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Chopsaki 6/3/2010 3:58:27 AM

Zach Snyder

Notable work: 300, Dawn of the Dead, Watchmen.

Pro: Flamboyant visual style using a combination of dynamic compositions, highly-saturated color schemes and visual effects. Experience coordinating large scale battles.

Con: Currently set to begin production on Xerxes though the longer MGM's troubles continue the better it works for his schedule.

Miner49er 6/3/2010 4:40:28 AM

Michael Bay

Notable Work: um...

Pro: Will add some hot chicks to Middle Earth.

Con: Will blow up Middle Earth.

kempmike79 6/3/2010 4:40:40 AM

I'd be onboard with options 1 or 2 although Spielberg's other commitments may, like Jackson, make that difficult.  Verbinski might be a shout - to be honest I think the Hobbit sequel will be rubbish anyway (although the Hobbit itself could be good)

Darkknight2280 6/3/2010 4:56:06 AM

To be honest i could really care less about the Hobbit! im soo sick of all the bullcrap news about it.. Its on... its delayed..... its ramping up to fill...its delayed...the director has left...we are looking for a new director...Just cut your loses and move on its not going to get made!!

dnbritt 6/3/2010 5:22:47 AM

I got a negative for Spielberg:  Crystal Skull.  Seriously, the guy's skills may be slipping the way Lucas's began to slip starting in about 1996.

TayDor 6/3/2010 5:27:52 AM

This list should be:

9. Peter Jackson

8. Peter Jackson

7. Peter Jackson

6. Peter Jackson

5. Peter Jackson

4. Peter Jackson

3. Peter Jackson

2. Peter Jackson

1. Peter Jackson

Anyone else is just going to be a bad idea.

trollman 6/3/2010 5:53:49 AM


You forgot the most obvious choice



#1 : PETER JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!

redhairs99 6/3/2010 6:21:13 AM

How did I know that Cuaron would be Hanso's top choice?  Sorry Hanso, his Harry Potter was possibly the best of the series, but Children of Men is terrible.  I even tried giving the movie a second chance a few months back when it was free on demand.  I got about an hour in and I changed the channel otherwise I would have blown my f'n brains out.  God, that movie is boring!

Spielberg is a genius and no one can hold a candle to his filmography, but Munich is one good movie he's made in a decade.  Saving Private Ryan was the last good movie he had made prior to Munich.

Neil Blomkamp would be a choice, but I just don't see WB giving him a film this big before he has a few more credits.

I've liked Spike Jonze in the past, but man, Where the Wild Things Are was a horrible film.  It looked great, but other than the look the movie was a mess.

Terry Gilliam, I'm always a fan of his and his visual style.  Plus, he has more experience directing little people than anyone else on this list.  "Imaginarium"  looked good, but it's really incomprehensible (and not in the good way that Terry's famous for).  I would have liked to have seen Terry's original vision before he had to rework the film due to Ledger's passing.

I still think the only choice is Peter Jackson at this point.  And if the pre-production work is as far along as Del Toro has said, then PJ really just has to film the damn thing.

cinemaman72 6/3/2010 6:27:59 AM

I got a solid idea, how about not inflciting anymore J.R. Tolken on the world and passing on these movies. I know I might get blasted for this, but I was not a fan of any of the LOTR films, I think they were way overrated, and I'm so freaking tired of LOTR, Peter Jackson, and Middle Earth, that I feel like beating up some Hobbits!

Hobbs 6/3/2010 6:49:22 AM

Obviously most of you haven't read the article that Jackson has contracts with other studios for other films.  Do you really think the other rival studios will release him from his contracts to do this without getting something in return?

As much as I like Spielberg I don't want him anywhere near the Hobbit.  We would probably get 2 or 3 kids thrown into the movie and a T-Rex would sneak into the lonely mountain and kill Smaug to save the day.  No thanks, Stevie needs to stick with his other stuff.

I like Bloomkamp and he can't be afraid of the big budget movies.   Halo was originally supposed to be a huge movie he was attached to so he can't be that turned off by the idea.  Plus his buddy Jackson being the producer would probably work to keep the studio off his back.  I also like Cuaron but he would have to stick to the source material.  If I had odds in Vegas I would bet that Jackson is talking to both these dudes.

Whoever it is would have to come in and start with everything that's been made and written.  There would be very little creative freedom to make it their own film.

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