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keithdaniel 3/12/2011 11:49:10 AM

Johnnyathm1, you're certainly entitled to express your views here, as distasteful as they can be regarding the recent Japanese earthquake.  However, as with all things, there is a time and place for doing and saying things, especially making statements that are very, very insensitive at a time where they haven't even counted all of the dead yet!  Your honesty certainly doesn't gloss over or excuse your insensitive statements and your timing couldn't be worse!  I don't have any hate towards you either, but I sure as hell don't have any respect for you as well!  I have no idea how long you've been in the military, but perhaps it's been too long given the circumstances in which you've told us about!  Perhaps it's affecting you in ways you don't even realize and thus would explain your stupid, grossly insensitive, and horribly timed comments!  BTW, Speaking of George Carlin, as a comedian I'm sure that if he were alive now, even he would know about something called comic timing!

keithdaniel 3/12/2011 12:01:21 PM

Another point I wanted to make.  Just because we the freedom to say what we like here on this forum, doesn't mean we should say just anything.  I certainly don't advocate censorship but we can definitely control the things we say and how we say things.  In other words, we should exercise some tact...doing so wouldn't hurt us would it?

Kara, I'm really proud of you because I really liked what you've said!  You've made some great points and I wish I'd said them!  Good on you, my friend!!! 

Johnnyathm1 3/12/2011 12:30:43 PM

As is your right to do so violator, as is your right. Who am I to question what turns your crank? For all I know, you like to dress up in a hot pink rubber suit and blow the neighbors cat. Its a victimless crime, and the cat might get something out of it. I was trying to be honest with how I see things, in a constructive conversation with madmanic999. I understand his point of view, and I respect it. However, your personal attacks are weak and baseless, like that of a knee jerk reaction to fit into the crowd...devoid of original thought. So please, do yourself a favor, and rethink your attack...it is that of child, and therefore, of little consequence.

As to the rest of the readers that I may have offended, I do understand about time and place, as well as comedic timing...I also realize that I have over stepped my bounds here, sharing what is not, in current company, popular views. Having said that, perhaps you can all take my apology for these transgressions. I will keep these thoughts, such as they are, to myself. Also, for those that like to make personal attacks, attacks with little structure and even less thought...best sharpen that pencil, I don't stand by ideally and take it

keithdaniel 3/12/2011 1:50:04 PM

Johnnyathm1, on behalf of everyone here on Mania (if no one minds!) I want to thank you for being big enough for apologizing for your previous insensitive comments and we accept your apology!  It's good to see that you've read my comments as well as others here and recognized the error of your ways in terms of issuing comments not only in bad taste but at a bad time.  I don't think Violator really meant what he said, he was just trying to illustrate to you  "how would you feel when others make light of your potential misfortune?"  I now take back what I said about not respecting you...because you've now gone a long way in earning that back with me!  Awareness is the first step to recovery and you've at least done that.  The way I see it, if we don't forgive those who want to be forgiven, then what incentive do they have to want to change?  Something to consider for those who are reluctant to do so!  Johnny, you've done the right thing here, good on you!!!   

violator14 3/13/2011 2:02:51 PM

Thank you Keith for illustrating my point. I thought Johnnyathm1 seemed like he was smart enough to get it, as opposed to a personal attack on a guy ive never even seen or met.

Johnnyathm1-my comment was "childlike" on purpose btw( you DID read your original comment right??). Like Keithdaniel said, i was trying to make u feel how one of the victims might feel by being insensitive and a dick about their deaths and misfortunes. And it obviously erked you a bit just from the reply you posted to me. Imagine if one of those people in Japan crushed between a car read your comment??

At the same time my reply to you was a bit personal, and I apologize for that. I just couldn't believe what I was reading. I know Tsunamis and crazy destruction is kind of cool to watch, but 10,000 people dead and counting, 1000's more missing, children crying, people getting sick, no clean water and food, missing cars and HOMES is NOT cool and entertaining to watch. But ya, since you've apologized, well besides to me, and retracted your statement, there's nothing else we can really do or say now besides pray for those in need. Peace.

Calibur454 3/13/2011 3:55:29 PM

@johnnyatham1- yea I just read the appology a moment ago. I have to admit that I took a pot shot at you too. I was a little frustreated with the whole entertaining coment you made. Especially after the nuclear power plants poped up on the grid.

You did appologize sincdicerely so now I will do the same to you.

Im happy you appologized and I hope you will accept my appollogy as well.

I hope there are no hard feelings and I am sorry for taking that pot shot at you.


Mossy1221 3/13/2011 6:25:31 PM

 My Mother-In-Law lives in Fukushima.  Although what is going on is beyond devastating. I wish to inform you all that CNN and Fox news is not the place to get your information or updates on the this topic.  My wife and I both have found that they alter or completely leave out important information on what is going on.  If it does not spell disaster, death or ratings they do not care to inform us.  

While they continuously show us the same 6 videos of the Tsunami and the poor individual waving the white blanket out the window for two days. The Japanese people already had begun search and rescue.  Did they show this? Nope. But instead they waited to get all those videos of Good Ol' USA on their way to the rescue first.

Remember CNN reporting on the Tsunami that was heading for the islands of Hawaii?  They were following it to the minute of impact. The anticipation, the fear, the build up and........and then San Francisco is preparing for the impact of a Tsunami. What happen in Hawaii?  Oh wait, that is right. Nothing. Hawaii was safe. No death and no destruction. Instead of telling us the people of Hawaii were safe. Which would have let us know San Francisco would have been safe.  They just skipped right over it to feed the fear of all the people in Cali and the people that have family in Cali.  

Instead of telling us what is actually happening, they tell us what will keep their ratings soaring high.

keithdaniel 3/13/2011 9:05:37 PM

Mossy1221, I don't recall seeing you around here before, so if you're new just know that at mania we're fairly good at policing ourselves here so to speak whenever someone gets too out of line as we've seen above.  Who knows, you may be right about Johnny, however, I along with some others would like to believe otherwise and give him the benefit of the doubt and accept his apology, at least for the sake of keeping things civil here.  As bad as this thread was going, myself along with some others managed to turn things around and avoided what could've been an even uglier atmosphere.  Johnny has apologized and has agreed in the future to keep any insensitive comments like the ones above to himself, so sense that's the case then I would like to kindly ask you to not push this any further.  There's just no point in reopening that can of worms, is there?  Thanks!

TheLast1ofMpls 3/13/2011 9:32:25 PM

My thoughts are with those of Japan!

As for ALL of you debating in length on other non-relevent issues to this tragedy, ridiculous.

Johnnyathm1 3/14/2011 2:09:55 AM

Listen Mossy, you can take my apology with a bucket of shit for all I care. I answer to my peer group, of which you don't belong too. I stepped on my wang rather hard for my honest comments, and hence, have taken a beating I won't forget for the foreseeable future. I have interacted with these folks for some time now, and they have set me straight.

Best rethink your initial introduction and interaction with me. Folks here have a long memory...who the hell are you to sit in judgment of me? Nobody, that's who...Step the f**k back.

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