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Devilcow 11/20/2009 4:29:59 PM

Jimini... I hope you're right about everything. I will certainly be checking the film site on December 8th.  And I also fear that if the first half splits at Bilbo getting the ring, there just won't have been enough stuff to make the first half into a whole film.  There are maybe 5 big events in that split... he meets Gandalf and the dwarves, encounters trolls, goes to Rivendell and relaxes, then gets captured by the Goblin King, and encounters Gollum.  All great stuff (and I'm probably missing something), but that's not a 90 minute film.   I strongly believe The Hobbit should be one movie, because I just don't see it stretching out to two and being that good.   Don't get me wrong, I really want to see Gandalf at Dol Goldur... but even that occurs in the second half, post-Beorn. 

On one other note... I'm most curious to see who plays Beorn.   Beorn kicks major ass.  Similarly, if there's ever a gap part, I'm wondering what woman eventyally marries the guy who turns into a bear at night. Eventually, she has baby "beornings."  Do the babies turn into cute bear cubs after dark?  I admit it, I wanna see those baby pics.

Maniahasissues... I believe you may have some issues yourself, but I'm still pleased to have sunk to "most worthless mania article ever."  On a related note, I'm against censorship of any kind,  so it will please you to know that I've imagined a string of devastatingly well-placed obscenities that reduce me to a quivering, weeping mass of jelly.  I am currently typing while in a fetal position, sobbing softly.

Lobbygow.. that was an awesome reply.  I know this to be true, because it has been posted and it has been read.

StarlightGuard... when you come out to LA, you will realize that Story Producers are not to be slept with, merely abused.   You need to become a Co-EP to be worthy of sleeping with.

DrWimsey... you bet I'm worried about Deathly Hallows too!  I thought the "Half-blood Prince" was a big  drop, but maybe splitting up the Deathly Hallows will be a good thing.  I'm looking forward to re-reading it.  But to me, the Potter books and movies lost steam after the Goblet of Fire.  And I thought Azkhaban was the best... although why Hermione was initally given a device to turn back time just so she could attend extra classes was always beyond me.

SeaShells 11/20/2009 5:15:41 PM

Something tells me Mason read The Lord of the Films: http://www.amazon.com/Lord-Films-Unofficial-Tolkiens-Middle-Earth/dp/1550228900

DeeJay4ADay 11/21/2009 10:10:11 AM

If viewed as challenges, most of the arguments put forth in the article can be worked around.  For instance:

7)  Make it 1 movie- while I agree with this point, it's somewhat futile to make this argument.

6)  Toughen up the elves- this can be illustrated when they start locking characters up without probable cause & handing out weapons.  It's less a matter of altering the material than how Del Toro interprets it.

5) Toughen the orcs- I don't see where this is necessary.

4)  Too many dwarves- simply put at least 9 of the 13 in "clusters" or "pods" based on how they dress, the "improvised" weapons they use and how they space themselves physically.  I don't know if any of the 13 are to be blood relatives, but that would serve to further justify the pods.  Whatever the case, if the pods function as their sub-teams during the action scenes, the audience will "get" it.

3)  The soundtrack- I've no doubt the filmmakers are already addressing this.

2)  The Orcs and light-sensitivity- a one-liner where a dwarf mentions never having to fight them in the light (foreshadowing future events) would suffice.

1) Smaug- admittedly, it'll be a challenge to render Smaug with something more than post-CGI imagery, but Del Toro's track record is such that he's likely to combine animatronics and CGI to pull it off.  The one element that the Rankin-Bass cartoon didn't incorporate was truly making it clear how much carnage he'd wrought.  This would range from the remains of would-be heroes and theives in his lair to portions of villages that are still charred and desolate as a result of his flame breath.  This is where the script and the actors would come into play.  The audience should be afraid of Smaug long before Bilbo ever lays eyes on him.  In fact, the build-up should be such that Smaug could look like Papa Smurf and still have the audience fearing for Bilbo's life.

All in all, it seems as if #1 and #4 are legitimate concerns, the filmmakers have a number of ways they could reconcile them.

krathwardroid 11/22/2009 2:18:05 AM

Actually, Lord of the Rings was six books, not three. And some of the orcs were referred to as goblins there too. Overall, I am not worried about Gillermo's adaptation of this story. I am sure it will be hard hitting as evidenced in his previous films such as Pan's Labyrinth and Hellboy. However, I hope the bit about splitting this novel into two movies is wrong. I was expecting them to adapt part of The Silmarillion content to bridge the gap as was originally planned. It's obvious this will be a three hour movie, and if they managed to get away with three hours for each LOTR installment - save Return of the King which clocked three and a half - then they can jolly well keep The Hobbit at three hours. Film The Silmarillion half, dammit! And finally, the stone trolls were already featured in the Fellowship of the Ring film like the book, so they will be in this movie too.

Jimini 11/22/2009 11:27:44 AM

Yeah, I'm afraid they are splittng the book in two, they're in the process of getting the script approved by Warner Bros. that is if it hasn't been approved already! The original plan was they were going to make The Hobbit in one film and make the second film set between The Hobbit and Fellowship. I was against the idea of the bridge film at first because I thought that there wouldn't really be anything for them to tell in a story that would keep an audience engaged, since the events during that time aren't really that well known, and I was relieved they were splitting The Hobbit so that they could fit in as much of the story as possible. Now, reading what everyone else is saying I too am a little bit worried it's a bad idea, I mean the second Hobbit film will be badass when you think about all the events that occur in the second half of the book, but it's gonna make the first one look pretty damn weak! And I'm curious as to what the hell they're going to call the two films, the first one "There..." and the second part "...And Back Again"??  Or "The Hobbit: Part One" and "Part Two"?

I suppose we've just got to have faith they're going to do a great job, since the scriptwriters with the inclusion of del Toro, and pretty much all the production team from LOTR are back, it's my hope they'll make something special.

myklspader 11/22/2009 1:47:45 PM

Of course the guy who wrote this is going to nit pick it all, look at what he does in the entertainment industry.

Out of all these silly lists Mania puts up this one is hands down the dumbest one. I feel more dumb for reading this then I do from having to wait through the commercials that pop up on TV for some of the shows the author has been a producer on.

wrrlykam 11/22/2009 3:45:20 PM

Some how I see the dragon from Dragonslayer when ever I think of Smaug. It captured the grace of the flying beast in the air and the worm when in the caves.

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dakomon 12/8/2009 9:55:04 AM

Orcs and Goblins are different species. Their are even Hobgoblins from the Gray Mountains in the North. The Great Goblin should be nice though. Even though he gets killed in a half of page.

Entspinster 12/13/2009 10:17:48 AM

DeeJay4ADay  wrote

"4) Too many dwarves- simply put at least 9 of the 13 in "clusters" or "pods" based on how they dress, the "improvised" weapons they use and how they space themselves physically. I don't know if any of the 13 are to be blood relatives, but that would serve to further justify the pods. Whatever the case, if the pods function as their sub-teams during the action scenes, the audience will "get" it."

Most of the dwarves are blood relatives of one sort or another.  Tolkein provides a handy geneology in the Appendixes to "The Return of the King".  Basic rule:  if the names rhyme, they're related.  I'll check it out, but offhand I recall at least three sets of 2 brothers, one of three brothers, and while Thorin has no brother, he does have nephews (who are brothers) along on the quest.  They are the sons of his sister, Dis, "the only female dwarf whose name is known to non-dwarves."

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