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Hobbs 6/3/2010 6:54:22 AM

cinemaman, you are so sick of LOTR and Tolkien that you instantly went to a Hobbit article so you could comment on it.  M'kay

redhairds, you are entitled to your opinion but Children of Men was a good movie.  Not great but it was done very well.  I'm actually surprised you didn't like it more the 2nd time around.  It's one of those movies that you catch something new each time you watch it and thus grow to admire it a little more each time.

karas1 6/3/2010 6:59:28 AM

Redhairs, I really liked Children Of Men.  It was a facinating future distopia without a lot of FX, just a good solid exploration of What If.  Cuaron could probably do a good job with The Hobbit.

Chopsaki, are you kidding?  If Snyder did The Hobbit it would be full of slo mo evicerations and broken bones sticking out of the skin.  While I don't think it should be a children's film, The Hobbit has to be kid friendly enough to take older children (say 10 and up) to.  I don't think Snyder could do that.

To those who don't like The Hobbit or the LOTR trilogy, here's a radical idea.  Don't go see the film.  Don't read articles about it.  Don't comment on articles about it.  Don't let it impact your life.  There are plenty of films being made or contemplated that I have no interest in but that doesn't mean that others shouldn't be allowed to enjoy them.  Go in peace my brothers.

Kara S

okonomiyaki4000 6/3/2010 7:13:10 AM

 What? No Uwe Boll? I'm sure he's free. And by 'free', of course, I mean he will work for no money. 

Wiseguy 6/3/2010 7:18:58 AM

I agree that Children of Men even as under the radar as it is it's still overrated. Cuaron, meh, he may do a good job but I would not use CoM as a "pro"

How come Cameron isn't on the list?

Wolfgang Peterson- Neverending Story, DasBoot, Troy,Enemy Mine

Richard Donner-, LadyHawke, The Goonies, Superman

John Boorman- Excalibur

Andrew Adamson- Narnia, Shrek

Matthew Robbins- the awesome Dragonslayer

Tim Burton- as long as he doesn't cast Depp or his wife for any roles

Rheul_home 6/3/2010 7:27:26 AM

I donno. The whole idea of this being split into two films never sat well with me. I think the writing is on the wall and these films will get shelved for a while. If anything saves this project its going to be all the work that Del Toro has already put into. Speilberg would be a good choice for this as Tolken wrote The Hobbit as a childrens story. Speilberg has the sensibility to do this story properly. Hes also proven he can work with preproduction done by another director with AI... I just hope they dont assign some hack just to get a quick return on the investment thats already been sunk into the production.

lracors 6/3/2010 8:22:47 AM

Alfonso Cuaron, Niel Bloomkamp, or Peter Jackson are my only choices from this list.

SuperFan 6/3/2010 8:28:10 AM

 Sorry Hanso but ur credibility left the room when u said Speilberg doesn't have a con, he lost his touch years ago, if u must have an example, Crystal Skull.

violator14 6/3/2010 8:43:32 AM

SuperFan-Spielberg can never lose his touch. U cant blame him for Crystal Skul. THat one bombed cuz George Lucas tainted that one w/ his hands. haha

DarkXid 6/3/2010 8:46:20 AM

Hanso, I love you man, but really you should of just said Here are the 2 directors who won't screw it up!

You could have added Uwe Boll to round out the list though. For the haters--well, in his case everyone.

westend 6/3/2010 9:03:47 AM

 How could you possibly overlook Alex Proyas?



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