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Donnie 12/4/2009 12:29:00 PM

In my oppinion#1 and #2 are ok,but #3 should be Sammo Hung and not Stephen Chow.Sammo Hung he made Jackie Chan look good beter than Jackie did .Sammo showed us a variation of many Martial Arts and created the best villians in kung fu historie .Chuck Norris has in my oppinion nothing special,with all my respect to him as a person.If you train for 2 years good you can do the same what he can.Tony Yaa is really a multy talented martial artist but he  copys to much the things from Hong Kong movies.Except the Muay Thai he didnt showed us something i didn't see before,but once again i say it ,his talent is extra ordinaire.Van Damme inspired the youth to go do martial arts ,  the same  Bruce Lee could do,but if you have an eye for martial arts you can see his timming is zero.The same things again and again in each movie till you get tired from his split and try cips and sentimentel stuff.Jackie should be #4,Jet Li #5,Yuen Biao #6,Michele Yeoh#7 and Seagal #8 because he was the first that presented Aikido to the screens and showed something we didnt see before at the screen.At this momment Donnie Yen is the #1 action star.He brought explosive punching combinations  mixed with MMA and brings in each new movie something we didnt see before .This is only my opinion and every one looks from his own eyes we can  look to the same thing and every one see's something diverent.

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