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The frowning fans and the fate of fantasy

11/25/2010 8:03:27 PM permalink

For my first blog entry, I want to express my long held opinion that the lack of breadth in taste of genre fans is short-changing them and the industry. Without  an open minded appetite, fans condemn themselves and producers to writing and performances without depth.

I recently commented on the suprisingly negative review of the movie Skyline. Seriously, only one star? I thought that movie was great! Nevertheless, I read a lot of derision before finding someone who said "it wasn't that bad." The storm of negativity throws a shadow over some magnetetic human poetry.

One or another things should have happened, one or another line should or should not have been said, one or another performance was off key, or impossible to relate to. Instead of inspiration, fans now seem to be looking for a community of familiar shapes and themes.

Too much of this behaviour pulls the shroud of conformity over the hopes of fantasy creators.

It seems as if the anxieties of those who consume too much pablum, rejecting the strange flavour in favour of the simplest and  least obnoxious entertainment, will be the death of fantasy.

Mark Hamil's performance in Star Wars, Hayden Christiansen in the prequels, Shatner, Schwartzenegger, Travolta, Heston, and the rest ,and those to come. Let them be.

Ed Wood, Darren Aranofsky, Frank Miller, and William Blake are cut from the same cloth. And without them, in a too vain empire of verisimilitude in genre product, The emperor will have no clothes. 

Fans, I implore you, permit the offbeat, awkward, and irregular -there is no escape without surrender. 


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