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redhairs99 6/4/2010 8:46:48 AM

Karas, you do get to see several of the side characters in the destruction as the explosion takes place in the Ultimate Cut.  I don't think the guy who fixed Dreigberg's door was there, but you did have the newstand guy and the comic kid as well as the Doctor from the prison.  I guess Snyder cut all that from the theatrical since it might not make much sense without the Black Freighter scenes.

I liked the change with blaming Dr. Manhattan and here's why I think it works.  Yes, as you said had only foreign captials been blown to kingdom come then it would unite the world against the USA.  But, in the film, it's not just NYC that gets destroyed in the USA.  I know Los Angeles and I think there were one or two other cities in the US to bite it.  With Manhattan abandoning the Earth after al the cancer talk the talk show appearance, I think it would be fair to think that he cares little for anything on Earth.  And when multiple cities in the USA and other countries are destroyed, I think other foreign powers would think "The US can't be behind this.  If so, they just killed millions of their own people across the country."

LadyBrowncoat 6/4/2010 9:43:21 AM

 Cuaron is my choice is PJ is not available.  But man, would it be awesome if PJ could do it!

karas1 6/4/2010 10:53:09 AM

Redhairs, I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree about that.  I don't think framing Dr Manhattan for the destruction would have worked no matter how many US cities were destroyed because people think with their emotions, not their brains.  The Russians would have looked at the destruction of Moscow and pushed the button, no matter how many US casualties there were.

In the theatrical cut of the film you did see the news vendor and the comics kid in Times Square just before the destruction, but since these characters were never introduced, the audience wouldn't know who they were.

I realize that following the stories of all the side characters would have made the movie 6 hours long.  You really couldn't do the story justice with less than a miniseries.

Hobbs, I've seen many rated R movies that didn't have naked men waving their schlongs around or that level of ultra violence.  While it would have been irresponsible to take a young child to any rated R film, just because a film is rared R doesn't mean that you're going to see some of the things they showed in Watchmen.  And none of the commercials I saw gave any kind of warning that such things would be shown.  The advertising I saw portrayed Watchmen as a run of the mill superhero film.  JQ Public who didn't know anything about the book would have no reason to suspect it would be like that.  I read the book, and while I was expecting the nudity I wasn't prepared for the level of ultra violence portrayed.  I was prepared for that level of violence in certain specific parts of the film, such as when Roscharch threw the boiling oil on the inmate and when Big Figure had his henchman's hands cut off, and ultra violence in just those specific places would have been more than enough for the R rating.  I wasn't expecting that level of violence throughout the entire film. 

Chopsaki 6/4/2010 11:13:36 AM

karas1 Watchmen had the sixth largest opening for an R-rated film in North American history. The budget was estimated at 120mil. Worldwide bo was over 185mil, add to that another 50 mil from dvd sales and you have more then doubled your investment. That's not even including the video game, toys and other merchandise.

I guess if they wanted to make even more money they could of scaled back the sex and violence and gotten the MPAA to give them a pg-13 rating. Also they could of cut the running time from 2:45 down to 1:30, hey smaller running time = more showings right. Why stop there, lets have Dr, Manhattan save the day at the end and make this the feel good movie of the year.

The only point I'm trying to convey is that making the movie more "mass appealing" dosn't necessarily make for a better movie, simply a more mass consumed one. By compromising artistic integrity you cheapen the final product untill it no longer resembles what made Watchmen unique in the first place.

redhairs99 6/4/2010 1:23:41 PM

I do have to agree with Hobbs about the average movie-goer not really paying attention to what's being presented.  Every trailer for a film gives the film's rating plus a brief description of why it was rated so.  I'll give an example that really ticked me off several years back.  Me and some friend's went to the opening day of the South Park movie when we were 18.  In the row in front of us there was a couple with 4 children each of whom could not have been older than 10.  Now, WHAT THE HELL were these parents doing taking 10 year olds to see South Park the Movie!?  That's just irresponsible parenting.

I know it's not quite the same thing as you're talking about Karas, as you were of appropriate age when you saw Watchmen, but it's really on the audience to make themselves aware of what they are going to see.  Having read Watchmen, I knew to expect a certain amount of violence and knowing Zack Snyder's work on 300 and Dawn of the Dead, I also knew to expect even more over-the-top violence.  Until Zack shows us something different in his style, that's really what we as an audience should expect from him even if it is a bit much at times.

karas1 6/4/2010 1:53:22 PM

I'll admit that I was not that familliar with Snyder's work before I saw Watchmen.  Since I dislike this ultra violence style and 300 and Dawn Of The Dead were advertised as very violent movies I avoided them, since far from entertaining, I find that sort of thing off putting and unpleasant.  Therefore, I was unprepared for how very violent Watchmen was going to be.

I guess we'll have to agree to disagree.  You guys liked the ultra violence in Watchmen and I felt it ruined the film for me.  If we all liked the same things it would be a duller world.

I'll also have to disagree with you that the level of violence in the film was appropriately advertised to the audience.  Every friend and co-worker whom I spoke with who saw the film didn't like it and wasn't expecting the level of violence they saw.  Just saying there was nudity and violence in Watchmen was a gross understatement.  If you'd read the book you might be prepared.  If all you had to go from was the commercials on TV you'd be excused for thinking it was going to be like other comic book films.  

I'm glad it did well, I remember at the time that it did a good opening weekend and then sank like a rock as bad word of mouth drove the audience away.

Hobbs 6/4/2010 2:02:28 PM

You are correct Kara, the numbers on it should have been better considering the opening weekend plus you have to take into account they gave a boat load of money to Fox to stop them from suing and postponing the release.  It should have done much better...I actually blame the length.  There just wasn't enough happening to keep the general audience interested in it, only the fans. 

Personally I think its unfair to give Zack a label.  Yeah, his films thus far are violent but that's what the movies called for.  I for one am glad he doesn't sell out to try and get a wider audience.  Now if he takes a project that doesn't call for it and amps up the gore then there might be reason for it but right now after only 3 movies, way too soon.  Plus as someone pointed out he has that animated/pixar movie coming out this Fall about the Owls that looks kind of interesting.  That's probably a project that won't require the ultra violence though part of me thinks that would be really cool to see a violent pixar movie.  :)


lracors 6/4/2010 2:08:42 PM

Jeez this is an awful lot of dialogue for a short topic.

Go Blackhawks!

And again i stand by my choices way back on comment page #2.

karas1 6/4/2010 2:43:15 PM

Hobbs, he chose to do projects that required violence.  Those are the movies he likes to make.  If he can switch gears and do a romantic comedy I'll be impressed.  I guess we'll have to see this children's film and see how he does with a different genre.

Chopsaki 6/4/2010 3:27:29 PM

Please god no rom coms...

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