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El Bicho_home 11/19/2009 11:00:08 AM

good list

VicDeZen 11/19/2009 11:45:26 AM

Great list.  I agree with it wholeheartedly.  Having the Incredible Hulk as the initial antagonist would be the smart thing to do for people following the other movies to this point.  A sequel would then be able to introduce Ultron, Vision and Hawkeye without getting too convoluted. 

-Vic De Zen


scooter167 11/19/2009 3:37:49 PM

I say

Iron Man. Hulk, Thor Captain America, ant man and the wasp With sub mariner for the sequel if the rumor is true that the story is similar to the straight to DVD movie and the gang battles the hulk.sub mariner would be a great enemy turned friend.

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Ozymandas 11/20/2009 7:54:02 AM

I think the list could be trimmed down to 5, and Black Panther & Hulk omitted. They'd be welcome in the sequels, tho'. 

keithdaniel 11/21/2009 10:53:07 AM

I agree with wiseguy and ponyboy in that I wouldn't rusdh too much into the first Avengers movie. If this is going to be done right then they should take their time,after all there's going to be many sequels one would assume,so there's no need to cram too many heroes into the first film. I'm sure they'll get around to everyone's favourites as the series goes on. I would have the following:

Avengers 1.                    Avengers 2.                    

1.Iron Man                      1.Captain America        

2.Thor                              2.Iron-Man

3.Ant-Man/Giant-Man    3.Thor 

4.Wasp                            4.Wasp

5.The Black Widow       5.Giant-Man

                                         6.The Black Panther


keithdaniel 11/21/2009 11:49:02 AM


Avengers 3.                      Avengers 4.                    Avengers 5.                    Avengers 6.

1.Captain America         1.Captain America        1.Captain America        1.Captain America

2.Iron Man                        2.Iron Man                       2.Iron Man                      2.The Yellowjacket

3.Thor                               3.Wasp                            3.Hawkeye                     3.Scarlet Witch

4.Wasp                             4.Goliath/Hawkeye        4.Scarlet Witch              4.Vision

5.Hawkeye/Goliath         5.Scarlet Witch               5.Vision                           5.Beast

6.Scarlet Witch                6.Vision                           6.Wonder-Man               6.Wonder-Man

7.Quicksilver                    7.Hercules                      7.Beast                           7.Tigra

...get the picture maniacs! That's just the way I picture it if I were producing the Avengers franchise. The idea is to bring in other Avengers over time but without rushing it. I know,I know...I have too much time on my hands! As far as the Hulk is concerned,I think Marvel way back when was being silly for making the Hulk an Avenger. Think about it,why would anyone in the Avengers organization consider membership for such a destructive,irrational,child-like creature! It doesn't make any sense and that's likely the reason why the Hulk didn't last as an Avenger! Anyway,as suggested before by others,I would still have the Hulk in the first Avengers film but as an antagonist with Loki influencing him from behind the scenes. In the third film,I'd have Hercules enter the scene and start a feud or rivalry with Thor and would eventually replace him in the fourth film. Knowing that Captain America won't be leaving anytime soon,I'd have Hawkeye go off on a movie of his own where he meets Mockingbird and together they eventually lead the West Coast Avengers! 

West Coast Avengers 1.



3.The Black Widow





Anyway,that's just how I'd do it! 

keithdaniel 11/21/2009 11:51:30 AM

One more thing I forgot to add. I'd have Captain America found at the end of the first Avengers movie with the help of the Submariner!

Wiseguy 11/21/2009 4:12:58 PM

Gotta say that I like your thinking keith. Agree with most of it

But the Submariner, 1st, didn't find Cap, he threw his frozen body in the ocean where the Avengers later found him and 2nd and more importantly the rights to the Submariner film belong to Universal so Marvel is s.o.l. for now as far as Namor goes.

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