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fenngibbon 2/15/2010 1:01:31 AM

 Ah, President Camacho.  Any president willing to fire off machine guns in the House of Representin' in order to bring the chamber to order gets my support (take note, Obama!).  My only qualm is I don't know whether to give or subtract points for having the word s*** actually come up on his teleprompter.

dnbritt 2/15/2010 4:01:54 AM

Brawndo's got electrolytes, and that's what plants crave!

Darkknight2280 2/15/2010 4:32:57 AM

YO A$$ is PARDONED!!!!

Dazzler 2/15/2010 4:37:34 AM

Obama is the best fictional president we have ever had!

kissstation 2/15/2010 4:44:29 AM

What about President Beck in Deep Impact.  Mr. Freeman gave some good comforting speeches that rival President Whitmore.  And I love this exchange with the reporter in the White House kitchen:

From Deep Impact (1998)
[President Beck & Jenny are discussing the upcoming news conference about the comet]
Jenny Lerner: I want exclusivity.
President Beck: Now listen, young lady. This is a presidential favour. I'm letting you go because I don't want another headache. And I'm trusting you because I know what this can do for your career. Now, it may seem like we have each other over the same barrel but it just seems that way.
Jenny Lerner: I want...
President Beck: You want?
Jenny Lerner: May I... May I have the first question?
President Beck: I'll see you Tuesday, Miss Lerner.

rgtchtiger 2/15/2010 5:49:30 AM

 Granted 24 is a television series, but David Palmer trumps every President on this list.  Okay, he was almost too ideological as a politician, but I would trust him implicitly as President.

ponyboy76 2/15/2010 5:54:54 AM

I'm right there with rgtchtiger. Palmer was badass. And it only took 3 comments about fictional presidents for some one to throw their own commentary on real politics into the fray.

kissstation 2/15/2010 6:49:37 AM

I wasn't even thinking about a TV president...drrrr.  Palmer tops this list.  I would have taken a bullet for him! 

djphillips25 2/15/2010 7:11:50 AM

Comacho's greatest moment: riding in the presidential motorcade on an atv while dwning a beer and flipping off the audience. Now that's class.

killerville 2/15/2010 8:39:38 AM

President Merkin Muffley...Sellers was Awesome in Strangelove

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