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8 Great Characters for an Anime Supergroup

Anime Avengers Assemble!

By John Rose     June 08, 2010

8 Great Characters for an Anime Supergroup
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When Marvel created the Avengers they scoured their licenses and put together a team capable of defending the earth from a wide range of threats too powerful for any one hero to handle on their own. Now as Iron Man 2 soars into theaters with its promise of earth's mightiest heroes coming to the silver screen, an eye has cast the spirit of the Avengers to find a selection of heroes that the world of anime might call on when the threat is too big and the cry for heroes goes out.

Anime Avengers Assemble!

8. Son Goku

From: Dragonball
When facing a crisis, it’s always helpful to have someone around who possesses great strength and fighting ability--Goku brings that to a team in spades. With his remarkable abilities in the martial arts as well as having teleportation, flight, enormous strength and a number of different energy attacks Goku brings a good deal of variety to a team in terms of offensive potential.

7. Ryoko

From: Tenchi Muyo
The Avengers have long had one of the most liberal membership rosters in comics. Male, female, human, robot or alien didn't matter as long as one could work with the team toward the goal of protecting people... or just beating the crap out of whichever villain was bent on world conquest. Ryoko has strength to spare, flight, limited teleport abilities, can pass through solid objects and can wield an energy sword. Additionally she brings her own transportation in the form of a small animal/spaceship with whom she is telepathically bonded.

6. Erza Scarlet

From: Fairy Tail
Erza is a strong willed woman who greatly values teamwork... even if she has to beat the other parties into getting along. Few care more about their comrades then she does and once she accepts some as such she is willing to go to the ends of the world for them. Erza possesses both a strong sense of obligation to her guild but also is willing to go outside the letter of her orders and follow the spirit of them in order to do what she feels is right. Erza has a fairly sizable strength for a human and also has the magical ability to change her clothing into various armors that each let her use a separate special ability-be it flight, multiple weapons or the ability to use a magic shield among other abilities.

5. Arucard

From: Hellsing
Sometimes a threat comes not from outer space but from the supernatural world and for these type of tasks turning to a powerful supernatural entity would be in order. Given that he is probably at his least dangerous when using his massive guns a team could do far worse than having this powerful vampire on their side when battling demons from the dark. Given his strength and the almost unkillable manner in which he fights it would be worth the likely creepy factor of having him on a team.

4. Ken the Eagle

From: Gatchaman
Every team needs someone to decide which plan of action they will go with and Ken may fit this role well. As the field commander of the Science Ninja Team he often has to make quick decisions and deal with multiple conflicts among his team's personalities. He isn't the strongest, smartest or at the top of a lot of other categories a person can be chosen for a team for but then neither is Captain America. Leadership skills can be more important as a "sum of all things" than just brute force.

3. Roger Smith

From: Big O
Smith is a negotiator by trade, someone who is brought it to settle disputes between parties or as a middleman when neither side fully trust the other. Since these parties can not go through the police due to the often illegal nature of their business Smith can find himself in some dangerous places. Smith doesn't carry a gun and relies on his wits and a small number of gadgets to get out of trouble but when the heat really turns up and the danger gets heavy Smith takes matters into his own hands. Smith boards the black megadeus Big O--a giant robot whose origins date back to a civilization no one in the city remembers. There are also hints that the Big O itself maybe sentient to some extent.

2. Mikoto Misaka

From: A Certain Scientific Railgun
Mikoto is the third most powerful psychic power possessor in a city populated with power users. Her powers involve the generation of electricity and she has a broad range of how she can use it. She can short out electrical systems as well as use her powers to magnetically attract iron particles to form weapons. Her signature move is to use the spare change in her pocket and flick them at people using her powers to generate a powerful electromagnetic "bullet" which is the source of her nickname of Railgun. Mikoto has a strong sense of justice despite her claims otherwise as well as a deep caring for her friends.

1. Jun Fudou/Devilman Lady

From: Devil Lady
Jun used to live her life in a timid fashion and only showed a certain spark when photographed. A new side of her was revealed when she came into contact with a person who had been affected by the Devil Beast Progression syndrome which caused her to become a Devilman-a creature of enormous strength but still in full possession of her human soul. As a Devilman Jun uses her powers which include the ability to grow wings and fly, great strength, incredible healing powers, the ability to grow blades on her arms, some electrical power as well as the power to grow to giant size to save mankind-even when many fear her due to her appearance. Though she does live with the specter that one day she may lose control of the beast within and become one of the greatest threats mankind has ever known.
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redslayer 6/8/2010 12:55:32 AM

You are forgetting Kakashi from Naruto.  He is a great leader and can copy his enemies techniques!  Besides, Any team should have a ninja to do some little infiltration.

Wyldstaar 6/8/2010 1:42:08 AM

The team already has a great leader who is a ninja.  Ken from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman.

GundamWingMan 6/8/2010 1:59:08 AM

 So, Devil Lady would be the anime version of The Sentry, and readers of The Avengers know how THAT story ended!

jdiggitty 6/8/2010 7:29:52 AM

isn't it ALucard? or Dracula spelled backwards?

OmegaDean 6/8/2010 7:45:24 AM

Ok I guess I'm old school.  If I was doin an Anime Avengers I'd want my team to consist of a different sort of compliment.  These are my picks in no particualr order


7. Ken (Fist of the North Star)

6. MD Giest

5. Boah

4. Goku Midnght Eye

3. Crying Freeman

2. Vampire Hunter D

1. Kyoya Izayoi  (from Demon City Shinjuku)

ninjaBam 6/8/2010 7:59:55 AM

 What about Triguns Vash the Stampede for his wackyness

TigerPrime 6/8/2010 8:05:15 AM

How about Hei from Darker than Black? Definitely would be the outsider of the group, but his infiltration skills coupled with his electric powers would be an asset.

doubleO7 6/8/2010 8:23:51 AM

@ jdiggitty

Yes its supposed to be Alucard (Dracula spelled backwards). Thats his name in the anime and manga, so I dont know why this list refers to him as Arucard.

animefanjared 6/8/2010 9:13:52 AM

What about Major Katsuragi from Ghost in the Shell?  She's strong, smart, no-nonsense, and would be able to provide the tech support a team like this would need.

theworld 6/8/2010 9:17:17 AM

Um, hello? Lina Inverse from Slayers? The little girl who could level city blocks - or even whole cities- with her spells?

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