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midwest216 11/24/2009 6:50:59 AM

Joined site just to add a comment!

I agree with the selections, but how in the world could you not mention Tony Jaa? He is well known in Thailand and has an underground following in the states. Not to mention doing his own stunts without wires or camera tricks. And his speed is comparable to Jet Li's.

Also to a lesser known: Bolo Yung, Chuck Norris and Jim Kelly the black actor from some of Bruce Lee's movies. You gotta add these guys, they're apart of the culture.

seaquest 11/24/2009 7:19:27 AM

What was the state of martial art films in the US before Chuck Norris? Didn't he sort of make these movies more main stream?

avidfan 11/24/2009 7:23:57 AM

Norris did and Van Damnme too.  I don't know hardly any of these other guys, but Van Damme exposed a whole generation to the limber, nut wrenching martial arts.

redslayer 11/24/2009 7:58:18 AM

Chuck Norries was actually a student of Bruce Lee, he actually plays the bad guy in one of Bruce's movies.

As good as Chuck is, I do not see him as figure that redefined the martial arts cinema.  I do agree with the comment of "midwest216", we really need Tony Jaa in this list.

steppingrazor66 11/24/2009 8:24:21 AM

I totally agree with this list. I just feel that Tony Jaa's body of work is not as Expansive or Innovative as these actors careers were.

everdreaded 11/24/2009 8:46:47 AM

How can you say Chuck Norris didn't help innovate martial Arts movies?

Prior to that the equivelant of a white man doin any martial arts was Sean connery and his fake Chops in the Bond movies...Chuck was the man cause i dont recall anyone doin a roundhouse the way that man did in the 70's through the 80's.

And where is Sonny Chiba..how his name isnt above Donnie and the newcomers is Dick;riclous! LOL!

Wiseguy 11/24/2009 8:53:30 AM

I really don't have a big problem with the list except that it's missing Woo-ping Yuen. Who IMHO opinion should be #1 without a doubt. I love Lee and Norris but they were part of the natural progression of the genre IMHO. To be sure they advanced and maybe were ahead of their times but Yuen has been doing it longer as an actor and recent times and perhaps more importantly as choreographer. And the latter has elevated the genre to new heights with movies like The Matrix and Kill Bill. Sure he wasn't a big star here but his work behind the scenes is unparallelled

Sonny Chiba needs to be here as well

monkeyfoot 11/24/2009 8:57:48 AM

This list is fine. I just think that Jackie should be No. 2 just under Bruce Lee as No. 1. They are the two that have been the most influential of all cinema kung fu stars.

Bruce Lee is dead... but he can still kick your ass!

- on a bumper sticker

Wyldstaar 11/24/2009 8:59:09 AM

Being caucasian is not innovative.  Chuck Norris made the exact same sorts of movies that Asian martial artists were making.  All he did was change the locales of his films to Texas and be white.  He saw a section of the US film market that was not being addressed by Hollywood, and wisely took advantage of it.  Chuck had it much easier for his career because he was white, not in spite of it.  Just because Norris was the first person you saw doing these things, doesn't mean he was actually the first to do them. 

Whitelotuspriest 11/24/2009 9:13:56 AM

Great list!! Don't have a problem with it at all except I think Gordon Liu should switch spots with Stephen Chow. Yuen Wo Ping is more of like a director/choreographer that's probably why he didn't make the list, but if we were to add directors I think you could add Chang Cheh, Liu Chia Liang, along with Yuen Wo Ping.

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