidelphia fans and the way they treated McNab. So please, quit crying, quit crying foul.

Lebron hurt some feelings, he didn't kill some dogs, get arrested for a dui, or get caught in a hotel with a 16 year old prostitue. Get over it.

aegrant 7/13/2010 9:59:42 AM

Wow there are a bunch of Cleveland hating Douche-Bags on this site.

Let me state that I am a native Clevelander and I love my town and my sports. And let it be said that I am not mad about Lebron going to the Heat. As a matter of fact most of my friends, coworkers and family are not mad about him leaving. He was clearly within his rights to play anywhere he wanted next season so I can't blame him as a 25 year old millionaire for moving to Miami (hell, if I were single and rich (and 25) I would move down there too to get my sex on with a different girl every night). What upset me (and from everything I've heard or read - the majority of sports fans and pundits) was the way he went about announcing his choice. He went about this -for the lack of a better term - like a straight bee-yatch. He didn't have the balls (b*tch move) to tell the Cavs that he wasn't coming back (and we all know he had this figured out weeks, if not months or years ago by some reports) instead he put on this dog and pony show for the so called prospective teams to come and bow down and kiss the ring of the "King". The guy even punked one of his best friends - Jay-Z into doing this (yet another b*tch move). And as far as owing Cleveland anything - no he didn't owe the city the rest of his career but, he did owe them some sort of respect or grattitude for holding him up for the past 10 years ( yes, I am talking his high school years too) beyond going on national TV and practically spitting in their face (a huge b*tch move).

Look we all know superstars are the narcissistic types but I don't think you would see Kobe, Jordon, or Magic stoop to this level (and those are 3 really self-absorbed brothers). Whoever gave Lebron the advice to do this should never give him advice again. Hopefully his inner cirlce has told him that this did come off as a b*tch move to the world, and that his name and "brand" has been tarnished for quite a while (on a side note: did anyone notice how Nike stayed out of this? They didn't sponsor the "decision") ...

...I am done, no more writing. Just want to wish LBJ the best with the Heat and feel sorry that the dude can no longer show his face in the CLE or the AK-rowdy - Damn Shame!

and oh, one more thing - GO Lakers cause now there is no one in the east to battle you!!!

agentkooper 7/13/2010 10:08:49 AM

Hey!  Where's Lando?

monkeyfoot 7/13/2010 10:10:25 AM


I might have phrased it incorrectly. I meant to say he went to Miami (along with Wade and Bosh) because he thought he could win a championship there. Now that he's a free agent, he went where he thought he could achieve one of his life's dreams.

If you where an auto mechanic and your life's dream was to open your own auto shop, the auto shop you are currently working for might get pissed that you are leaving -especially if you are their best worker and you are about to become their competition- but hey, this is YOUR dream. You gotta go for it. That's all I'm sayin'. 

Wiseguy 7/13/2010 10:10:58 AM

Lando found his way back to the good guys.

millean 7/13/2010 10:33:44 AM

As soon as I saw the title of this article I laughed, which is unusual for Mania lists.  Should have figured Hanso was responsible.... :)

doublec 7/13/2010 10:41:58 AM

Who is LeBron James?

What Sci-fi movies, TV shows, comics, or books has he been involved in?

Is basketball part of the sci-fi genre?

Then why is he even a topic of discussion here, much less the subject of a top ten list?!?

gnolam 7/13/2010 10:50:21 AM

Ok.. I check in with Mania for the first time in awhile since the site has gotten so lame...and what do I find?Another damn list and of all people Lebron James.  As if we have not heard enough about him and as if his name belongs here lol.     Lame, Mania, as per usual for you.

tjanson 7/13/2010 11:06:08 AM

Hobbs...Mike Brown is NOT my guy.  I'm not a CAVS fan at all.  I just sympathize with their fans.  BUT you're wrong that having the best record in basketball doesn't translate into playoff success.  having the best record in the league gives you a HUGE advantage...it gives you home court advantage in EVERY series.  in the NBA where winning on the road in the playoffs happens about 25% of the time, that is a big advantage to have.

And look...you bring up Dallas...Dallas is chokers too.  Seriously, a #1 seed losing to a #8 seed in the opening round...there's nothing else to call that but choking, just as lebron has done the last three years.  You need only look at how lebron has played in the last playoff series of each of the last three seasons...in the finals 3 years ago against San Antonio, last year in the conference finals against orlando, and this year in the second round against Boston.  Great players play their best under the brightest spotlight.  had lebron James done so the CAVS would have won a title.

The lakers had the best record in the West and the won the title this year.  last year the Lakers had the best record in the West and won the title.  In 2007-2008, the Celtics had the best record in the league and won the title.  In 2006-2007, The Spurs had the third best record in the league and won the title.  In 2004-2005 the Spurs had the second best record in the league and won the title...

In short, having the best record in the league doesn't guarantee you a title, but it almost always assures you a spot in the finals and lebron has not even got past the confernece finals, with the best record in the NBA the last two years.  That is on him.

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