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Darkknight2280 1/11/2010 8:46:04 AM

This list should have contained 1 movie and thats MOONRAKER! Every other movie on this list is and was great! I guess the lists are going back to be crappy again. Seems these lists are just based on the opnions of the write themselves. Perhaps you guys should take a pole and then post a list and article based on the poll results? That would make the list have a little more weight among the people like me who frequent the site. Either way people will b!tch about it but at least we ouel have input and we will still provide great comments :)

da82kid 1/11/2010 9:10:18 AM

This list is BS; i'll give you Tron and Moonraker but Batman and Temple of Doom are near and dear to my heart. For every film yall bash, I dare you to do better like Capt. Pike told Kirk. If Tim Burton, Chris Lambert, Michael Keaton, and Jack Nicholson suck so bad, I dare you all to do better. Chris Nolan did it, why cant you?

fft5305 1/11/2010 9:24:13 AM

Well, since Tron took place in 1982, and according to Wiki, the first dial-up commercial ISP didn't come into existence until 1989, I'd venture a guess that the MCP couldn't go to Babel Fish (get the spelling right) because... IT DIDN'T EXIST YET!

Highlander sucks because the sequels and spinoffs were lousy? That makes sense.  Like saying The Matrix isn't any good any more because the sequels were made. Versutus already addressed the battle fo Loch Shiel point.


lancedenier 1/11/2010 9:27:41 AM

You have got to be kidding me.  Highlander doesn't hold up well because the sequels were bad?  Does that mean we should write Star Wars off completely?  Star Trek movies after ST II?  In a perfect world you would see Highlander and be content with the story and never dare pick up H2, that damn tv show or any of the other crapfests they made.  That doesn't make Highlander suck.  There is only one in my opinion.

Superman I and II?  KMAYMF!!!  The benchmark for Comic Book films, without which none of the others would have gotten past Saturday morning cartoons.  Unbelievable...

Gideon 1/11/2010 9:49:31 AM

hate to agree, but if you’re looking for top respected genre films whose sensibilities, craft and execution are the furthest from our standards today, then this list is pretty good. Certainly, there are worse offenders out there, but not too many that hold such fond places in our hearts… and there’s the crux of this… our emotional investment.

Of the movies I’m still attached to, Tron, Superman I, there’ll be no convincing me that these are not good movies – simply because of how they manage to make me feel.
However, of the ones that I have less attachment to, Batman Superman II The Highlander, well then.. yeah, it’s much easier for me to see notice the flaws more and more with each viewing over time. …and… Of course, for the ones I never much liked, Inferno Temple of Doom Mooraker, I’ve never been able but to see their flaws.

Take Batman for example. It’s a film that Tim Burton himself has reportedly admitted to feeling that he should’ve done a better job with, but for its time, it was doing something that a major comic book film had yet to pull off – that is deliver a darker, not targeted primarily for kids, superhero film. It’s a notable accomplishment, but viewed through the lenses of 2010, it’s a very bumpy mix, caught between trying to be both quasi-realistic/serious and Burton-y/comic-esque cartoonish. Batman 2, by comparison, is a far superior film. In it Burton’s voice became clear again. While it’s a definitely a dark movie, it exists totally within Tim Burton’s unique and twisted cartoon framework. Freeing itself from trying to be too connected to “our world” (a "realistic" film not being the type of movie Tim Burton as any interest in), it holds up far better that its predecessor. No doubt, that’s not the only reason. If the story, acting and art direction were as much rubbish as the next two Batman movies... well… then, no amount of consistency in approach could save it. Fortunately, Batman Returns remains a good film having avoided most of the mistakes that diminish the first film as well as those terrible missteps that have made the Schumacher films some of the most reviled ever.

Since it’s hard to compare how Batman films have withstood the test of time without discussing the latest incarnations, it seems safe to say that, similar to Batman 2, Nolan’s Dark Knight flicks are likely to have far better staying power for similar reasons. While I personally like the more realistic take on Batman, having always wanted the comics and previous movies to have this kind of feel, it’s precisely that this film is consistent within itself, that it’ll find its staying power. The realism is just a part the setting. The Nolan films do not confuse their settings with stories that don’t match – unevenly marrying the oft-sillier aspects of comicdom with a “real world” thriller/action film. Nor does Nolan make any serious mistakes in its realistic aspects. For all intents and purposes, the late 2000’s are accurately represented here, ensuring that, while we may look back at that decade and wonder what we were thinking, we won’t look back at Nolan’s films and find that they didn’t age well.

Whee.. sorry for being so long-winded - just that I'm facinated by examining at least a few possible reasons as to why a film might wind up here.

JoeArtistWriter 1/11/2010 9:53:01 AM

Hey guys, normally I try to address every comment in the boxes, but I'm on vacation in the beautiful Garden State, and I'm on a time budget. Based on most of the comments I've read so far, this is what I'll say about the list...

I don't think I was too hard on things like special effects, that would be tooo easy. What bugged me was things like Robert Wagners fire march in "Towering Inferno," Christopher Reeves acting as Clark Kent, and Jaws plummeting from 3000 feet and walking off.

Those things didn't bug me as a kid, and I still love all of those movies.... I just see the flaws now, and wish they didn't exist.

I'lll try to comment more when I get a chance.

gauleyboy420 1/11/2010 9:55:11 AM

HOW can you leave Steve McQueen and Paul Newman of the list of starring actors from Towering Inferno? They are easily to of the baddest mutherfukkers on the silver screen ever!

AND several of these movies held up VERY well.

I still watch Indana Jones:ToD and love it, sure it's silly and far fetched, but ALL Jones movies are... AND I like that capshaw was annoying, because despite the fact that Indy wanted to bang her, he couldn't stand the sound of her voice. Love that movie

Batman (while definitely NOT the best Bat-flick Wiseguy, and NOT the truest to the comics either) is FREAKIN" AWESOME, the effects hold up, the action holds up, and Burtons visuals are so out of this world on all his flicks that his movies remain timeless.

Can't even go into the long LONG list of reasons Superman holds up (1&2), BUT I will give you this Joe, The Donner version of Superman 2 is VASTLY superior than the Lester version, and should be required watching for any comic fan

Joe you suck!!! (wink wink, nudge, nudge ;)

gauleyboy420 1/11/2010 10:03:11 AM

Careful Everdreaded, you talk trash like that about Avatar, and Wiseguy is likely to get fired up ';)

BEAUTIFUL Garden State? (NJ) C'mon, thats the biggest oxymoron I've ever heard.

AND if any of you are dis-satisfied with Superman 2 when you watched it recently, RENT THE DONNER DIRECTOR CUT OF SUPERMAN 2, VASTLY SUPERIOR, AND No lame throwing the cellophane S shield off his chest.


one of my favorite cheestastic lines from Superman 2 "THE PEOPLE!!!"

EagleManiac 1/11/2010 11:35:23 AM

This list is f-ed up beyond belief!

TRON? Really? Give me a break! Should NOT be on this list, PERIOD!

Superman 2? Again, REALLY? 'Nuff said.....also should not be on this list.

Tim Burton's Batman kills The Dark Knight and doesn't even have to try. Again, as with the above movies, doesn't belong on this list.

Note: This list was screwed up, and Joe needs another profession. He sucks at this!





axia777 1/11/2010 11:35:33 AM

This list is good except for Superman, Batman, Indiana Jones and Highlander.  All those movies still kick ass.  So NAH. :P  Oh wait, this list is not so good then.  In fact, it kind of sucks monkey balls.

Oh and by the way, liked the new Indiana Jones!  So kiss my butt haters.

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