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EagleManiac 1/11/2010 11:54:15 AM

TRON kicked so much ass at the time, and sure, by today's "Computer Standards" it's archaic and dated, but THAT is what made/makes it so cool. It remindes us of a time when computers were "geeky" "nerd" tools that only a select few had and used. Today, just about everyone has a computer of some kind. I had my first computer back in 1981, a Tandy CoCo, and because of TRON(and WarGames), I really got into them, and am in that profession today!

My two most highly anticipated movies for 2010 are Iron Man 2 and TRON: Legacy.

isgrimner 1/11/2010 12:59:25 PM

Ricky Bobby said that Highlander was the best movie ever.  He was also pretty sure it one an award for best picture ever. 

I know I thought it was a great movie when it came out.  I haven't watched it all straight through for over 10 years at least, so I don't know if it will hold up.

Like Gauly stated, you shouldn't talk about the Towering Inferno and not at least mention McQueen and Newman.  It was such a big deal getting those two in the same movie at the time, that there were big issues over how their names were arranged on the movie poster.  The compromise was that the one on the left was  placed slightly lower than the one on the right. 

samson 1/11/2010 1:15:37 PM

I love the new Batman movies. But, Keaton's portrayel remains the best. He was spot on. If they did a, "Dark Knight Returns" I'd be great to have him return to the role.

The subsequent Highlander sequels may have sucked (except Highlander Endgame. I found it enjoyable), but the series got really good after the first season. Great epsiodic story telling with an over reaching season arc. One of the first TV shows to do that.


everdreaded 1/11/2010 1:24:30 PM

LOL..nah G  wiseguy and me had it out..old news no harm..if you dnt talk smack wheres the fun it's all good...

besides iwas a naysayer that kept his moutgh shut..lol but went to see AVATAR and got my eyeballs handed to me happy.

I was just sayin how corny it seems to compare movies from a different time land say the dont age well cause of contemporary style and tastes...I mean i like old tarzan movies and some have some corny stuff, but i cant see comparin it to Greystoke or any remakes(except that bo derek thing..ugh) it was a different style and time then.

monkeyfoot 1/11/2010 2:18:37 PM

Isgrimner, In Towering Inferno they also made sure that Newman and McQueen had the exact same number of lines in the script.

That movie is my favorite of the old 70's disaster movies.

JoeArtistWriter 1/11/2010 2:22:23 PM

Wow, I knew this list was going to be met with scorn but why do some people have to try to hurt my feelings? I do not suck. Now I'm crying.... see what you've done. Thanks so much Eaglemaniac, I hope you're proud of yourself. You have cut me to the quick with your caustic hate spew.

For the record, I still love each and every one of these films, and I'm really poking fun, in a humorous way .  at films I thought were flawless when I was younger and now that I'm an adult (and not some reactionary child who screams out hurtful things when his favorite movie is challenged) I can see the flaws in some of my favorite movies. (Hence the title of the article) 

If you want to disagree with the title of the article, I suppose that's your perogative. That's the title I was given, and this is how I chose to interpret that thought.

I never thought Burton's Batman was great, but I enjoyed it - I'd give it a B. I really liked TRON, but it is a little silly. You would have not have found a bigger Superman I fan than me when I was 13, but Lester's Superman II is crap. Fun crap I guess, but Donner's cut is far superior. The logic in the Highlander is faulty at best, and Clancy Brown could have killed that whole clan by himself if he wanted. There was no reason not to finish off his target when given the chance.

I did mention the Newman/McQueen thing in my original draft, but these things tend to get edited down, and that was left on cutting room floor.

Come on guys, the entire thing was written with love.... no need to counter the love with bile.

I know most of you got the article for what it was, but it still amazes me how fangy some of you guys are when someone dares point out a foible in a work of fiction you had absolutely zero input on.

Some of you need to chill out. No one wants to take your wubbies away. Can't we just discuss like adults?

Oh yeah, and The Empire Strikes Back was the biggest piece of trash ever committed to celluloid.... I kid... I kid.... Put your light sabres back in their plastic carrying cases... I kid.



hanso 1/11/2010 2:40:47 PM

I havent' seen some of these movies in awhile except Batman and I disagree Joe, that film still holds up well for me. 

But I see what you meant with the article and I thought you may have snuck in some 80s action films or something.  I love me some Van Damme especially when it's double the Van Damme double the Van Dammage baby!!  Saw Cyborg a few months back a film I liked as kid and that shit was laughable man.  I could't believe it yet my nostalgia lets me enjoy it.

This weekend I also saw Evil Dead and I thought that looked like crap, the make and stuff. Kinda funny.

swisshammer 1/11/2010 2:53:26 PM

You can look at the original King Kong and say, "Those FX sucks! And look at that silly acting!"

You can look at Gone With The Wind and say, "What a completely racist politcally incorrect view of the Civil War.! Ugh!"

You can look at The Ten Commandments and yell, "That is some of the worse over the top acting on Earth! Yuck!"

Or you can see them in the right perspective and still get the fun of watching them and the ones on your list for years to come.


EXACTLY, Monkeyfoot. That's why lists like this are infuriating to me. I think all of the movies on the list have held up quite well, actually. Especially Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. How has that not held up? Does it particularly LOOK like a film from the 80's? No.

And I have to say, Joe, most of what you are complaining about are poor plot structures that were poor when the movies CAME OUT! So this list isn't as much about the movies not holding up as it is about you just being too young or oblivious to spot these plot holes when the movies were released.


Gideon 1/11/2010 2:54:24 PM

Wow! It seems like bleary-eyed nostalgia has an iron grip on the fanboy community.

I’m sorry, but this list is valid.

I love Superman and Tron, but while I might agree that Superman has a timeless charm, it does feel dated in a number of ways. By the same token, I’ll watch Tron anytime I come across it. Yet, deep down I know that it's far from being a perfect film. These movies ARE GREAT, to me, for how they made me feel and I hold on to a piece of that every time I watch them.


Forget that it how it affected you when you were younger and even forget what boundaries that some of these films broke in their day (Tron had mind-blowing computer visuals, Batman made incredible money and ventured in to a more mature world than comics films had till then and etc.). Watch them again with the warm-fuzzy filter off and you’ll see why they are on this list. Better still, if you can, show these movies to a non-fanboy who is a reasonable judge of cinema and who has not seen them before and I doubt you’ll find the same sort of love we (myself included) feel for them.


monkeyfoot 1/11/2010 3:00:28 PM

Joe, ya gonna have to be prepared on the internet for these types of fan attacks. I saw it coming when I read the title and choices. That's why I said in my first comment these kinds of articles almost call for response.

I didn't think anybody would be that brutal. But you can take comfort in the fact that from what I've seen on the web, Maniacs more often than not give good reasonable (and funny) comments you might learn something from compared to other websites.

But anybody who doesn't like the original Highlander sucks anyway :-)

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